How I went to 8 wonderful countries, got heaps of expat awards, was on radio with the BBC, & met Prince William in 2017!

How I went to 8 wonderful countries, got heaps of expat awards, was on radio with the BBC, & met Prince William in 2017!

Happy New Year everyone.

It’s officially 2018!!!!!

My goodness!

2017 was a mixed bag of a year, but that hasn’t stopped me from making plans to conquer the world. I’ll give you all the details next week!!

But first, let’s take a walk down memory lane of all the countries that I went to last year, and what I did. According to my statistics, over 100,000 people read my blog in some form or other, last year.

100,000 people!!

To think I only started this blog a little over four (4) years ago. Isn’t that marvellous?

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I would just like to thank some very important people – YOU!

Thank you so much for reading, making comment, and sticking with me. I love you all!

So let’s start with the country of my birth (England), and end with my new home-country (Germany). Here we go. Choose your poison….!


  • England
  • Holland
  • The Czech Republic
  • Austria
  • Croatia
  • Slovenia
  • Sweden
  • Germany

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Article 50 & Brexit in the UK. Everything you need to know!

Yeah, the issue of Brexit went from bad to worse!

Sadly, we British Europeans, and others like us who voted for #Remain in 2016, lost out. Having said that, I did quite a few academic debates and talks about it, as well as a few newspaper interviews!

The question of what is to become of Brits abroad and EU citizens in the UK, is a sore point right now, and I’m sure there will be lots more debates to come.

We’re not leaving!

I really enjoy talking about important political issues, as much as I enjoy travelling. I don’t tend to write much (Ha! Ha!) about the politics of the day, and that tends to lead to an impression that I’m quite frothy.

Until they hear me speak.

I have a BSc. Political Science, with a Major, in European Politics. As well as an MA in Leadership & Management.

I think I know what I’m talking about!

Victoria Ade-Genschow – The British Berliner for Bild am Sonntag
©Christian Spreitz

I believe that leaving the EU was a mistake.

I’m very, very sad about the awful outcome, but I’m still proud to be British.

Is it any wonder that when I got a letter in the post, summoning me to an “invitation only” event organised for Their Royal Highnesses William, The Duke of Cambridge and Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, that I was enormously proud, and very excited.

And honestly, when I met them, I almost fainted with nerves, and spent most of the evening with a huge grin on my face, a sweaty forehead, and shaky hands!

Prince William & Kate Middleton
©Getty Images

Here are the posts that I wrote about Britain, being a British expat, and the United Kingdom as a whole, or where I was featured:

Victoria Ade-Genschow – The British Berliner – Metro Magazine (Annual Body Issue) – April 2017 Edition – the Philippines!

I didn’t do too badly, me thinks!

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How I went to Liverpool, and I wasn’t robbed!
© Liverpool 360

I spent a considerable amount of time in England last year, and I did so because even though I’m a British European, I still love my original home-country that is England – the land of Hope and Glory n’ all that!

In fact, last year I must have been in and out, at least three times. Most of it was to visit family, but two (2) were connected to travel and one (1) was an invitation to BBC London!

I was featured on BBC Radio 4 which is a huge deal in the UK.

A HUGE deal!

BBC Radio 4 – Woman’s Hour – Late Night Woman’s Hour hosted by Lauren Laverne
©Phil Sharp

I was flown to London, fêted, and everything, and the recording can be heard on the podcast on the side panel.

When I go there, I did a radio magazine programme called Woman’s Hour. It’s a broadcast consisting of reports, interviews and debates on health, education, cultural and political topics aimed at women.

I was on the series called BBC Radio 4 – Woman’s Hour – Late Night Woman’s Hour, presented by Lauren Laverne. The series airs on a late night slot and each episode is on a single topic for discussion every month!

The topic for June 2017 was Travel and Adventure!


That was so awesome!

Here’s what I wrote:

24 hours in London: 24 things to do!
I haven’t been back to Manchester for quite some time!

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Dutch children in traditional costume.

I love travelling with our son, and even though he’s 15 (gulp), it won’t be long until he’ll want to be travelling with his friends.

In Northern European countries that age tends to be between 16 and 17 years old, as young people are more independent, and their parents liberal, tolerant, and open-minded.

In that wise, I decided to go to Amsterdam and Zaandam, for the weekend, with our teenager in tow!

If you’re nervous about taking your children to Holland, don’t be, it’s a normal country just like any other, and many parents travel with their kids to Holland and to Amsterdam, with absolutely no issues at all. Here’s how to do it:

How to visit Amsterdam: Introducing Zaandam – a Dutch traditional town with windmills!

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Myself with ski leaders in Rokytnice nad Jizerou – Czech Republic

Every two years, we go skiing.

I’m a great fan of the Czech Republic, after all, once upon a time, I lived in Prague

So I usually like to ski there.

Even though I travel a lot, I’m a creature of habit as far as hotels and apartments are concerned. If I like the location, I usually go there again!

