How I went to 8 exciting countries, went to India, lost my luggage & got trapped and confused in Delhi!

How I went to 8 exciting countries, went to India, lost my luggage & got trapped and confused in Delhi!
How I went to 8 exciting countries, went to India, lost my luggage & got trapped and confused in Delhi!

Happy New Year everyone.

It’s officially 2019!!!!!

My goodness!

2018 was a very good year!

But first, let’s take a walk down memory lane of all the countries that I went to last year, and what I did. According to my statistics, over 120,000 people read my blog in some form or other, last year.

120,000 people!!

I don’t know how I managed that as in most cases I only managed to write one (1) or two (2) articles per month!

And why pray?

Because I started a new job!

And the job itself includes quite a bit of travelling too.

However, it’s really exciting, and I like it very much!

To think I only started this blog a little over five (5) years ago. Isn’t that marvellous?

I would just like to thank some very important people – YOU!

Thank you so much for reading, making comment, and sticking with me. I love you all!

So let’s do this.

Here we go!


  • Belgium
  • Czech Republic
  • Estonia
  • Latvia
  • Sweden
  • Romania
  • Germany
  • India


Have you ever been to Bruges. In Belgium!

I love travelling with our son, and even though he’s 16 now (gulp), it won’t be long until he’ll want to be travelling with his friends.

In Northern European countries that age tends to be between 16 and 17 years old, as young people are more independent, and their parents liberal, tolerant, and open-minded.

In that wise, every January, The Tall Young Gentleman and I, spend some quality time together either visiting some dubious destination, or skiing!

This time around, I decided to take him to Bruges.

In Belgium.

But did I tell you that I flew there.

Via a budget airline.

And not just any airline mind you.

But Ryanair!


airline. Is it worth the plunge?; airline; ryanair; budget airline; cheap airline; nofrills airline; flight; flying; come fly with me
Ryanair – A No-Frills budget airline. Is it worth the plunge?

Belgium has had trouble with terrorism in the last few years, as have many other European countries, but it’s a developed country, with an advanced high-income economy, very high standards of living, friendly locals, interesting food, and is relatively safe and peaceful!

Having said that, Belgium has seen the flourishing of major artistic movements that have had great influence on European art and culture, with architecture and paintings being especially astounding, and historically relevant.

Mussels served with a huge bowl of frites, chips or fries!
©Victoria Ade-Genschow – The British Berliner – Bruges – Jan 2018

One of those places is Bruges.

We had a lovely time!

Here’s what I wrote:


Staroměstská – Old Town – Happy Birthday to me! Victoria in Prague
©Victoria Ade-Genschow – The British Berliner – Czech Republic – December 2018

I love going to the Czech Republic.

Especially Prague!

After all, once upon a time, I used to live there!

Not only that, but I went to the Czech Republic this year, not just once, but twice!

Cemetery Church of All Saints in Sedlec – Ossuary – Kutná Hora

I went to a little place called Kutná Hora!

Kutná Hora otherwise known as Hory Kutné or Kuttenberg is a city in Bohemia and is famous for it’s silver mines and the Sedlec Abbey – which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, – otherwise known as the Church of Bones!

Last year, there was so much going on last year that I forgot to write about ’em. Oops!

I did push out photos and videos on Facebook & Twitter.

If you don’t want to miss out, follow me on Twitter here!

In front of Charles Bridge – Karlův Most – Happy Birthday to me! Victoria in Prague
©Victoria Ade-Genschow – The British Berliner – Czech Republic – December 2018

Here’s what I wrote previously…
Explore Hansa with me!
5 enchanting Hanseatic cities from Sweden, Estonia and Latvia!

Last summer was extremely busy.

And why?

I went on a media trip to Sweden, Estonia AND Latvia!

Quite frankly, they really need no introduction because I have written extensively about them before, but if you’re here for the very first time or simply need a reminder, here are the articles I wrote previously.



Explore your taste buds & create an inspiring gastronomical experience on the HANSA Culinary Trip!

Here’s what I wrote:


Explore HANSA at Pils krodziņš Pils Ķēķis in Valmiera – Latvia!
©Victoria Ade-Genschow – The British Berliner – Latvia – August 2018

Here’s what I wrote:


Explore HANSA with me on the island of Visby in Gotland for Medieval Week in Sweden!
©Victoria Ade-Genschow – The British Berliner – Sweden – August 2018

Here’s what I wrote:


A first time beginners’ guide to the ITB Berlin: 10 tips to help you prepare. Bam!

