My second glorious press trip to England. Yes, I’m going to Bristol & Bath. Yippee!

@Brunels ss Great Britain in Bristol.
@Brunels’ ss Great Britain in Bristol.

At last!

Halloween is over. And so is October and that officially means the beginning of winter – my favourite season. Oh, didn’t I tell you that I love the cold! I love the heat of mulled wine whilst outside a chilly Xmas market stall. The freshness of a crisp cold air and the smell of ice and water. The sound of rattling teacups as I surround myself with minced pies, sandwiches, and Bonfire Night paraphernalia.


Bonfire Night?

You know. Guy Fawkes. Fireworks. Treacle toffee. Baked potatoes wrapped in foil and stuck in the fire?

Remember, Remember, The Fifth of November,

Gunpowder, Treason and Plot.

I see no reason, why Gunpowder Treason,

Should ever be Forgot!

That one.

Which one?!!

Oh, never mind!

The British Berliner is going to England!

Now I’ve from the North. I’m from Manchester but I’m not going to visit “home” this time. Nope! I’m going to the South. South-West England to be precise.

Marvellously spiffing!

Berlin - very British - rbb

But doesn’t she live in Berlin? Isn’t she the British Berliner?

Yes, of course, but as I constantly keep reminding you, Berlin is my new home and England, in the United Kingdom is my original home. Hence, the British part of my name.

As part of my winter present to you all, I’m going to be visiting a new destination that perhaps many of you have never heard of. So without more ado:




Now, I’ve been to Bath a few times, but I’ve only actually been to Bristol once, on an overnight sleepover, whilst on a three-week adventure, through the rugged coastline of Wales, so I’m pretty excited. But first, a little introduction.


My first official press card. Yeah!
My first official press card. Yeah!

A Press Trip is normally described as a visit to a destination, country, city, hotel, venue etc, organised for media groups. It usually introduces and presents the best bits of a particular itinerary and is usually for a small group of journalists or bloggers, or an organised private trip. Although a press trip could be for a few hours, it usually refers to a trip of a few days.

Last year, I went on a familiarization trip, or FAM TRIP to France and that was fabulous. This time round, this press trip has been organised as a private one. I will be making my own way from Berlin to Bristol of course, but once I get off the plane, I will be the guest of Visit Bristol who have been absolutely incredible in making sure that my visit will be a marvellous one.

Although this press trip has been personally designed by the city of Bristol, I will visit Bath too. In that wise, the city of Bath have been  generous in allowing me press access to various venues. Thanks so much Bristol & Bath!

By the end of the week , I’ll be in England and I really can’t wait.


I'm a very happy British lifestyle, expat, travel blogger. Right here in the beautiful city of Berlin - © Pascale Scerbo Sarro
I’m a very happy British lifestyle, expat, travel blogger. Right here in the beautiful city of Berlin –
© Pascale Scerbo Sarro

As you know, my blog is now two years old. Yay! And in the last year, I’ve really done a lot and gone to many places but I haven’t been back to my home-country! My favourite brother had been to visit us in the summer so there was no immediate need to rush back to the North, and so when I discovered that I had a small window, I decided to utilise it and go to a different English destination.

I went to the ITB this year, and Bristol and Bath were the two booklets that I happened to pick. It was that simple. It was surely meant to be LOL!

I sent off an Email and the rest, you’ll read about in the next couple of weeks!

I have been extremely lucky that because I have a corporate job and therefore my own income, I can afford to choose where I go, when and why. It is because of my own means that I choose to write the topics that I do. In my way. On my terms.

Cool Britannia!
Cool Britannia!

I’m the type of person that is willing to get myself out there and be pro-active. I also have a genuine interest to get involved, which attracts the attention of people who are willing to help me in my quest for knowledge and information. This happens because of the simple matter that, when I undergo to write a piece, I make a thorough job of it.

I blog because I have a passion for life, and where I live, where I go, and what I do. It’s a lifestyle, expat, travel, thing LOL!

As far as I’m concerned, all good things have, and will continue to come my way whether it’s in the form of an invite, an event, or a press trip (you know where to find me LOL!)


Clifton Suspension Bridge spanning the Avon Gorge, Bristol. ©VisitBritain Pawel Libera
Clifton Suspension Bridge spanning the Avon Gorge, Bristol.
©VisitBritain Pawel Libera

Bristol is a county in South West England. It is England’s sixth (6th) most populous city and has a population of about 400,000 people. It began life as a village Brycgstow in Anglo-Saxon times and changed to Brigg stow – Bristol sometime in the 10th century.

