The Benefits of a Staycation!

The benefits of a staycation; staycation; holistay; holiday break; break; holiday; vacation; leisure; hobby; free time; me time; time for me; time to read; relaxing; relax; travel;
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The benefits of a staycation holiday break!

As you and everyone else on the planet knows, we’re in the midst of a global pandemic that the World Health Organization (WHO) has labelled as a “public health emergency of international concern” (PHEIC).

Everyone is a little worried.

And well you should be.

As movement of people across the planet has grossly been reduced or outright restricted.

As a result, panic has struck in with people bulk buying or even as far as pointing fingers!

I’m not here to tell you what rumour is right or wrong ‘cos I’m not the government and neither am I a doctor!

BREXIT and healthcare! Don’t panic if you’re British & live in Germany. Here’s what to do!

All I can advice you to do is NOT to go to your local doctor if you’re feeling ill but call or Email, listen to the instructions of your government as per where you should or shouldn’t travel, take extra precautions with cleanliness and health, and use a bit of common sense!

If you live in America, please follow this link:

If you live in the UK, please follow this link:

If you live in Germany, please follow this link:

If you want to know what the World Health Organisation (WHO) is saying, please follow this link:

Coronavirus; Corona Virus; COVD19; COVD-19; virus; virus infection; corona; man in a mask; man with sanitary mask; man with mask; Wuhan; China; Chinese; global pandemic; global infection; global virus; man; Asian man; Asia; Asian; travel;
The benefits of a staycation – the Coronavirus – man in a mask

Like yourself, I’ve read so many articles about what to do but one in particular stood out as it’s written not only by a proper medical doctor / physician, but the lady – Dr. Nadeen White – also happens to be a renown travel blogger too! Here’s what she had to say: The Truth About Coronavirus Infection: What Everyone Needs To Know.

I thought the article was straight to the point, factual, without nonsense, but easy for the layperson to read.

In fact, so many other people thought so too, that the article went viral, her blog crashed, and she had to change her blog host provider as her previous one couldn’t cope!

And that’s saying something!


Victoria Ade-Genschow; The British Berliner; Berlin; British expat; British travel blogger; travel blogger; lifestyle blogger; expat blogger; travel professional; monarchy expert; presenter; TV presenter; British in Berlin; British in Germany; British expat in Berlin; British expat in Germany; EU; Europe; European Union; Expat life, Germany; Europe; travel;
I’m a very happy British lifestyle, expat, travel blogger. Right here in the beautiful city of Berlin © Pascale Scerbo Sarro

Probably not!


I said it.

Contrary to what other travel bloggers are saying, my advice is not to travel.


Having said that for most people, the real worry is the risk that if you DO travel abroad somewhere, you might get stuck there, your destination might have a sudden increase in outbreak, you won’t be able to get home because flights have cancelled, your friends or family might get infected, or you are forced into quarantine for a certain unforseeable amount of time!

The simple fact is, whether you like it or not, individual nations are deciding on how best to limit the spread of the Coronavirus infection.

The COVID-19 isn’t a conspiracy theory, it isn’t the end of time, but given the closeness, speed, reliance and ease in which we connect via global trade or travel, is a real legitimate worry.

Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)

If your city isn’t under lock-down, then why not stay in your own country and use the opportunity to jump in your car / on your bike, and explore where you live.

And like I said in the BBC Radio 4 interview, travel doesn’t have to mean abroad, it can also be in your home-country!


I bet you didn’t see that coming!


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30 Years after the Fall of the Berlin Wall. Berlin, you’re not a teenager anymore!

What’s a staycation you might ask?

Well, if you’re American, you’d most likely know what this is.

If you’re European, most people have never heard of it, as we take our holiday / vacation time very seriously!

Let me explain.


boy swimming in a river; boy swimming in a lake; boy swimming; swimming; swim; river; lake; water; boy in water; sport; leisure; European; Europe; family travel; travel;
The benefits of a staycation – relax and go swimming!

A staycation – a combination of the word “stay” and the American word “vacation” or holistay – a combination of the British word “holiday” and “stay,” is a period in which an individual or family stays home and participates in leisure activities.