Well, you all know how I love going to the ITB Berlin – the international tourism trade fair, otherwise known as the Internationale Tourismus-Börse!

And for those of you who don’t know, the ITB Berlin represents B2B, hotels, tourists boards, tour operators and providers, airlines, transport operators, responsible travel organisers, information technology experts, social media bloggers, and anybody else interested in travel and tourism.

It’s also the world’s leading travel industry think tank, in which the convention trade fair establishes itself as the industry’s main knowledge platform, with top-notch presentations on global trends, travel innovations and path-breaking events for the entire tourism industry!

Happy bloggers at ITB Berlin – ©Natalie Deduck –

It’s one of the highlights of my year, and one of the places that I tend to meet contacts and plan where I’m going to travel to during that year, or the following one.

In fact, my first media trip ever, was sent to me by the virtue that I was chatting to a media person from Atout France – the France Tourism Development Agency!

My first press or FAM trip ever to Nord-Pas de Calais otherwise known as, Northern France!

I didn’t know that at the time, but she was so impressed, that she sent me a FAM Trip invitation to Nord-Pas de Calais.

I thought I was going to Normandy!

Haw! Haw!

I was the only press / blogger person there.

And well as the only British person too!

I had a fantastic time!

Reindeer in Finland.

A year after, I met another contact who invited me to use their sailing cruises. I didn’t have the time to sail extensively, but I did use the services of TALLINK SLJA LINE to cross from Estonia to Finland.

A Swedish hotdog in Stockholm – Sweden!

A year later, that very same person invited me to fly to Sweden and do a couple more cruises. I still wasn’t able to go since the timing wasn’t right, but she introduced me to a contact from Visit Stockholm instead, and before you knew it, both The Tall Young Gentleman and I were in Stockholm for the very first time!

Is it any wonder that this year, someone else reached out and invited me to a very interesting event, so interesting in fact, that how could I refuse?

The event in question was called Explore Hansa!

Explore HANSA


Explore Hansa is a partner project consisting of nine (9) small and enchanting Hanseatic cities from Sweden (Visby), Estonia (Pernau and Viljandi) and Latvia (Cēsis, Koknese, Kuldīga, Limbaži, Straupe and Valmiera), but due to a lack of time, we were only able to visit five (5)!

I went on the THE CULINARY TRIP route that went through Viljandi (Estonia) – Valmiera (Latvia) – Cēsis (Latvia) – Koknese (Latvia) and Visby (Sweden), to explore one’s taste buds of seasonal local produce and create an inspiring gastronomical experience


You can guess which one I chose!

What an event!

Exciting stuff!



I went to Romania. It didn’t wow me!

I bet you weren’t expecting this!

I won’t apologise for it!

When coming to The British Berliner, you expect a clear description of the places that I travel to, and my thoughts.

And that is exactly what I gave you!

I said it didn’t tickle my fancy!

I stated that I simply wasn’t overwhelmed.

Or fascinated.

And sad to say.

I wasn’t even impressed.

I’m yet to find when it ever became a crime to like everywhere.

You just can’t!

So, what happened?

Romania – A blend of European history, with distinct reminders of a socialist past!

Here’s what I wrote:


How I got scammed in Berlin!

This blog.

My blog.

The British Berliner

Has been in existence for over five (5) years.

My first ever blog post was in late October 2013, and what a post!

I’m still getting comments and hate mail about it, and why is that so?

28 Years after the Fall of the Berlin Wall: Berlin, I’ll never let you go!

Well, check it out for yourself and tell me what you think.

In fact, why not make your own comment. And the title of said piece – Germany is Boring! 


If only people would actually read things…

Ah well!

Berlin - Very British; rbb documentary; rbb doku; British expats in Berlin; British expats, Berlin; Germany
Berlin – Very British!

The fact is, I’ve been living in Germany for over 16 years. Yes, 16 years!


Who would have thought that not only would I be living in this wonderful city – Berlin, but I would be married to a German bloke to boot!

If anyone had told me this years ago, I would have laughed in their face!

The Music Producer at Piccadilly Gardens – The Northern Quarter – Manchester

And even though I’m British, and I’ve been living here as an expat for years, it never gets old. In fact, I still feel as if I’ve only just got here!