Last year, there was so much going on in January & February, that I forgot to write about it. Oops!

I did push out photos and videos on Facebook & Twitter. If you don’t want to miss out, follow me on Twitter here!

Here’s what I wrote previously…

Myself in Prague reading something and looking all serious, but not completely serious!

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Having a hotdog and beer, on a rainy day in Vienna, is more exciting than you think!

Austria must be one of the loveliest countries in Europe.

When an opportunity to visit, came up, I didn’t hesitate.

That opportunity was to be the “0” birthday of my husbandThe Music Producer!

I wanted somewhere “nice” and not too far away.

And I wanted somewhere connected to music.

Vienna was just the place!


Here’s what I wrote:

At the Vienna Opera Ball.
@ WienTourismus / Peter Rigaud/Couture Vivienne Westwood

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How to visit the Balkans: Introducing Croatia – the dream of Game of Thrones!

Croatia was marvellous!

It was the first time that I had ever been to the Balkan States, my 62nd country, and the first (1st) new country for 2017!

I’m a strong supporter of Europe, and I have a weakness for tiny countries in the middle of beyond!

However, when I pitched Croatia to my husband – The Music Producer – he wasn’t initially convinced.

How to visit the Balkans: Introducing Croatia – the dream of Game of Thrones!

He thought that Croatia would be too far into Eastern Europe, leading into the throngs of Albania, Romania, and Bulgaria.

He wasn’t excited at all!

He soon changed his mind.

Because Game of Thrones.

Tell me the secrets. Pleeeeease!
@Game of Thrones star – Thomas Wlaschiha

I found it terribly exciting to recognise the exact locations where the popular fantasy series is filmed.

And not only that, but I even got to meet one of the major minor characters, a few months later – Tom Wlaschiha – otherwise known as Jaqen H’ghar – the handsome hero of the Faceless Men of Braavos, a feared Order of mysterious assassins with the ability to change their appearance at will…!

I must be one of the world’s biggest nerds, as I was one of the very few people who actually recognised him…

We liked Croatia so much, that within two months, we decided to go to it’s “sister country” Slovenia, too!

Here’s what I wrote:

How to visit the Balkans: Introducing Croatia – the dream of Game of Thrones!

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At Ljubljana Castle – A 5 minute introduction to Slovenia!

Slovenia was the third (3rd) new country for 2017, and an utter delight!

One of the reasons that I decided to go to their capital city is because I’m weird, and I like going to interesting exotic places!

Seriously though, the reason why I want to go to Slovenia is because I’ve heard such a lot of wonderful things from practically everyone! And remember, just two years ago, I hadn’t heard of any of the Baltic or Balkan States.

In fact, I couldn’t even pronounce them!

A delicious mug of cold beer in Ljubljana – Slovenia!

We had a lovely time, and this is what we did:

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A Swedish hotdog in Stockholm – Sweden!

Sweden was a completely new country, so we decided to visit Stockholm.

Not only that, but we were looking for an adventure.

And when I say we, obviously, I mean I, as The Tall Young Gentleman was exhausted!

You know me long enough to fear that I would never take the straight and easy path. It always has to be complicated, slightly weird and kooky to match!

Travelling with FlixBus to Sweden

So we travelled from Berlin – Stockholm – Berlin entirely by coach-bus!

Ha! Ha! Ha!

It was crazy, and I vowed never to do it again, and two weeks later, did exactly the same thing!

Read on to find out why:

Stockholm is a most fascinating city, that is why EVERYONE is here!

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28 Years after the Fall of the Berlin Wall: Berlin, I’ll never let you go!

This blog.

My blog.

The British Berliner

Has been in existence for over four (4) years.

My first ever blog post was in late October 2013, and what a post!

I’m still getting comments and hate mail about it, and why is that so?

How to be a German – 10 ways to do it!
Claudia Schiffer – Paris 1989 – ©2017 Herb Ritts Foundation.

Well, check it out for yourself and tell me what you think.

In fact, why not make your own comment. And the title of said piece – Germany is Boring! 


If only people would actually read things…

Ah well!

Best of Berlin – 4 years and counting!
An Affair with Chocolate – ©Sarah Robinson

The fact is, I’ve been living in Germany for over 15 years. Yes, 15 years!


Who would have thought that not only would I be living in this wonderful city – Berlin, but I would be married to a German bloke to boot!

If anyone had told me this years ago, I would have laughed in their face!

The Music Producer at Piccadilly Gardens – The Northern Quarter – Manchester

And even though I’m British, and I’ve been living here as an expat for years, it never gets old. In fact, I still feel as if I’ve only just got here!

So is it any wonder that I wrote the following posts about Germany:

Beer in Germany isn’t a joke.
How to be a German – 10 ways to do it!

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It’s all about the beer – Best of Berlin – 4 years and counting!


Oh yeaaaah! Berlin baby! I’ve been living here as an expat for 15 years. I know Berlin that’s why I am The British Berliner! So without further delay, here are the lovely posts that I wrote in 2017 just for you:


2017 was a mixed bag of a year.