Bristol’s history as a trading and important river location stretches back to 1051 when it was listed in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. By the 14th century, Bristol was trading with Spain, Portugal and Iceland, and ships were leaving Bristol to find colonies in the New World and for sadly, that awful blot, that was to become known as the slave trade. In the last two hundred (200) years, Bristol has transformed and grown into a busy commercial port and in modern times, a striving destination to visit due to the Harbourside’s renaissance with contemporary art, theatre performances, literature, history and heritage of the local people. It has also begun to fuse it’s historically elegant Georgian and Victorian architecture with contemporary modernity.

At Bristol Planetarium & Bristol Cathedral. @Bristol
At Bristol Planetarium & Bristol Cathedral.

Bursting with character and charm, Bristol is home to a historical harbour, an Old City, fascinating attractions, culture, theatre, history and fantastic shopping.

Pretty much all the things that I like!


The Llandoger Trow in Bristol.
The Llandoger Trow in Bristol.

The point of this press trip is to introduce the region as a cultural place to visit, and a short-trip destination for not only readers in Germany, but also in Europe and in the United Kingdom itself! In fact, Bristol is a hop and a skip from London or you can fly straight into Bristol, as I’m doing!

A flight from Germany or anywhere on the European continent is roughly about 1.5 – 2 hours. Other ways to travel to Bristol are either by train to Bristol Temple Meads, by coach/bus to Bristol Bus and Coach Station, or by air to Bristol Airport via the Bristol Flyer Express Coach. You could also, of course, simply take a car, and drive up!

This press trip is a long weekend starting from Friday evening and finishing late on Tuesday evening. I will be spending 2 nights in Bristol and 2 nights in Bath and flying with Easyjet from Berlin directly into Bristol.

Stephen Jones - English fashion!
Stephen Jones – English fashion!

When we think of England, we think of rose-covered cute cottages and baronial country hotels, but did you know that you can also sleep in a windmill, a treehouse, a pineapple, a gypsy wagon, and a chocolate boutique hotel in Britain? Well to prove it, I’m going to be sleeping in a caravan. Yep! Yours truly is going to be glamping on a rooftop!

Brooks Guesthouse Rooftop Rockets!
Brooks Guesthouse Rooftop Rockets!

I will be staying at an exciting boutique B&B and sleeping in a stylish rooftop caravan rocket at the Brooks Guest House in Bristol. I’ll be going on a historical walking tour of Bristol and getting to appreciate and visit Brunel’s British engineering masterpiece that was the ss Great Britain – the world’s first luxury ocean liner. I’ll be planning to hang out and explore the Harbourside whilst taking a ferry-boat ride across the waterfront.

I’ll probably have a quick lunch at Bristol’s oldest market – the 200-year-old St Nicholas Market – and potter around the vintage and second-hand bookshops and then I’m going to chomp my way through dishes such as Roasted Hogget Rump or Jerusalem Artichoke & Winter Truffle Pressé at The Cowshed.

I simply can’t decide which!

The Crucible at the Bristol Old Vic.
The Crucible at the Bristol Old Vic.

I’m going to be opening my intellect at the Bristol Old Vic to see an outstanding performance of The Crucible. You know how much I love drama and theatre. Get a hanky and a glass of wine ready!

On my second and final day, I might catch a hop-on-hop-off bus and  visit the M Shed which tells the story of the city and it’s unique place in the world. I’ll probably go for a bridge walk to see the fantastic view of the Avon Gorge and city and then I’m going to spend the afternoon shopping and daintily sipping and chewing on Afternoon Tea at the Avon Gorge Hotel nestled in the heart of Clifton Village.

Red and blue cupcake


Home-made buns with jam & clotted cream? Say no more!

Bristol is going to be so much fun!


The Pump Room in Bath.
The Pump Room in Bath.

Bath is going to be an architectural feast. What with it’s impressive showcase of Georgian architecture, the heaving bosoms of Jane Austen and the steaming remains of Britain’s Roman spas, I’m just going to have to leave the details for another post!

@Chris Bahn
@Chris Bahn

This article is not sponsored and even though I was invited on this trip as a guest of Visit Bristol and given press passes for Visit Bath, all opinions and the streaky bacon and sausages that I’ll take absolute pleasure in noshing, are my very own!

