Month: January 2016

How to be an embodiment of urban, provocative cool: Berlin Fashion Week – Autumn/Winter 2016 – PART I!

So basically, yesterday was officially the end of Berlin Fashion Week. In the winter. OMG! You should have seen it. It was snowy and icy, and I was freezing my little socks off. Yep! I wasn’t even wearing tights (panty-hose). I was wearing pop…


15 incredible reasons why you should visit Bath in 2016: Heigh Ho!

2016 is going to be an awesome year and with so many wonderful destinations, you simply can’t go wrong! However, there is one country that I didn’t mention. My own! Yep! Ye olde England. The land of Shakespeare, punk-rock and meadow-stricken poetry. Steam trains,…

How I can afford to travel around the world. Live the life you want!

I travel the world. And I squeeze it all in. In fact, I did extremely well in 2015! My blog became two (2) years old in the middle of October. Yay! You can read all about it right here. I became the media darling…

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