2017 was a mixed bag of a year.

In some ways, it went terribly bad, and in other ways it was fabulous.

But that year is over, so let’s look forward to another exciting outcome.

The work of a lifestyle, expat, travel blogger is never done, so I’ll leave with you with some of my most inspiring motivational posts!

How to start a blog in just a mere 10 minutes: A simple guide!
I pledge to travel and to share others how to do so too!
Happy bloggers at ITB Berlin – ©Natalie Deduck –
I’m a big advocate for smart travel and that includes safety and security.
How I went to 8 wonderful countries, got heaps of expat awards, was on radio with the BBC, & met Prince William in 2017!

If you would like to do what I do or travel the way I do, you can click on any of the items on the side bar!

For how to start your own blog, click here, how to protect your family and possessions when you travel, click here, how to book hotels, hostels and apartments with reservations free of charge, click here.

If you need inspiration as to where to travel, click here. If you want to see my TV / media appearances, newspaper articles, and awards, click here.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to send me an Email in either English or German, right here.

For more in-depth information, or for detailed help on a journey or region in Europe, the UK, or Germany in either English or German, please click here.

The Adventure Begins

In short, I had a blast in 2017, and there’s many more exciting things about to start for me in 2018!

I love the life of the roving journalist and blogger about town.

I have a family and I have a life. Most importantly, I’ve already found my home-base – Berlin – and I’m extremely happy with where I am and who I am.

52 fantastic posts!

Thank you so much for your support everyone. 2017 was a great year. Here’s to the next.

Bottoms up!

I'm not really a beach person as I prefer mountains and rivers or beach destinations that have more than the sea to recommend them! Me at the Grotto in the Algarve!
I’m not really a beach person as I prefer mountains or beach destinations that have more than the sea to recommend them!

I have so much to say, so next week I will be sharing some of my travel destinations for 2018 with you.

It”s a New Year. Hip! Hip! Hurrah!


How I went to 8 wonderful countries, got heaps of expat awards, was on radio with the BBC, & met Prince William in 2017!

This article is not sponsored, and the thrilling countries that I visited in 2017, were all my very own!

In January I’ll be making an announcement that will probably surprise you. Find out throughout January!

I went on a press trip to Hamburg. Watch out for the details!

I’ll be continuing my last visit to the UK later in the month!

In a few weeks, I’ll be visiting Belgium!

I’ll be at the British Shorts Film Festival taking place between 11th – 17th January. If you’re an aspiring film-maker submission is free of charge, so hurry!

I’ll be at the most famous burlesque-fantastic Berlin operetta – Frau Luna – Operette in zwei Akten, taking place at TIPI AM KANZLERAMT, between 11th January – 11th March. Everyone’s most excited!

I’ll be at Berlin Fashion Week taking place between 16th – 18th January.

I’ll be at the 33rd British Council Literature Seminar – #BritLitBerlin taking place between 25th – 27th January, 2018. If you want to attend or join in, registration is now open!

Save the Date!

I’ll be there. Will you?

If you’re not in Berlin in January, then where the hell are you?

January is going to be splendid!

See you next week!

How I went to 8 wonderful countries, got heaps of expat awards, was on radio with the BBC, & met Prince William in 2017!

Watch this space!

Note! I never travel without insurance as you never know what might happen.

I learnt my lesson in Spain. And obviously, in countries like Qatar, where technically the risk is higher, I can’t imagine going that far beyond WITHOUT INSURANCE. No siree! You can get yours here, at World Nomads!

Please note that there are now affiliate links (for the very first time) connected to this post. Please consider using the links, because every time some sort of accommodation or travel insurance is booked via my links, I get a little percentage, but at no extra cost to yourself!

A win-win for all!

Thanks a million!

How I went to 8 wonderful countries, got heaps of expat awards, was on radio with the BBC, & met Prince William in 2017!

Where did you travel to last year? Are there any particular posts that you enjoyed? Let me know in the comments below!

See you in Berlin.

If you have any questions send me a tweet, talk to me on Facebook, find me on Linkedin, make a comment below, look for me on Google+ or send me an Email:

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  1. Happy New Year! Bonne Annee!

    I started reading your blog back in June and have been enjoying it–blame it on seeing your posts about Croatia.
    Happy to drink to more travel tales in the new year! 😀

    • Aww! Thanks so much Elisa! That’s awfully sweet of you to say so. I’m really glad that you liked my posts on Croatia.
      I liked it too! 😉
      Raise your glass girlfriend. Cheers! 😀

  2. You certainly did have a blast and it was fun keeping up with you. I still shudder though at the really long bus ride and the obnoxious guy..teehee! Congratulations on many awesome opportunities and acing them. Looking forward to what this year has in store. All good l’m sure.

    • Thanks very much KemKem!

      Ha! Ha! That bus ride was utter hell. I don’t know what I was thinking when I went and did it all over again! 😉 Here’s to a great New Year. Cheers! 😀

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