Europe is re-opening. Are holidays possible?

Europe is re-opening; Europe; European; Re-opening; re-open; Re-open EU; Re-open Europe; travel;
Eltz Castle; castle; German castle; castle in Germany; Wierschem; Germany; German; European; Europe; travel;
Eltz Castle in Wierschem, Germany – Europe is re-opening. Are holidays possible?

The EU is open!


In fact, most of Europe is open too.

And by that, I mean the Schengen nations including Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and the UK!

In fact, the EU has even created a web platform that allows you to see the latest, most up-to date travel information, so that you can plan your journey or holiday across the continent in real time.

In your own language or at least, all the languages in the EU!

I had a quick look myself, and it’s really nifty!

Try it for yourself!

Can you go on a European holiday?


Should you?


Now don’t get your knickers in a twist.

My advice three weeks ago is still valid.

By all means, take a breather and go SOMEWHERE!


For unnecessary tourist movement.

Do not travel.

And certainly, NOT outside your local region!

nun; nuns; Catholic nuns; catholic; worship, religion; religious; nuns in Dubrovnik; nuns in Croatia; Croatian nuns; Dubrovnik; Croatia; Europe; Europeans;
Nobody is expecting you to live like a nun! – Europe is re-opening. Are holidays possible?

Now before you send me all the hate, understand that nobody is expecting you to hide in your basement, live like a nun or never go out.

That’s not what I’m saying.

What I’m saying, is what I’ve been saying for weeks.


Altstadt Lübeck; Old Town Lübeck; Lübeck; Germany; German; Europe; European; travel;
Altstadt Lübeck or Old Town Lübeck, Germany – Europe is re-opening. Are holidays possible?

Depending on where you live “local” could mean the regional county, state or city nearby, or it could mean the countries that neighbour your own, or have similar “health status” as your home country.

For example, as I live in Berlin, the local region closest to us would be:

The other parts of Germany are lovely of course, but my husband – The Music Producer – doesn’t really like driving, and I don’t drive at all, so a maximum of 3 hours is more than enough, hence the idea of doing day-trips rather than going the whole hog!

And a day-trip is by no means guaranteed as due to the unknown numbers, many German destinations aren’t allowing daytrippers either!

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Victoria Ade-Genschow; The British Berliner; The Tall Young Gentleman; Copenhagen; Kopenhagen; Denmark; Danish; Europe; family travel; travel;
This is how we felt when we discovered the outrageous hotel / hostel prices. I really couldn’t justify the cost! How to visit Copenhagen on a budget. Even though I missed my last connection. Again!
©Victoria Ade-Genschow – The British Berliner – Copenhagen – August 2016

“Local” for us, also includes Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, the Czech Republic, France, Luxembourg and Holland.

Countries that are quite nearby and which you can get to by car.

As much as I love train travel, I wouldn’t recommend using public transport at the moment and for goodness sake, try not to fly!

To be candid, the countries that we, as Germans and expat Brits, absolutely CANNOT travel to right now are the Balkan countries (minus Croatia), Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Turkey, Georgia, Moldova. And the rest of the entire world!

COVID-19 bezogene Reisewarnung; COVID-19 related travel warning; travel warning; travel;
COVID-19 bezogene Reisewarnung / COVID-19 related travel warning – (Grafik) – 15.06.20 – ©AA

As far as the German Federal Office is concerned, the travel warning for the vast majority of the globe will continue until at least August 31st, although it might change and be lifted on a country-by-country basis.

Because as you might have already seen, NOT every country is allowing everyone in.

Some countries request that you self-isolate or entry is restricted or you might be asked to quarantine.

Italian flags; Spanish flags; European flags; historical flags; regional flags; local flags; flags; Europe; European; travel;
Are these Italian fags or Spanish flags? – Europe is re-opening. Are holidays possible?

In fact, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Spain all still have some sort of restriction and due to the quarantine requirement, travel to the UK, Ireland, Malta is not recommended, with the notion that you SHOULD indeed exercise extra caution and obtain information about travel and safety instructions on your destination, well in advance!

If you’re from the USA or a “third country” outside the EU, quite frankly, you’re buggered right now!

And besides, for most countries, and certainly in Germany, foreign travel isn’t recommended at all!

Here’s a list of Europe’s country-by-country travel restrictions explained!

