The British Berliner is 2 years old. Let’s whip out the the daisy cocktail and have some strawberries & cream!


It's my blog birthday - The British Berliner is two. Hurrah!

It’s my blog birthday!

Hip! Hip! Hurrah!

On Wednesday, October 21st, my blog was 2 years old.

My goodness. My blog is a toddler!

And I am extremely proud.

We love my blog!

I can’t quite believe that just 24 months ago, I decided to put pen to paper and open up this social media thingy. I mean, when I first started I didn’t even know what social media was all about, and I had never ever met a blogger.

Never, ever.

In real life!

And apart from Facebook and who isn’t on Facebook? I knew zilch about social media.

Yep! Yours truly had known nothing about Twitter. Nothing at all!

But I quickly learnt.

I went to a workshop at the ITB in Berlin and one afternoon, the Head of the European Branch of Twitter did a workshop and showed us step-by-step how it worked. And that was it!

My Twitter page was open and ready to go!

Oh, I used to have a travel diary that was purely set up for friends and family, but this blogging thing was something else. This. Was. Real!

Happy Blog Birthday to me!

My blog is two years old.


It’s been an amazing ride. In fact, this year alone was wonderful with a collection of marvellous stories, visits, and adventures.  As I told you when I published my 100th post, a lot of people, bloggers in particular, don’t like the notion of luck and quite frankly, I’m not one to talk of fate, but when I happen to be in the right place at the right time, I don’t know what else to call it.

So I’m going to say it as I see it.

Are you ready?

Here it comes!

My toddler blog has been a resounding success because of the jolly good luck I’ve had, flowing with masses of enthusiasm, buckets of really hard work and shaken and stirred with all the people I have met along the way, who have helped and supported me on my quest to being a fabulous British blogger.

There. I’ve said it!

But before we go any further, I would just like to thank some very important people.

Mercedes-Benz Berlin Fashion Week.


Yes YOU!

All of you.

Where would I be without your comments, your likes, your opinions and your reads?

Without you this blog would just be an empty piece of cyber-paper floating in the blogosphere. You have all been so amazing and supportive, reading my blog every week, and sharing it with all your friends and associates.

"The Tall Young Gentleman" having fun in Bangkok.
“The Tall Young Gentleman” having fun in Bangkok.

I’ve even had people smiling and recognising me on the streets.

In Berlin.

One woman’s smile was so wide, when she discovered that I was just about to sit opposite her on the commuter train! Another guy saw me on my residential gentrified street and screamed outside his van window “Are you that blogger? The British one!” In German of course, so it sounded rather different!

A group of teenaged girls followed me about and giggled as I went shopping in my local supermarket. And being that I live in Berlin and not New York, I got thumbs up, the gruff “I saw you on TV” and appreciative looks when running around town with my signature stripped, dotted or Union Jack pop socks!

I’ve been on TV. I’ve been on the radio. I’ve even been in the newspaper. I’ve travelled to 10 countries this year. And all because of you.

You've all been agnificent. Thank you so much!
You’ve all been magnificent. Thank you so much!

Thank you so much everyone.  I love you all!

So come with me and let’s go back in time!


At the Berlin Music Video Awards with Roc Roc It. 2015 © Pascale Scerbo Sarro
At the Berlin Music Video Awards with Roc Roc It.
© Pascale Scerbo Sarro


The British Berliner is a lifestyle expat travel blog about a British girl from Manchester living in Berlin with her German husband and her half British – half German son, promoting British-German life, culture, history, literature, theatre, style, Europe, travels around the world, what she does in normal every day life, and where she goes.


Photo@ J-O Eriksson

The most popular post is the one that I wrote about Riga. In Latvia.

The people of Latvia were astonishing and really came out and supported my blog on the following post: Riga is gorgeous. Go there right now! This post shockingly went VIRAL and I received 55 comments and up to 25,000 hits in my social media feed!

Twenty five thousand (25,000) views, hits and shares!

Absolutely Outstanding!

Thank you Latvia!!


Berlin - very British - rbb

There’s no point in being The British Berliner if I can’t tell you how to, in fact, be British. You found this post charming: How to be British: Oh and by the way, you need to queue! And so did the trolls and naughty people. Some were so naughty that I had to ban them from my blog!

You were also fascinated by the fact that Queen Elizabeth came to Berlin and I got to be a part of that story and had more requests of interviews that I even knew what to do with. I actually had to turn some of them down! And why? The Queen came to Berlin. I’m British so pass me the Pimms. That’s why!


