So is it worth going to ITB Berlin? Yes! It most certainly is!

ITB Berlin – Indonesia – ©2017 Messe Berlin

Sadly, it’s over!

What’s that?

Ah! Come on now. Where have you been the last week? And have you seen my Twitter and Facebook feeds?

The ITB Berlin 2017 is oooooover!

For now!


Back to the question above though. So is it worth going to ITB Berlin?


Berlin on top of the world from the 24th floor & the fastest elevator in Europe, at the Panorama Punkt Berlin!

Let’s see!

Before I became the awesome travel blogger that I am today, I used to attend the ITB Berlin as an ordinary member of the public. It was one of the highlights of my year!

I was so shy!

Because the first time that I went to the ITB Berlin, I had never ever met a blogger before in real life. Not ever!

My blog was so new at the time, that I wasn’t even accredited! However, the  ITB Berlin Press Team were so nice and supportive, and gave me a VIP ticket so that I could attend!

And it really turned my life around ‘cos not only did I cover the Berlin Music Video Awards as a validated member of the press just two (2) months later, but it was at this very same ITB Berlin, that I made a contact with a lady from France who then invited me for my first press /FAM trip!

In fact, not only was I the only British person, I was also the only blogger!

It didn’t take long before I was on German TV, acting as a side-kick moderator on a live German evening show, in the German press, and having a documentary made about my life as a British blogger living in this wonderful city of Berlin!

I know!

Drinking a very important cup of tea!
© Pascale Scerbo Sarro

If you’re reading about the ITB for the first time, here’s what I previously wrote:

But it doesn’t hurt to reiterate the facts:


ITB Berlin - The Leading Travel Industry Think Tank!
ITB Berlin – The Leading Travel Industry Think Tank!

The ITB Berlin stands for the Internationale Tourismus-Börse or in English, the international tourism trade fair.

The ITB represents B2B, hotels, tourists boards, tour operators and providers, airlines, transport operators, responsible travel organisers, information technology experts, social media bloggers, and anybody else interested in travel and tourism.

It’s also the world’s leading travel industry think tank, in which the convention trade fair establishes itself as the industry’s main knowledge platform, with top-notch presentations on global trends, travel innovations and path-breaking events for the entire tourism industry!



ITB Berlin – ©2017 Messe Berlin

Well, the ITB Berlin is the foremost business platform for the global tourism business. We’re talking:

  • 5 continents
  • 26 halls
  • 187 Countries
  • 200 trendsetting events
  • 400 speakers
  • 1,000 Qualified Top Buyers
  • 1,092 stands
  • 10,000 Exhibitors
  • 26,000 Convention Visitors and Participants attending lectures, discussions, and workshops
  • 60,000 Private Visitors
  • 120,000 Trade Visitors
  • 160,000 Square meters
  • Bloggers from 25 countries all over the world
  • Over 5 days within 8th March – 12th March, 2017
  • Bringing in a €7 billion turnover to Germany!
A khudu in Botswana!


If you’re at the ITB, you’re in good company.

The ITB Berlin is a huge deal and the partner country for 2017 is Botswana with the motto: – #ilovebotswana.



I’m a big advocate for smart travel and that includes safety and security.

I’m a big advocate for smart travel and that includes safety and security.

Sadly, it’s many a reason that certain destinations are low in tourism numbers and not likely to increase any time soon.

Even my beloved Berlin had issues brought upon, not by a lack of security, but by strike action at the airport!

Having said that, where better to “be stranded” than in trendy hipster Berlin!

The Hamburg stand at ITBBerlin was very busy & here's why - An artificially intelligent tourism robot!
The Hamburg stand at ITBBerlin was very busy & here’s why – An artificially intelligent tourism robot!

Nevertheless, the mainstay of this years’ convention leaned heavily on the increasing concern for safety whilst travelling abroad, geopolitical challenges on whether destinations are able to secure confidence for holidaymakers, artificial intelligence, medical tourism, and sustainable tourism.

Safety and security was such an issue, that there was a huge level of media attention and political interest!

Safety and security was such an issue, that there was a huge level of media attention and political interest!

