Month: May 2016

11 reasons why you should visit Porto – the city of wine – and why it matters!

So last week I wrote all about why I thought Lisbon would be the next top European place to be! And why? Because it’s worth it! And you know what? After spending three (3) days in the Algarve, and three (3) days in Lisbon,…


17 reasons why Lisbon is the next top European place to be!

I’m back! My brother wrote a book and it’s exciting! OMG! This summer is going to be so awesome! I can’t give you any details right now but I’ll tell you all about it in June! Promise! But first, Pooooortugal! A few weeks ago,…

How to write and publish a book – Introducing The Bee Hive!

Have you ever wondered if you had the talent, or enough patience, to put all your ideas onto paper and pen? Have you ever thought about writing a book? Here’s someone who did! My own brother! Who has written and published a book. A…

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