We’re not leaving!

I’m a very proud British person.

There is no doubt in my mind that regardless of the dismal politics, I love both England – my original birth country, and Germany – my adoptive new country, and I don’t see why I should have to choose, as I have spent a lot of my life and money, in both.

In fact, I’ve written about both how to be British and how to be a German.

And, I’m not alone!

Should I be British or European? Can’t I be both!

However, after the very disappointing result of the Brexit Referendum in 2016, many of my fellow British citizens began to wonder whether the discussions and talks would lead to a better understanding of British / European relations, or a hardline stance.

Indeed, I even told a reporter of the Bloomberg newspaper that the only way you would get me out of this country, would be kicking and screaming!

But the writing on the wall was crystal clear, that British – European relations was not going to get better anytime soon, but effectively worse.

So at the end of 2016, I changed my mind, and decided to apply for dual-nationality.

Basically, I want to be both British and German, and to effectively have the best of both worlds!

And while the UK is still in the EU, I certainly can!

The Tall Young Gentleman and the Boy Scouts of America – Troop 46 – Berlin. Having German, British, American & French dual citizenships / double nationalities, works just fine!
At least, I got a tiny Naturalisation/ Einbürgerungs pledge ceremony & was full of smiles by the time I got outside the Bezirksamt Pankow von Berlin – Pankow Town Hall!
©Victoria Ade-Genschow – Berlin – The British Berliner


It happened!


So there you have it.

I’m a real British – German now!

Here are the following posts I wrote about Germany:

How to get German citizenship if you’re British – How to be a German via Double Nationality!
I bet you wouldn’t mind calling this sexy hot German guy!



The British Berliner is 5 years old. Hurrah! Let’s jump up and down and scream!


Oh yeaaaah! Berlin baby! I’ve been living here as an expat for 16 years. I know Berlin that’s why I am The British Berliner! So without further delay, here are the lovely posts that I wrote in 2018 just for you:


When the airline lost my luggage on the flight to India – Incredible India!

I went to India!

I’ve been to India before.

And I thought I was prepared.

Haw! Haw!

But I wasn’t ‘cos we were tested before we even landed, when the airline lost our luggage!

Perhaps India has changed!

And for those of you who are over 30 (ahem!).

This blog and the next couple of months weeks, is for you.

India isn’t easy, but if you want to go there.

You can!

If you’re really nervous, I offer a consultancy, and can help you organise or advice you on many parts of your trip to India!

For more info, click here!

Here’s what I wrote:

EXCITING NEWS! I’ve been invited to the Royal Wedding Reception of Prince Harry & Meghan Markle! AND. I’ve got a new job!

Here are the posts that I wrote about Britain, being a British expat, and the United Kingdom as a whole, or where I was featured for 2018:

I didn’t do too badly, me thinks!


Me being thoughtful during a Live TV broadcast in Germany, and looking as if I’m about to sing!
©Pascale Scerbo Sarro

I’m going to be on TV again!

It’s going to be in connection with Brexit and British Expats in Berlin / Germany.

And recording will be at the British Shorts Film Festival taking place at the Sputnik Kino in Berlin from 17.01.19 – 23.01.19. I’ll be there all evening , so if you’re in town, come by and have your say.

The programme will be shown on – Die rbb Reporter | rbb on 20.02.19 at 21:00

Exit vom Brexit – Wir sind die neuen Germans! / Exit from Brexit. We are the new Germans!
The British Berliner BAMS I – ©Axel Springer

The work of a lifestyle, expat, travel blogger is never done, so I’ll leave with you with some of my most inspiring motivational posts!

The British Berliner is 5 years old. Hurrah! Let’s jump up and down and scream!
And while we’re at it – 7 other common travel scams to avoid!
How to start a blog in just a mere 10 minutes: A simple guide!
I’m a big advocate for smart travel and that includes safety and security.
How I went to 8 exciting countries, went to India, lost my luggage & got trapped and confused in Delhi!

If you would like to do what I do or travel the way I do, you can click on any of the items on the side bar!

For how to start your own blog, click here, how to protect your family and possessions when you travel, click here, how to book hotels, hostels and apartments with reservations free of charge, click here.

If you need inspiration as to where to travel, click here. If you want to see my TV / media appearances, newspaper articles, and awards, click here.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to send me an Email in either English or German, right here.