In fact, ITB Berlin this year played host to:

  • 11 State Secretaries
  • 45 Ambassadors
  • 72 Government Ministers
  • 110 Foreign Delegations
  • 450 bloggers from 34 countries
  • And over 5,000 accredited journalists from 76 countries around the world!

How cool is that?

Book your hotel here!


Keep Calm and go to ITB Berlin! ©2017 Messe Berlin

The name ITB Berlin stands for a unique success story and things that are made in Berlin.

What began in 1966, as a small overseas import trade show, has developed into a true global success.

What originally, was only an event of five (5) participating countries and regions, has grown to over 180 with an exhibition space expanding from 580 m² to 160,000 m² today!

In more than five (5) decades, so many societal and political changes have taken place. 

As far as the tourism industry is concerned, Germany has developed into one of the world’s most important economic factors!

Around the world with Heidi Hetzer &amp; her Old-Timer car!<br /> ITB Berlin ©2017 Messe Berlin
Around the world with Heidi Hetzer & her Old-Timer car!
ITB Berlin ©2017 Messe Berlin

Today, the ITB Berlin is the leading trade show of the travel industry and, at the same time, the biggest travel show for the German public!


Accor Hotels – #myjourneybegins. It most certainly does!

This has been the most successful ITB travel trade conference for me yet, because:

  • It’s in my expat home-town of Berlin so I don’t have to pay for anything, and I know where everything is!
  • It’s free of charge for bloggers and the press!
  • I made so many professional contacts
  • I had so many appointments which had me going from floor to floor that even though I used the press shuttle bus, my feet swelled up ‘cos I was wearing ankle boots, and I tend to walk like a man!
  • My Blogger Speed Dating appointment sheet was filled to the brim with Destinations & Marketing people wanting to meet me face-to-face
  • I have official invitations to come visit many of the chosen destinations of this year
  • I caught up with other international bloggers
  • I was invited to so many After-Hours parties, it became over-whelming…
  • Exciting news! A writer asked for one of my old Scotland photographs to be added to their book for a film tour, so the next time you go to the Scottish Highlands, you could be looking at one of my photographs!
Don’t risk collapse at the ITB Berlin. Fill your belly!
  • Most endearing of all, as I was browsing through the Poland section, looking for destination information, one of the girls started staring. I gave her my card to give to her boss, and she just started screaming!

She recognised my name and was thrilled and excited to finally meet and see the writer of THAT post! She told her neighbours and they all began rushing to take photographs & giggling! I mean, that post now has over forty-five thousand (45,000) views!

Apparently. In Poland, I’m a bit of a notorious star!

And the title of said piece: Going to Poland: 10 reasons not to go!

Apparently, in Poland I’m a bit of a notorious star!

See you next week!


Bloggers having fun via Vienna House at ITB Berlin!

This article is isn’t sponsored and the awesome time that had at the ITB Berlin, is my very own!

In March and April, I’ll be on the road again to Austria & Croatia!

On 15.03.17, I’ll be at the Spring Reception for the British Community at the British Embassy in Berlin.

From 07.03.17 – 09.03.17, our friends – the British musical and comedy duo – Carrington Brown – will be performing Germany’s premiere of Carrington-Brown feat. The Swonderful Orchestra: Comedy meets Classics at Tipi!

I’ll be there. Will you?

If you’re not in Berlin in March, I haven’t a clue where you would rather be!

Watch this space!

So is it worth going to ITB Berlin? Yes! It most certainly is!

Please note that there are now affiliate links (for the very first time) connected to this post. Please consider using the links, because every time some sort of accommodation or travel insurance is booked via my links I get a little percentage, but at no extra cost to yourself!

A win-win for all!

Thanks a million!

So is it worth going to ITB Berlin? Yes! It most certainly is!

Do you think Berlin is worth it? Have you ever been to the ITB Berlin?Share & let me know below! 

See you in Berlin.

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  1. I’ll make it there one of these days. You shouldn’t be having this much fun by ourself..haha! :-).

    • Thanks so much KemKem! Tell me about it lol! I look forward to having you come visit Berlin again soon, and then we can paint the town red. And of course, our home is yours! 🙂

    • Thanks so much Agness!
      ITB Berlin is just the best. As well as doing business, we had so much fun. And it’s in Berlin to boot. What not to like? 😀

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