Day: September 9, 2020

Bodensee – Where’s that?

Bodensee; Lake Constance; Bodensee Region; Bodenseeregion; Bodenseebecken; lake; see; lakeside; water; waterside; waterfront; seaside; beach; German lake; German waterside; Alps; the Alps; Obersee; Upper Lake Constance; Untersee; Lower Lake Constance; Seerhein; Lake Rhein; Baden-Württemberg; Konstanz; Swabia; Schwäbia; South Germany; Southern Germany; South-West Germany; Germany; German; Deutschland; Switzerland; die Schweiz; Austria; Österreich; Liechtenstein; Europe; travel; family travel;

Honestly speaking, Germany is a country with a bunch of surprises. Who would have thought it? Geeeeeermany! Omigosh! Now you all know that we recently went to Rügen. On the Baltic Sea And it was grand! You might have thought that we stopped there.… Continue Reading “Bodensee – Where’s that?”

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