North America, Australia & India is huge, so if you’re American, Canadian, Australian or Indian, the words “stay home” usually refers to within driving distance of your home and may or may not, require an overnight stay.

Europe / the UK is much smaller, so a staycation or holistay, usually refers to a period in which an individual or family stays in one’s home country, rather than abroad!

In my case, that means Germany.

As a result, I have either cancelled or postponed my international travel for 2020!

Better to be safe than sorry.

I know!


Hamburg: An Introduction to a Port City!
  • There’s no need to fly!
  • There’s no waiting in the queue!
  • There’s no sitting in traffic!
  • There’s not much packing to do
  • There’s no need to spend thousands of dollars / pounds or Euros!
  • Drive there if you want to
  • Use local public transport
  • Take out your bike!
  • Re-discover the wonderful place that you live in, and be a tourist in your town
  • Experience new things!
  • Check-into that luxury hotel that you’ve always seen, but never personally experienced!
  • Finally! You can use the vouchers that you’ve accumulated, but never had the time to use in some amusement park / tourist attraction / famous landmark, or UNESCO site nearby!
  • Go swimming in the sea or lake nearby
  • Do Yoga or Pilates!
  • Have a picnic while drinking chilled beer or wine
  • Do the garden!
  • Plant some fruit and veg!
  • Do the house!
  • Paint the house!
  • Learn how to paint!
  • Read the book that’s been languishing on your bedside table for months!
  • How about breakfast in bed? Why not?
  • Pack the kids and go camping!
  • Pack the kids and leave them at the grandparents!
  • Pack the kids and do something with them!
  • Go to an outdoor open-air museum
  • Visit local parks or forests
  • Save money for when a cure is found or the pandemic dies down, so that you can travel to where you originally wanted to!
  • You can relax ‘cos you don’t have to learn the language or know the lingo. In fact, you’ll be an expert, and know exactly what to do and where to go!

Even if you’re travelling within the country or region, don’t forget travel insurance!


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How I got scammed in Berlin!

Sure I am.

I’m “doing” Germany!

I live in Berlin.

I like the sea.

I’ve already done the Baltic Sea so I thought I would change direction and away from the hordes of German tourists, and go to North Germany instead.

Yes, Victoria & family are going to the North Sea!


lighthouse; lighthouse on Sylt; Sylt; the island of Sylt; North Frisian; North Frisian islands; Schleswig-Holstein; Schleswig; Holstein; North Sea coast; the North Sea; the German North Sea; the North Sea in Germany; North Germany; Northern Germany; North Sea; Nord See; Nord; Norden; Nordfriesische Insel; Nordfriesische; Nordseeküste von Schleswig; Nordseeküste; Insel; on the sea; at the seaside; on the beach; Germany; German; Europe; European; travel; family travel;
The benefits of a staycation – Visit the lovely island of Sylt in North Germany!

We’re going to:

And because our son is going to be 18 this year (gulp), and wants use of the house, my husband and I are going to check into a 4-star luxury art design hotel in Berlin.

For the very first time ever!

What not to like?

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Don’t forget.

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Book Early & enjoy 20% off or more!

Don’t judge me!

So book your luxury hotel sooner, rather than later.

Right here!

Need I say more?


book; bed; sunglasses; read a book; reading; bedside table; bedside; staycation; holistay; holiday; vacation; leisure; hobby; free time; me time; time for me; time to read; relaxing; relax; travel;
The benefits of a staycation – Read the book that’s been languishing on your bedside table for months!

This article is not sponsored, and all thoughts and opinions, are my very own!

March is going to be eye-opening!

See you soon!

See you soon!

Watch this space!


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A win-win for all!

Note! I never travel without insurance as you never know what might happen.

I learnt my lesson in Spain. And obviously, in countries like Qatar, where technically the risk is higher, I can’t imagine going that far beyond WITHOUT INSURANCE. No siree! You can get yours here, at World Nomads!

So what are you waiting for?

Thanks a million!

The benefits of a staycation; staycation; holistay; holiday break; break; holiday; vacation; leisure; hobby; free time; me time; time for me; time to read; relaxing; relax; travel;
The benefits of a staycation!

Have you cancelled your holiday / vacation because of the Coronavirus? Have you ever been on a staycation? Let me know in the comments below!

See you in Berlin.

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