Month: March 2016

Is it safe to travel to Belgium or Europe?

The citizens of Belgium are in a state of shock. The world is in a terrible state. Our sympathies and condolences are with the people, family and friends of Belgium. THE FACTS. There were explosions at Zaventem International Airport and Maalbeek station in Brussels…


17 reasons to visit Cheshire in the English countryside, quite close to Wales!

So last week, I went to Cheshire and I had a most marvelous time! As you know, I obtained an MA – Masters of Art Degree at the University of Chester. Good Times! If you would like to know a little bit about England…

An English Education: The misadventures of a post-graduate student at the University of Chester.

So on Friday, I attended the very dignified graduation ceremony for my MA Degree. Yep! I obtained an MA – Master of Arts Degree at the University of Chester. In Chester. In England! My specialisation was in Education Management and Training. A bit like…

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