For more in-depth information, or for detailed help on a journey or region in Europe, the UK, or Germany in either English or German, please click here.

How I went to 8 exciting countries, went to India, lost my luggage & got trapped and confused in Delhi!

In short, I had a blast in 2018, and there’s many more exciting things about to start for me in 2019!

I love the life of the roving journalist and blogger about town.

I have a family and I have a life. Most importantly, I’ve already found my home-base – Berlin – and I’m extremely happy with where I am and who I am.

27 fantastic posts!

Thank you so much for your support everyone. 2018 was a great year. Here’s to the next.

Bottoms up!

I'm not really a beach person as I prefer mountains and rivers or beach destinations that have more than the sea to recommend them! Me at the Grotto in the Algarve!
I’m not really a beach person as I prefer mountains or beach destinations that have more than the sea to recommend them!

I have so much to say, so I will be sharing some of my travel destinations for 2019 with you very soon.

It”s a New Year. Hip! Hip! Hurrah!

How to start a blog in just a mere 10 minutes: A simple guide!

If you want to be like me when you grow up – a well-respected smart British – German blogger, all you have to do is to get yourself a website host such as Blue Host, and open up the website of

It’s really easy and can be done in all of 10 minutes!

Here’s a simple guide I wrote, about how to start a blog!

Not only that, if you start a new blog in 2019 starting today, there’s an exclusive sale for 20% off!

For the 20% discount, use the coupon code. Click here!

  • Dates: Monday, January 14th – Monday, January 20th
  • Coupon Code: DISCOUNT20
  • Can be used for:, & Jetpack

If you’re still having problems or would prefer a step-by-step live guide, I offer a personal consultancy which can be done in either English or German!

Speaking of languages, have you seen my language tab at the top of the page?

Now you can switch my post to any language you desire!



How I went to 8 exciting countries, went to India, lost my luggage & got trapped and confused in Delhi!

This article is not sponsored, and the enchanting countries that I visited in 2018, were all my very own!

I’m going to be on German TV again!

I went to Norway. Watch out for the details!

I’ll be continuing my How To Visit India posts later in the month!

I’ll be at the British Shorts Film Festival taking place between 17th – 23rd January. If you’re an aspiring film-maker submission is free of charge, so hurry!

I’ll be at Berlin Fashion Week taking place between 15th – 18th January.

I’ll be at the 69th Berlinale – Berlin International Film Festival taking place between 7th – 17th January, 2019. If you want to attend or join in, registration is now open!

Save the Date!

I’ll be there. Will you?

If you’re not in Berlin in January, then where the hell are you?

January is going to be splendid!

See you soon!

How I went to 8 exciting countries, went to India, lost my luggage & got trapped and confused in Delhi!

Watch this space!

Please note that there are four affiliate link companies connected to this post! Every time one of these services is used, booked, and paid for via my link, I get a little percentage, but at no extra cost to yourself!

A win-win for all!

Note! I never travel without insurance as you never know what might happen.

I learnt my lesson in Spain. And obviously, in countries like Qatar, where technically the risk is higher, I can’t imagine going that far beyond WITHOUT INSURANCE. No siree! You can get yours here, at World Nomads!

Let’s get ready for 2019!

Thanks a million!

How I went to 8 exciting countries, went to India, lost my luggage & got trapped and confused in Delhi!

Where did you travel to last year? Are there any particular posts that you enjoyed? Let me know in the comments below!

See you in Berlin.

If you have any questions send me a tweet, talk to me on Facebook, find me on Linkedin, make a comment below, look for me on Google+ or send me an Email:

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  1. You had quite a thrilling year! I’m so sorry to hear that you lost your luggage in India. However, it’s good to know that you were able to experience so much, and I love your photos!

    • Thanks so much Renuka!
      Yep! 2018 was epic indeed!
      Yeah, the luggage lost was a bit irritating. I thought it was hilarious actually, but my husband was most upset, so it was a good thing we eventually got them all back! 😀

    • Thanks so much for your lovely comment @TheNaturalTraveller!

      Happy New Year! 😀

      I’m glad you like them. 2018 was a fantastic year for me, how was the year for you?

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  5. This was really a nice blog to read, I feel so sorry that you lost your luggage in India, and glad you enjoyed. Thanks for the share. Cheers!!!

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