If I can go to Fashion Week, so can you?! © Photo Peter Stigter.
If I can go to Fashion Week, so can you?!
© Photo Peter Stigter.

The most popular post is still actually the very first post, that I ever wrote on my blog! The title was: Germany is Boring. Ooops! Yeah, I got insults and abuse for this post. Mainly from people who never read it.

Ah well, I’m famous now. Right. Right?!


At Queen Nefertiti's Party!
At Queen Nefertiti’s Party!

It seems that when you think of Berlin, you think of it as creative, intense, full of energy and free. Yes, you like music, entertainment, glamour and suspense. You loved the Friedrichstadt-Palast – the venue that is the Las Vegas of Berlin in the post: It’s bizarre. It’s quirky. It’s THE WYLD!

I received close to twelve thousand (12,000)  views, hits and shares!


Cheese Connoissuers in Holland.
Cheese Connoisseurs in Holland.

My readers are as liberal as they come and are tolerant on the European lifestyle circuit, as the most popular international post outside of Latvia and Poland was this post about Amsterdam in Holland. I went to a sex-show in the city of red lights and thin canals: That’s right. 48 hours in Amsterdam!!

Oh yes indeed!


Ouch! I'm still smiling. I'm still smiling! Photo@ Frank Böster
Ouch! I’m still smiling. I’m still smiling!
Photo@ Frank Böster

Travelling and living a life of quality struck a chord with many of you as readers were worried about how to travel on a budget, how to get holidays / vacations or even how to take the first step, so I told you how I do it in this post:  How I can afford a life of travel. Don’t choose. Have it all! Most of my readers are professional middle-class people.

In beautiful Wales.
In beautiful Wales.

Remember how I told you that I live a normal life. Just like you.

I’m married, in a relationship with someone, or have been single. Just like you.

I have family responsibilities. Just like you.

I have a full-time job. Just like you.

And by god. I have a daily budget. Absolutely, just like you.

You agreed. Staying at a €5.00 hostel or jetting off to Cambodia on a whim, just isn’t an option. I mean who would look after the dogs, cats, guinea pigs, rabbits or giant iguana? No seriously. Who?!!


On the Polish Baltic Sea
On the Polish Baltic Sea

You people!

As you know, Poland is one of my most favourite places. And so was this post: Going to Poland: 10 reasons not to go! Interesting stuff it seems as I received over 8,000 hits and 72 comments!


A British cream tea!

You love British people. You love how quirky we are and the fact that we tend to be particular about certain things, and you said so in the post about being British: How to be British: Oh and by the way, you need to queue! I had 65 comments. Thank You so much!


An organic burger and a beer at Bread & Butter - Berlin Fashion Week

Contrary to expectations, even though German cuisine has a hard, long reputation of being rather stodgy and boring, food in Germany can be pretty awesome, if you know where to look! You obviously did look and you proved it with 49 comments in this post: 10 surprising reasons why food in Germany isn’t just grit and stodge but is pretty awesome, in my opinion! Yummy!


He's fabulous!
He’s fabulous!

You felt that the post that spoke to you most, was this one: If you’re looking to make a change: Choose life. Choose a job. Choose a family. Choose an alternative walking tour in Berlin! It had 53 comments followed closely by the post that totally changed my career from being just another blogger to being totally awesome. The post that changed my life was: A light, a camera, and a broken arm: Action and drama at the Berlin Music Video Awards. It had 45 comments. I know the big bloggers have a hundred comments and more, but that post was written in May, 2014. A little after the 6 month mark.

I’m delighted!


"The Tall Young Gentleman" surrounded by teenaged girls at Rokytnice nad Jizerou!
“The Tall Young Gentleman” surrounded by teenaged girls at Rokytnice nad Jizerou!


The headless man in Barcelona, Spain.
The headless man in Barcelona, Spain.

At the beginning of every new year, it’s the norm to think about what you did last year and what you’re going to do this year – How I can afford a life of travel. Don’t choose. Have it all! – Last year, I travelled to 10 countries and this post got me a whopping 60 comments!

Reaching the one (1) year mark – The British Berliner is 1 year old. Let’s get the Pimms out! – I hope I did you all proud. You seemed to think so with 42 comments.

You’re as much in love with Berlin as I am – 25 Years after the Fall of the Berlin Wall: Berlin, you’re my BFF! – 41 comments isn’t shabby at all!


