My 100th blog post celebration. Hip! Hip! Hurraaaah!

A British cream tea!


I’m popping the champagne!

Today is the publication of my hundredth (100th) blog post. That’s 100 blog posts since this little baby went into publication on the 21st October, 2013.

At the end of 2013!

And what an amazing collection of stories, visits, and adventures that I have been on.

I know that people, bloggers in particular, don’t like the notion of luck and quite frankly, I’m not one to talk of fate, but when I happen to be in the right place at the right time, I don’t know what else to call it.

So I’ll help you.

We love my blog!

I call it jolly good luck with masses of enthusiasm, buckets of really hard work and shaken and stirred with all the people I have met along the way, who have helped and supported me on my quest to being a successful British blogger.

Living in this wonderful city called Berlin.

In Germany.

And most importantly, of all.


The readers.

Where would I be without you?

Random strangers can be interesting!
Random strangers can be interesting!

From the very beginning, my blog has always been read.

At no point did I feel that I was writing to myself. No siree!

I write for myself yes, and that’s extremely important ‘cos that way you get to hear my quirky voice and weird sense of humour.

You get to hear about my distaste of anything with chocolate. Except for Cadbury’s milk chocolate bars and chocolate buttons!

Of how I hate bananas.

And how coffee makes me vomit.

Disgusting stuff!

Chocolate Pudding.
Chocolate Pudding. Everything I dislike!

You get to read about my adventures of falling down ski-lifts, being dragged up live volcanoes, blagging my way through Fashion Week and travelling through a region that needs great courage and strength of determination.


Ladies & Gentlemen,

I bring you Cersei Lannister of King’s Landing and Daenerys Targaryen and her terrible dragons.

I bring you…

Game of Thrones.

Ooops. Wrong story!

My blog The British Berliner is read and continues to be read by people from all over the world and from all works of life.

But the biggest surprise of all is that even though I write in English, the amount of Germans who read my blog has been staggering. It turns out that thousands do.

Every week.

It turns out that the number one nationality of readers who love my blog are Americans, second (2nd) are Germans and my fellow British readers are third (3rd)!

You've all been brilliant. Thank you so much!
You’ve all been brilliant.
Thank you so much!

Thank you all so much!

Let’s not forget that The British Berliner is a lifestyle expat travel blog about culture, history, travels around the world, Europe, and being British in Berlin. It focuses on me, a British girl from Manchester living in Berlin with my German husband and my half British – half German son, my promotion of British-German life, international culture, history, literature, theatre, style, the English Language, travels around the world, what I do in normal every day life and where I go.

Oh yes!

This year has been gloriously splendid.

Berlin - very British - rbb

My blog has advanced with ever-increasing success and invitations for visits and coverage have come fast and steady.

Oh yes, and trolls! Some of them nasty. Some of them not. Most of them on other media platforms.

I’ve had a couple of people who wanted to start a “discussion” on Twitter but after thinking hard and long, I decided to ignored them. Some “interesting” comments you can find here, here or here. The really nasty comments, I didn’t publish and blocked them entirely!

Ah well!

With Eszter Bittmann In Budapest, Hungary.
With Eszter Bittmann In Budapest, Hungary.

In 2015 so far, I have travelled to nine (9) countries:

  1. The Czech Republic. Twice (2)!
  2. Estonia.
  3. Finland.
  4. Germany – Osnabrück – I’ll write about that later in the year…!
  5. Hungary.
  6. Latvia.
  7. Lithuania.
  8. Holland.
  9. Spain.
@Elina Sirparanta.
@Elina Sirparanta.

Four (4) of them were completely new countries namely: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania & Finland.

One (1) of them, I went to twice this year namely: The Czech Republic and I’ll be going to three (3) more countries before the year is over.  If you dash to the bottom of the page, I’ll reveal where Victoria – The British Berliner is going to travel to next.

This summer, I became the daaaarling of the German media and was all over the TV and press. Yes, yours truly made a documentary about being a lifestyle, expat, travel blogger, went on prime-time TV and talked intelligently about expert topics, did a radio interview, and also a video interview for one of the largest international travel forums – Travel Massive AND got a personal article piece written about me on Europe’s largest on-line newspaper. I even helped a friend to make an independent silent film!

