A simple guide to Estonian food and Russian beer!

Hannah Elina's Short Independent Silent Film - Wer will noch mal, wer hat noch nicht.
Photo@Hannah Elina.

So last week was such an amazing week for me and my blog.

Being a British person living in Berlin is just so wonderful.

I helped a talented girlfriend of mine by participating in her independent movie for her film school. It was low-budget. Make that no budget, but we were just all happy to help out. It’s a silent movie with Charlie Chaplin-like wordings at the bottom of the screen. It’s called – Wer will noch mal, wer hat noch nicht.

I play the role of “sexy lady!”

At the Berlin Music Video Awards with Roc Roc It. © Pascale Scerbo Sarro
At the Berlin Music Video Awards with Roc Roc It.
© Pascale Scerbo Sarro

I attended the Berlin Music Video Awards as a press delegate over the weekend and last week, I met someone from the rbb TV station! They saw my blog and a small film interview that I did with Travel Massive, liked it and wanted to meet me. I’m going to be involved in a short documentary as a British expat blogger about town, and filming starts next week!

I’ll also be participating in a few radio interviews about Queen Elizabeth’s visit to Germany.

Yes, the Queen.

OMG. I’m a little nervous but very, very excited!

It’s all happened so quickly so to calm my beating heart, let’s go back to Estonia.

A Simple Guide to Estonian Food

As you recall, I went to Tallinn and this year, I have been refreshingly delighted by all the food I was lucky enough to taste and indulge in, not only from Estonia, but Latvia, Lithuania, Spain, Holland, Germany, the Czech Republic and Finland!

Bearing that in mind, let me now introduce you to:


An Estonian breakfast of cold cuts, Estonian sausages, pate and vegetables at the Hotel St. Petersbourg!

By god we had some delicious stuff. As you recall, our first trip out to Tallinn was at the Hotel St. Petersbourg and the breakfast we were exposed to there.

For breakfast, we had marvellous cold cuts, paté, a variety of sea-food, vegetables, sauces, pickles and cream. As well as a wide variety of cereal, fruit, bread, cake, pastries, pots of tea, coffee and juices. You could also choose from the à la carte menu where you could order farm eggs in any style, omelette with ham, cheese, with mushrooms or tomatoes, freshly made oatmeal or semolina porridge and pancakes with maple syrup!

Breakfast at the Hotel St. Petersbourg.

I love seafood and there was all manner of fish like herrings and salmon, with fresh horse-radish. Mmmm. Yum, yum.

Bacon, sausages, baked beans and grilled potatoes at My City Hotel.

At the My City Hotel, we also had a buffet which consisted of bacon, sausages, baked beans and grilled potatoes. They also had a wonderful array of Finnish bread and a variety of pickles! Yum!

Cost – €0.00.


Estonian bread in Tallinn, Estonia.

An assortment of warm bread filled with prunes, nuts and dollops of fresh butter. I had the plain bread with no nuts LOL!

Cost – €0.00.

A croissant in Tallinn, Estonia.

Just because you’re in Estonia, doesn’t mean that you can’t have a simple croissant and a pot of English tea!

Cost – €0.00.


Mulgipuder - A traditional Estonian dish made from mashed potato & barley.

Estonia is a little more glam than Latvia, and Lithuania but that doesn’t mean that you can’t get down to earth good old Estonian peasant food because, you can! We went to The Estonian Open Air Museum and found a traditional tavern called the Kolu Inn. The inn is a relocated place built in 1840 with a single stable and which serves national Estonian dishes. “The Tall Young Gentleman” had the Mulgipuder which you can see above. Mulgipuder is a traditional dish made from potatoes and barley mashed together. Inside the mash are bacon bits and onions served with parsley, sour cream and slices of brown Estonian rustic bread.

Cost – €4.50.

Keedumana sprats and sauce at the Estonian Open Air Museum in Tallinn.

