Month: November 2016

Taiwan: Food to eat and a place to lay your head: A first-time experience – Part I

So last week, I wrote all about why I went to Taiwan, and as I previously told you, one of the main reasons that I did so was because quite frankly, nobody knows where it is! I’m going to change all that! If you…


16 brilliant reasons why you should visit Taiwan!

So last week, I told you that even though I have a lot of future posts coming up about my FAM/Press Trip to the Philippines, I was going to divert to writing about Taiwan! Taiwan? Yes. Taiwan! Aha! ?/%$!!?%$§! Now let’s be honest. A…

How I went to TBEX again, and what I learnt!

So last week I told you all about the fear and horror of visiting a city such as Manila! I told you about the anxiety of many a people living in a constant state of fear at home, not to talk of travelling abroad!…

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