I'm sorry but I look amazing! © Pascale Scerbo Sarro
I’m sorry but I look amazing!
© Pascale Scerbo Sarro

All because the Queen came to Germany.

Oh, in most of the stuff I spoke German too.


Thank you Ma’am!

So let’s get this party started. First of all, I’m going to list the top 10 countries where people who read my blog come from, and then the top 10 read posts so far in 2015, so get yourself a glass of something and settle back.

I know I will!

An organic burger and a beer at Bread & Butter - Berlin Fashion Week


  1. The United States.
  2. Germany.
  3. The United Kingdom.
  4. Canada.
  5. France.
  6. Australia.
  7. Holland.
  8. Spain.
  9. Sweden.
  10. Norway.

I’m going to make mention of one other country and that is Latvia.

Photo@ J-O Eriksson

The people of Latvia were astonishing and really came out and supported my blog on the following post: Riga is gorgeous. Go there right now! This post amazingly went viral and I received more than 19,000 hits in my social media feed!

Nineteen thousand (19,000) hits.

Absolutely Outstanding!

Thank you Latvia!!

At Queen Nefertiti's Party!
At Queen Nefertiti’s Party!


  1. Gosh! Riga in Latvia is gorgeous: 10 reasons to go there right there now!
  2. It’s bizarre. It’s quirky. It’s THE WYLD!
  3. The Queen came to Berlin. I’m British so pass me the Pimms!
  4. Going to Poland: 10 reasons not to go!
  5. My first press or FAM trip ever to Nord-Pas de Calais otherwise known as, Northern France!
  6. Germany is Boring!
  7. I went to a sex-show in the city of red lights and thin canals. That’s right. 48 hours in Amsterdam!!
  8. If you’re looking to make a change: Choose life. Choose a job. Choose a family. Choose an alternative walking tour in Berlin!
  9. A light, a camera, and a broken arm: Action and drama at the Berlin Music Video Awards.
  10. I didn’t kiss a girl but I ate fried cheese in the Czech Republic. And I liked it!
and then We Were Three.
and then We Were Three.

Feel free to read and share LOL!

And now for what you’ve been waiting for. A drum-roll please.



In Warsaw, Poland.
In Warsaw, Poland.

In October, I’m going to Warsaw and I’m very excited!

As you know, Poland is one of my favourite countries and even though I’ve been to the old country many times, I’ve never been to the capital.

Warsaw is old and historic with culture and a lively heart of art, food and drink. In fact, once I decided that I was going to Warsaw, I’ve had a bevy of people just dying to show me around, so I’m going to be hanging out in an old communist van with Adventure Warsaw, getting my groove and my fancy gear on, to check out the nightlife with the oldest Warsaw Pub Crawl! I’m going to be staying at a unique designer boutique hotel called Autor Rooms AND I’m going to be learning how to cook.


Yes, I’ll be learning how to make real Pierogi the way grandma used to make it with Polish your Cooking. Yummmmmy!


The Llandoger Trow in Bristol.
The Llandoger Trow in Bristol.

In November, I’m going to good ‘ole England.’Ra! ‘Ra!

I’ll be guided by Destination Bristol so I’m going to visit Bristol & Bath.

it’s going to be a pleasure to Rule Britannia and wander on the ships and harbour of Bristol, and to follow the dainty footsteps and heaving bosoms of Jane Austen and the Roman spas of Bath. It’s going to be quite pleasing to stay in a British quirky hotel, visit the old market hall and be fittingly entertained at an English theatre of great repute.

Bristol is going to be so much fun!

I’ve  been to the city of Bath a few times before but never really to Bristol. The only time I went to Bristol, was on the way to the tiny country of Wales!

It will be delightful to have slices of roast beef and yorkshire pudding, cream teas and sticky toffee and a proper plate of Full English!

I simply can’t wait!


Denmarks flag in 1219.
Denmarks’ flag in 1219.

In early December, I’d like to go to Switzerland, Denmark or Belgium for a few days, but I haven’t quite decided where yet. Where do YOU think I should go?

I’ll be writing all about my up-coming adventures in the next few weeks. Stay tuned!


Exciting times!
Exciting times!

This article isn’t sponsored and all opinions and the glasses of champagne that I delightedly guzzled, are my very own!

I have so much to share with you.