I had the meal above. It’s a dish of Keedumana, fish sprats and sauce. Keedumana is a sort of soft broiled egg and it was served with pickles, sprats, red peppers, parsley and a type of prawn and cocktail-seafood sauce accompanied by slices of brown Estonian rustic bread. Quite delicious!

Cost – €3.20.

Wild boar cooked in creamy juniper berry sauce served with oven baked potatoes and honey-dipped vegetables - Kuldse Notsu Korts or The Golden Piglet Inn, Tallinn - Estonia.

The Hotel St. Petersbourg has two (2) restaurants on its premises and the food was so good that we didn’t go anywhere else!

One of their restaurants is called Kuldse Notsu Korts or The Golden Piglet Inn, and it serves typical Estonian food. I had the meal above for lunch and it was wild boar cooked in creamy juniper berry sauce, served with chunky slices of baked potato, and vegetables dipped in honey. I mean, it was so deliciously yum!

Cost – €19.90.

A plate of Estonian sausages at the Kuldse Notsu Korts or The Golden Piglet Inn in Tallinn, Estonia.

Now you can’t go the Baltics without accosting yourself of a plate of sausages of which there is plenty LOL! The dish above is part of the Estonian Sausage Feast for Two (2). You get a tray-load of various Estonian sausages, chunky baked potatoes, vegetables, a variety of sauces and the habitual sour white cabbage, also known as sauerkraut!

The next time you’re in the region, try it for yourself.

Cost – €25.90.


A very warm welcome at My City Hotel in Tallinn.

As part of our Baltic trip, we also went to Finland and so on our return, we spent one (1) more day at the 4-star charming My City Hotel.

My City Hotel (formerly the Domina Inn City Hotel) is a charming little hotel with 68 rooms situated in the heart of Tallinn’s Old Town, and decorated with Italian modern art. We stayed in one of the Superior Twin Rooms.

They’re undergoing renovations at the moment, but once they’re  done, you’ll be well set up.

Our Superior Twin room at My City Hotel in Talinn.

My City Hotel is a nice hotel filled with glossy wood, a huge wardrobe, a tea and coffee set, a marble-like bathroom with a cute rubber-ducky! For a comfortable break, they are well situated as they are in a historical central location, is spacious, has free WiFi, a full buffet breakfast, and fluffy slippers! Most importantly, they had a basket of fruit waiting for us which I felt was a nice touch, and complimentary sauna.

We weren’t able to use the sauna this time around as we ran out of time, but I’m slowly getting used to them.

Oh, but again, you know how I feel about European saunas.

Double gulp!

And screaming down the street!


Salted and marinated herring on creamy cheese at the Hermitage Restaurant.

The on-site restaurant at My City Hotel couldn’t be surpassed. The hotel might not have been to the high luxury standards of Hotel St. Petersbourg, but their dinner set was exquisite and one of the best meals we had, on our Baltic Region trip!

The restaurant is called MIX and the restaurant’s chef  – Vladimir Iljin – really did a fantastic job. The restaurant is so highly valued that it was packed with not only hotel guests, but external guests too. In fact, I had wavered into eating elsewhere but I’m so glad that I was swayed to try the hotel restaurant instead.

It was a really good choice and reservations are highly recommended LOL!

Homemade duck liver paté with dried plums at My City Hotel in Tallinn.

An Estonian starter of homemade duck liver paté on Estonian crisp bread on lettuce, covered with a secret ingredient (does anyone know what that is) and served with orange sliced dried plums!

Cost – à la carte €5.00.

Carpaccio of beef with rocket salad, parmesan cheese and balsamico at My City Hotel, Tallinn.

Yes, this starter isn’t traditionally Estonian, but MIX at My City Hotel combine their menus with a blend of Italian, French and Estonian cuisine. The hotel also had a special three-coursed (3) special offer of just €19.00 per person and being that Estonia isn’t one of your cheap locations, I thought it was reasonably priced!