A gondolier (L) sprays sanitizer on his customers' hands prior to going for a gondola ride on a canal in Venice on June 12, 2020 as the country eases its lockdown aimed at curbing the spread of the COVID-19 infection, caused by the novel coronavirus. - Photo by ANDREA PATTARO/AFP via Getty Images
A gondolier sprays sanitizer on his customers’ hands in Venice – June 12th, 2020. – ©Andrea Pattaro / AFP via Getty Images

Obviously, no-one is going to tie you in ropes IF you do go abroad, but if anything goes wrong, you’re on your own!

The fact is that primarily tourists destinations are over-whelmed, and there’s a legitimate and very huge risk that if you DO travel far and wide, your destination might have a sudden increase in outbreak, your friends or family might get infected, you are forced into quarantine for a certain unforeseeable amount of time, and if you’re very unlucky, the borders might close.


In Europe; Italy; Italian; the Mediterranean; the Med; at the sea; at the seaside; on the beach; sea; seaside; beach; Europe; European; Western Europe; travel; family travel;
Why you shouldn’t travel right now!

If you’re tired of reading bad news or anything at all about covid19, check out my upbeat and funny posts here instead!

Is this the future?

The stark reality is, there is NO “business as usual.”

How can there be?

Until we get a vaccine, and perhaps, even beyond.

There’s only a “new normal.”

The simple fact is, the COVID-19 isn’t a conspiracy theory, it isn’t the end of time, and the stock market isn’t more important than people’s lives, but given the closeness, speed, reliance and ease in which we connect via global trade or travel, is a real legitimate worry.

Start thinking about a staycation as most regions around the world, are beginning to re-open.

In fact, this might be the time to jump in your car / on your bike, and explore where you live.


It’s time to go local and explore!

European flag; EU flag; flag; Europe is re-opening; Europe; European; Re-opening; re-open; Re-open EU; Re-open Europe; travel;
Europe is re-opening. Are holidays possible?

But remember, no jumping on the nearest plane and causing havoc abroad!

Just ‘cos there’s a relaxation of lockdown doesn’t mean that Covid-19 has disappeared.

It hasn’t.

It’s still very much with us and likely to be around for quite some time!

So if you’re looking for a change of scenery, stay local!

Even better, stay home!

Robin Hood's Bay; Robin Hood; fishing village; heritage coast; North York Moors; North Yorkshire Moors National Park; North York; North Yorkshire; Yorkshire National Park; Yorkshire; York; National Park; England; UK; Europe; travel;
Robin Hood’s Bay – an old fishing village – North Yorkshire Moors National Park, England – Europe is re-opening. Are holidays possible?

I mean, come on!

Is it just me?

See you next week!


Victoria Ade-Genschow; The British Berliner; Algarve; Portugal; Portuguese; seaside; beach; Grotto; Europe; travel;
I’m not really a beach person as I prefer mountains and rivers or beach destinations that have more than the sea to recommend them! Me at the Grotto in the Algarve! ©Victoria Ade-Genschow – The British Berliner – Portugal – May 2016

Stay on top of things by listening / reading the news, but don’t go mad. Watch or read once, then switch it off!

To be sure, life will NOT be what it was before and you can expect real change about the way we choose to live, and the political leaders you can trust.

Victoria Ade-Genschow; The British Berliner; in Berlin; at home; cat; cats; pet; Berlin; Germany; travel; Europe;
Victoria at home in Berlin, with one of her cats!
©Victoria Ade-Genschow – The British Berliner – Berlin – May 2020

Speaking of trust. As far as travel blogs are concerned, you can trust ME!

I do NOT write about places that I haven’t personally been to.

I do NOT get paid to write on my blog.

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Once again if you can, please do stay at home, keep your distance from others, and flatten the curve!

Better to be safe than sorry.

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Europe is re-opening. Are holidays possible?

beach holidays; beach; seaside, water; Europe is re-opening; Europe; European; Re-opening; re-open; Re-open EU; Re-open Europe; travel;
Europe is re-opening. Are holidays possible?

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Closed. Will re-open in June; Europe is re-opening; Europe; European; Re-opening; re-open; Re-open EU; Re-open Europe; travel;
Europe is re-opening. Are holidays possible?

This article is not sponsored, and all thoughts and opinions, are my very own!

A huge thanks goes to all the many doctors, nurses, healthcare staff, keyworkers and volunteers world-wide, who have and are still, putting their lives on the line in order to help others.

Thank you.

June is going to be something most of us have never ever seen in our lifetime before.

See you soon!

Watch this space!


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Europe is re-opening; Europe; European; Re-opening; re-open; Re-open EU; Re-open Europe; travel;
Europe is re-opening. Are holidays possible?

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