In the next few weeks, I’ll be in Warsaw, Bristol & Bath and I’ll also be at the following events:

On 16.09.15, the Strictly Stand Up English Comedy Night will be taking place at the Quatsch Comedy Club in Berlin.

Until 26.09.15 only, the Wintergarten Varieté will be presenting The SOAP Opera show or Show SEIFEN OPER.

From 28.09.15 – 07.10.15 the Bar Jeder Vernunft will be presenting, for one (1) week only, a festival of top British entertainment – Britain’s Best! Music and Comedy.

I’ll be there. Will you?

As usual, you can also follow me via daily tweets and pictures on Twitter & FB!

If you’re going to Warsaw or Bristol or Bath, let me know!

September is going to be jam-packed!

Watch this space!

My 100th blog post celebration!

What has been YOUR favourite post so far? Where should I go for a long weekend break in December?

See you in Berlin.

If you like this post or if you have any questions send me a tweet, talk to me on Facebook, find me on Linkedin, make a comment below, look for me on Google+ or send me an Email:

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29 Comments on “My 100th blog post celebration. Hip! Hip! Hurraaaah!

  1. Congrats on 100 posts! I have yet to reach that milestone but I’m almost there! It seems like you’ve achieved so much in such a short amount of time and deservedly so. Keep up with the entertaining and amazing work. And here’s to the next 100 posts!

    • Thank you so much Justine! That’s awfully nice of you to say so. It has been amazing! And you’re right. When you think about it, I have done an enormous lot in such a small amount of time, even if I say so myself LOL!
      p.s. I wish you the same success and better. 🙂

  2. Congrats are in order again! Well done in all the things. 🙂 So glad to have found you and followed you though it all! Love your posts and can’t wait to read the next 100!

  3. First of all, that black and white image of you is ABSOLUTELY STUNNING! But congratulations on all your accomplishments. It looks like you’ve had some amazing highs leading up to your 100th post and I wish you continued success. As a new travel blogger it’s so exciting to witness the successes of others and is the best kind of encouragement to keep going. To 100 more!

    • Thank you so much Sanura! It was done for a TV show and it certainly was a wow moment! I couldn’t believe how I could look LOL!! Thanks so much for your kind wishes and I wish you the same success. 🙂

  4. First of all, that black and white image of you is ABSOLUTELY STUNNING! But congratulations on all your accomplishments. It looks like you’ve had some amazing highs leading up to your 100th post and I wish you continued success. As a new travel blogger it’s so exciting to witness the successes of others and is the best kind of encouragement to keep going. To 100 more!

  5. Congratulations on your 100th post! I’ve done more that 300, that but haven’t had anywhere near the success you have. What’s your secret?

    • Thank you so much Rachel! It’s all been pretty amazing and I’m so pleased! The secret? Masses of enthusiasm. Buckets of really hard work. Shaken & stirred with all the people I’ve met along the way & jolly good luck! 🙂

  6. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you!!!! Well done girl! I see you have been blogging like crazy! And guess what! I am not only super happy about your huge milestone but also proud of you!

    • Thank you so much Agness. It’s been a pleasuee to have you as my blogger friend. You’re amazing! 🙂 🙂
      p.s. My blog birthday is in late October. That would be epic as my blog will be 2 years old!!!

  7. Congratulations! Hey, where’s Denmark and UAE on that country list? I’m in here reading your posts all the time:) Have some cake, have some more champagne and continue doing, what your doing, you’re great:)
    Regarding trolls, I’ve only encountered a few. I’ve even had an online stalker, but I take that as a compliment:)

    • Thanks so much Mitzie Mee! We’re having everything as it’s such an achievement and I’m awful proud of myself. I know how difficult it can be to stay consistent but I’m quite disciplined so it was never an issue. 🙂 I don’t give trolls the time of day but it must have been awful to have an internet stalker. Shudder.
      p.s. Denmark is not far behind Norway on my country list and UAE is after Singapore LOL!

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  9. Absolutely inspiring! Congratulations on your 100th post..that black and white pic of you looks like it was taken right out of a Vogue photo shoot..good stuff!

    • Thank you so much africanagirl! What a wonderful comment about my black & white photograph. You’re right. It does look like something that you could only get in Vogue. I was really lucky with that and my photographer – Pascale Scerbo Sarro – is an absolute professional. He did a marvellous job! 🙂 🙂

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