The dish above was carpaccio of beef with rocket salad, sun-dried tomatoes, parmesan cheese, and pine nuts sprinkled with balsamic vinegar. Mine came without the nuts!

Cost – à la carte €8.00.

Blanched salmon stuffed with mussel and tender lemon flavored risotto at My City Hotel in Tallinn.

Seafood is just my fave type of food.

I had the blanched salmon stuffed with marscapone cheese and mussels, served with lemon-flavoured risotto and a side salad, and sprinkled with Béarnaise sauce and caviar. Oh yeah!

Cost – à la carte €15.00.

Saaremaa style baked wildboar with juniper berry sauce at My City Hotel in Tallinn.

“The Tall Young Gentleman” had the Saaremaa style baked wild boar fillet with sumiso sauce, horse radish-mashed potatoes, sauerkraut, grilled vegetables, a side salad, Estonian mustard and juniper berry sauce.

Cost – à la carte €14.00.

Grilled vegetables at My City Hotel in Tallinn.

Horse radish-mashed potatoes, sauerkraut, and grilled vegetables. Delicious!


A  selection of ice cream and sorbet at my City Hotel in Tallinn.

Just look at that presentation and the lovely strawberry sorbet with crumbled short-bread pastry and vanilla ice-cream!

Cost – à la carte €4.50.

Lemon tart at my City Hotel in Tallinn, Estonia.

Oooooo! Tangy lemon tart topped with burnt custard served with exotic fruit, and rolls of ice-cream!

Cost – à la carte €4.50.

Make your own individual choices or go for the chef’s 3-course menu for hotel guests only.

Cost – €19.00.


Saku - an Estonian beer.

We received a complimentary bottle of water and a Tallinn rum-flavoured wafer candy at Hotel St. Petersbourg, practically every day.

Saku Hele is Estonian beer brewed using clean spring water, malt, hops and Saku’s own yeast and is a light quality beer with a strong taste of hops and a pleasant aroma. A glass of Saku wasn’t too bad for the end of an evening in Tallinn!

Cost – €1.70.

Russian beer!

Estonian food & drink was pretty impressive.

Russian beer.

Cost – €1.80.

Enough said!

For more information about rustic Estonian fare, please contact the Kolu Inn at The Estonian Open Air Museum.

For more information about typical Estonian food, please contact Kuldse Notsu Korts or The Golden Piglet Inn.

For more information about quality Estonian food at MIX , please contact My City Hotel.

This article isn’t sponsored and even though I received a complimentary lunch, all opinions and the delicious meals that I happily tasted and consumed, are my very own!

I have so much to share with you.

Stay tuned!

Next week, I’ll be writing about the Helsinki in Finland and the cruise we took with TALLINK SLJA LINE.

Expat Expo: A Showcase of Wahlberliner: a curated selection of performances by multiple artists, will be taking place at The English Theatre in Berlin from 01.06.15 – 07.06.15.

The Berlin Fashion Film Festival will be taking place on 05.06.15.

The 23rd Lesbian and Gay City Festival is taking place between 20.06.15 – 21.06.15.

The Queen will be visiting Berlin from 23.06.15 – 26.05.15.

Fête de la Musique an open-air street music performance day, will take place all around Berlin, on 21.06.14.

Berlin’s Mardi Gras (the 36th) – CSD – Christopher Street Day Gay Pride festivity, will be on 27.06.15.

I’ll be there. Will you?

As usual, you can also follow me via daily tweets and pictures on Twitter & FB!

If you’re not in Berlin, you haven’t a clue!

June is going to be astounding!

Watch this space!

Anu Vahtra - Tallinn City Tourist Office & Convention Bureau.
Anu Vahtra – Tallinn City Tourist Office & Convention Bureau.

Have you ever had Estonian food? Do you think you could handle Mulgipuder or would you go all out and scoff down the Keedumana, fish sprats and all!?