I have so much to share with you so I will be writing about my trip to Bristol & Bath when I actually return!

Next week, I will tell you about our fleeting visit to an intriguing German town – Osnabrück – the hometown of my German husband!

Strictly Stand Up – The English Comedy Night is going to have it’s last show of the year on 04.11.15 at the Quatsch Comedy Club in Berlin. They’ll also be serving free baby margaritas!

The German public premier of James Bond’s Spectre is on 05.11.15. We’re all very excited as not only is the new James Bond film finally out, but Christoph Waltz who is the baddy, actually lives in Berlin. In fact, The Music Producer brushed past him on the stairs a couple of years ago, and was freaking out!

@VisitBritain - Simon Winnall
@VisitBritain – Simon Winnall

As usual, you can also follow me via daily tweets and pictures on Twitter & FB!

If you’re going to Bristol or Bath, let me know!

November is going to be crisp & foggy!

Watch this space!

My second glorious press trip to England. Yes, I’m going to Bristol & Bath. Yippee!

Have you ever been on a press trip? Would you like to visit Bristol?

See you in Berlin.

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36 Comments on “My second glorious press trip to England. Yes, I’m going to Bristol & Bath. Yippee!

    • Let’s hope so Thomas ‘cos according to the weather forecast on my iPhone, it’s going to be between 13°C and 16°C in Berlin and only a forecast of rain in Bristol LOL!

  1. It sounds like quite the exciting trip you have planned there – I actually would love to hear more about English cities, so looking forward to reading about Bristol and Bath 😀

    • Thanks so much Sher! Not really. I pitched the PR office in Bristol. Happily, I’m interested in just the things that they were looking to promote, and I also have a market that they’re interested in tapping. In this case, the German market as I have a huge following and a large number of followers from the US, the UK and other European countries (I sent my numbers). ‘Hope this helps. 🙂
      p.s. You don’t have to be a big blogger for PR offices or any other establishment, to work with you. If you’re professional and they like you, that is all that matters. Let your writing and the engagement with your audience, speak for itself!

  2. Congratulations on your press trip and your 2 year blog anniversary! It’s unbelievable when people follow their inner passion good things happen! 😀 I learned that “too late” in life, or after one bachelor degree in Engineering (which I will probably never use) haha!

    Anyway I’d love to visit your home country one day! The things you will be doing over there sound really exciting!

    Safe travels 😀

    • Thank you so much Asa! It’s been an amazing two years and I’m delighted to be back in England again! You must visit. You’ll both love it. In fact, I’m yet to meet someone who doesn’t like England and for a Nordic person, it’s cheaper than staying at home LOL!
      Ha! learning “too late?” Not at all. Blogging is for anyone, at any time, personal situations notwithstanding! I studied Political Science and I haven’t used it either but I had a great university life so I’m not complaining LOL!

  3. Your upcoming trip sounds amazing. I’ll be reading along since I have my eye on a return visit to England next year (fingers crossed) and would love to explore more of England apart from London. Looking forward to your tips (and the streaky bacon and sausages!). 😉

    • Thanks so much Dana! Yes, get ready for some English blogging about other parts of The Kingdom LOL! Details coming up next week! Have fun! 🙂

  4. I’ve recently decided to accept my first media trip. What won me over was that the pr I was in touch with was really nice and funny and that I was promised a lot of time on my own to explore the city. Must be fun to go back to Britain. I have no knowledge of Bristol, so probably a good idea that they arrange that press trip, so they can get the word about the city out:) Looking forward to learn more about Bath and Bristol.

    • Congratulations Mitzie Mee! I know you’ll do well! You’re absolutey right though, if the PR team are open and engaged to the needs of both sides, it makes for a better all-round relationship. As you know, this is my 2nd press trip and like the 1st one, everyone was über organised and extremely friendly. My journey to Bristol is a private press trip and has been organised in conjunction with what I wanted to do and my interests. The PR team have been great. They asked me what I wanted to do and developed a programme based on what I suggested. Apart from reserved bookings or seatings, the rest has been my choice as to when and how, I visit and experience the city.
      p.s. Being back in Britain has been wonderful! Where are you going yourself?

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  6. Cant believe you’re getting comped/paid to basically go back to your home country! I wouldnt mind a press trip to/all around Moscow :)))))

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