With Eszter Bittmann In Budapest, Hungary.
With Eszter Bittmann In Budapest, Hungary.


  • USA
  • Germany
  • Great Britain
  • Latvia
  • France
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • Poland
  • Holland
  • Spain
  • India for the exotic factor!

Surprisingly, I also get a significant number of readers from Sweden, Ireland, Norway & Singapore! It’s amazing that even though I only blog once a week, consistently I might add LOL, I still manage to attract a huge number of subscribers and happy Twitter fans who read my blog on a daily basis, and all my funny two-line quips! You too can join in the fun and games right here:

Not too shabby I might add!


Me on the beach at Lloret de Mar, Spain.
Me on the beach at Lloret de Mar, Spain.
  • Germany
  • Holland
  • The Czech Republic – twice!
  • Lithuania (new)
  • Latvia (new)
  • Estonia (new)
  • Finland (new)
  • Spain
  • Hungary
  • Poland


One of our French guides - Raphael - in Nord-Pas de Calais.
One of our French guides – Raphael – in Nord-Pas de Calais.

Even though Northern France is my first press trip, it’s very much worth writing about, so the most popular post was: My first press or FAM trip ever to Nord-Pas de Calais otherwise known as, Northern France! It was amazing. I’m so honoured to have been invited. It was great, but bloody hard work LOL!

The readers have spoken, now what do I think?


Drinking a very important cup of tea! © Pascale Scerbo Sarro
Drinking a very important cup of tea!
© Pascale Scerbo Sarro
  • Starting this blog. Hurrah!
  • Becoming The British Berliner.
  • Getting on prime-time German TV – Live!
  • Making a documentary about being a lifestyle, expat, travel blogger,
  • Becoming Germany’s answer and expert on modern-day Britain and the monarchy!
  • Getting interviewed on the radio. In German.
  • Acting and making an independent silent film with an aspiring German/Finnish film director!
  • Promoting and showing you Berlin.
  • Getting newspaper interviews.
  • Getting official invitations to Berlin Fashion Week.
  • Hanging out with VIP’s at the Berlin Music Video Awards.
  • Being invited on my second press trip to Bristol. Coming soon!
  • Going to four (4) new countries!
  • Keeping things light but still throwing in tiny issues about the appalling circumstances of Europe’s refugees. #RefugeesAreWelcome.
  • Being invited to take part in a Twitter conference.
  • Being an active member of Travel Massive (the Berlin Chapter).
  • International Travel.
  • Regional Travel.
  • Local Travel.
  • People believing in me, encouraging me, and motivating me.
  • Updating my blog website image, logo & business cards.
  • Hanging out at the Berlin Film Festival (the Berlinale).
  • Attending the TBEX (Travel Blog Exchange) conference – the holy grail of the travel blogging world – for the very first time.
  • Being recognised among my peers.
  • Making an established name for myself as The British Berliner.
  • Meeting other real-life bloggers. That was awesome by the way!
  • Talking to and hearing from YOU. Yes, YOU.


On the beach in Sanur, Bali.
On the beach in Sanur, Bali.

Thank you so much everyone. I really appreciate it lots.

Thank you for making this blog real, reading, commenting, and connecting. You’re all amazing. Here’s to the next blog year. Cheers!

Next week, it’s back to work. It’s November and I’ll be going to Bristol & Bath.

Winter’s coming.


This article is not sponsored. It’s my blog birthday!

Happy Birthday. My blog is 2!
Happy Birthday. My blog is 2!

Do you have a blog? How long have you had it? Was there anything that you found surprising?

See you in Berlin.

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16 Comments on “The British Berliner is 2 years old. Let’s whip out the the daisy cocktail and have some strawberries & cream!

  1. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you! You’ve been an amazing blogger and I am so happy to be one of your readers. 2 years wow!!!! All the best!

    • Thank you so much my daaaaarling! You’re so sweet and it’s been great knowing you as part of this ride. Here’s to more blogging years. Whopa!! 🙂 🙂

  2. Happy Blog Birthday!! Sometimes you wonder if there’s a special time zone for social media because time just seems to fly when you’re online. Keep up the good work and enjoy Bristol and Bath:)

    • Thank you so much Mitzie Mee! You’re so right. Time has flown and like a true toddler, as if it were only yesterday..!
      p.s. ‘Really looking forward to being back in England again. 🙂

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