See you in Berlin.

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38 Comments on “A simple guide to Estonian food and Russian beer!

    • Usually when I travel to Estonia, I tend to avoid rustic Estonian food because it seems very heavy for me. In addition, as I don’t eat fish, I try to get something meaty. However, that boar doesn’t look appealing to me 😀 But I can ensure that Estonia belongs to amazing sweets’ country! Marzipan, Kalev chocolate etc – these are so good that I usually get a lot of them home. And of course, that side-beer-Russian trip seems to be a very good idea with every Estonian food! Thank you for sharing this!

      • Thanks so much Rugile! Personally, I prefer rustic local food as it’s so different to my own and as such, I like to experience “normal” food even if it is heavy and stodgy! I don’t like chocolate and I can’t eat marzipan as I have a nut allergy, sooooo rustic food it’s going to be! 🙂

  1. This brings back SUCH good memories of Estonian food. I still cannot get over that pork… and the cherry pastries… and lamb tartare….

    • Tell me about it Anna! Everything was just so delicious. I wasn’t expecting that at all. We didn’t even try other restaurants, the food was that good except for the tavern at The Estonian Open Air Museum of course. That was very interesting LOL!

  2. Congrats on your rise to fame! It’s well deserved!
    This food looks like total comfort food to me… it made me feel like it should be served to me on a rainy, cold day while bundled in a blanket and slippers. Also the prices are so good! Both of these things made me drool while reading your post.
    Congrats again!

    • Thanks so much for your kind thoughts Jenny! I’m super nervous but delighted. 🙂 The food was such a surprise and yes, comforting to boot, as the weather was a bit chilly. In Lithuania and Latvia, it was snowing LOL!
      Thanks again babe. 🙂

      • Have I ever told you that I have only
        Been in the snow once? And it was just a quick centimeter that melted off before noon? Maybe if I actually go to the snow some day, I will realize that I love it! Lol

      • Nooooo! How did that happen? Only once? Noooo! You are missing out. Now leave paradise and go to Iceland. Plenty of snow there LOL!

      • Hahha… I will think about it…
        Growing up in Northern California I could drive to snow, but just never felt the need 🙂

      • I hear ya! It was really funny when we visited California a few years ago. We went in late January and LA was pretty warm (by British standards. Ho! Ho!) and other parts of the state had snow. We even had to buy snow tyres. Luckily, we were allowed to go through without them LOL!

  3. Reading about the food makes me so hungry!! (Stares into oatmeal, sadly). I love that you aren’t afraid to try crazy things 🙂

    • Awww. You’re making me blush Phil! Thank you. It was such a lot of fun to make that silent movie. Only one person was a pro with everyone else being a friend in some way. Blogging about food tooooogether. It must be fate LOL! 🙂

    • Thanks very much Annie! I’m a little nervous as everything happened enormously quickly, but I’m also very, very pleased! 🙂

  4. You lost me at ‘sprat’ but the desserts look good 🙂 Hope the shoot went well and I’m super excited about June in Berlin as well 🙂

    • LOL! The rbb shoot went extremely well. We started part I on Tuesday, and we’re going to continue with Part II at “Das Gift” next week on 09.06.15! I even did a radio interview yesterday. I didn’t know it was going to be the interview itself mind you, I thought it would be a “getting-to-know-you batch! But when they asked to do the real thing, I became quite the professional LOL! Here’s my FB link that I put up last night: My documentary shoot with rbb TV station.

  5. The food in Estonia looks absolutely amazing!!! Super yummy and I wish I was there with you. As for Russian beer, I don’t drink alcohol :P! so I would stick to fruit smoothies hehe

    • Thanks so much Agness. I thought so too. We were totally amazed at the high quality! And we have just got to meet one of these days. Like soon!
      No alcohol ay? Very wise. 🙂 Fruit smoothies are just as good, if not better, especially Indian lassis. Yum!

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