Gosh! Riga in Latvia is gorgeous: 10 reasons to go there right now!

Photo@ J-O Eriksson

Bring out the pimms!

Things are definitely moving for me as The British Berliner.

Not only did I participate in a [VIDEO] interview that I contributed to as a representative of the Berlin Travel Massive Blogger Community at the ITB Berlin last month,  but I was again approached by a respectable Berlin on-line newspaper to do a video interview about my views on the upcoming British national elections!

I’ll let you know when it’s done!

Spain - Here we come!
Spain – Here we come!

As far as travelling is concerned, at the end of the week I will be on a very, very, very short break to Spain.


Unfortunately, it won’t be a long break of sunny bathing and tequila drinking as I still have to hand in and complete my Masters’ Dissertation at the University of Chester. In England.

Oh dear me no.


Bloggers at the ITB in Berlin.
Bloggers at the ITB in Berlin.

I’ll be going to the Travel Bloggers Exchange Conference otherwise known as TBEX to do a little networking, learn something new and meet other international bloggers. I’ll tell you all about it in May, after I’ve walked all over town and I’ve gorged myself on tapas.

For now though let’s get back to where I was just a few weeks ago in the Baltic Region.

So I’ve written about our adventure in Lithuania and the very excellent but enormously cheap food that we had in Vilnius.

Ah! Good Times!

Get ready for the other country in oh-my-gosh-is-it-or-isn’t-it-in-Eastern-Europe….


A song and dance festival in Latvia.

The Baltic States might be small in landmass but the countries are considered to be old European in look, rich culture, enchanting history, and long-established tradition. In fact, quite enchanting!

Latvia, also known as the pearl of the Baltic States and officially as the Republic of Latvia, is situated in the Baltic Region of Northern Europe – on the shores of the Baltic Sea.

I absolutely love the Baltic Sea and make every effort to go there every two years but from the Polish side rather than the German one!

Harmony of the countryside in Latvia.  Photo@ Arturs Jasinskis
Harmony of the countryside in Latvia.
Photo@ Arturs Jasinskis

Latvia is a multi-cultured state and right in the middle of Lithuania, Belarus, Estonia and Russia! As the Lithuanians, the Latvians are Balts by ethnic and linguistic origin and although separate independent countries, have closely related languages. The Latvians also have indigenous people called Livs and the two neighbouring countries both speak an Indo-European language and are the only two true Baltic languages that have survived!

Happily, all the traditions have merged together creating a unique environment, a vast cultural historical heritage.and a country-state of about 2 million people.

Latvia, is also a country not well-known and even within the E.U. itself, many Europeans have a hard time remembering what the capital city is.

It’s Riga by the way!


Lovely Riga in Latvia.
Lovely Riga in Latvia.

Riga is the capital city of Latvia and also the largest city in the Baltic State Region.

You might not have ever heard of Latvia, but surely you’ve seen those pictures of elegant men and woman strolling arm in arm on the tiny streets of Riga nourished by Russian glamour and elegant Art Nouveau boulevards!

It's Me! Don't I look fabulous?
It’s Me! Don’t I look fabulous?

Riga is a metropolis pulsing with life, romantic walks and live music and celebration. It’s a medieval city that has been preserved and still shows traces of its religious and Romanesque past and has been proudly inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List for the wonder that is it’s unique architecture in the “old town” and also as one of the European Capitals of Culture designed to highlight the richness and diversity of cultures in Europe and increase the sense of belonging to our common cultural area that is the European Union. And this took place in all of 2014!



Art Nouveau in Riga, Latvia.

So let’s get down to brass tacks. Riga in Latvia is gorgeous. I’m going to give you ten (10) reasons to go there right now!

  1. The architecture is amazing: Everywhere you look is an impressive piece of art from each and every era. Whether you like art nouveau, romanesque, gothic or baroque architectural style, if you wanted it, you would find it within a few paces. The only city that I can think of that would be similar is London. Do you know that if you looked hard enough, you would even find parts of the old Roman London Wall!
  2. It’s in the “other” Eastern Europe: It’s still pretty unknown, very far “East” and not on either the backpackers or tourist run, so it’s pretty cheap and is never going to break the bank.
  3. It’s a Baltic hub: If you’re looking to go to the Baltic States then of course, you have to either go through Latvia, start in Latvia, or end in Latvia. It’s quite easy to get to as pretty much every airline in the Nordic-Baltic region does a stop-over in Riga, so you might as well give it up and stay a while!
  4. OMG the food: We ate terribly well and ate and drank to our hearts’ content. It’s that cheap, you should! Unlike Lithuania where we pretty much ate only rustic food, Latvia has a combination of both elegant and of a better class. More about that next week!
  5. Romance: Pretty much every European capital city has an “old” part of town and a “new” part of town. Cities taken over by the Soviet Union were able to hold onto the “traditional look” mainly due to the lack of interest in changing it, and a distinct lack of finance. However, these capital cities now have the last laugh as they still have the feel and look of centuries past, when royal or local aristocrats would probably chop people’s heads off, but would also walk the cobbled streets or ride across them and hunt for “spoil.”
  6. It’s small: Although Riga is the largest city in the Baltic State Region, it’s population is only a little over 600,000 inhabitants. I mean, the whole country is only about 2 million people! It’s small size means that it’s easy to meet people and to move around.
  7. Sausages: It seems to be a thing in Riga, so we had loads LOL!
  8. Communication: Most people speak English and have an endearing accent mix of American English, Swedish and Dutch. Oh, and they also have a warm sense of humour!
  9. The farmers’ market: An intriguing place where you could get the head of a pig, live fish swimming on the bare table, exotic vegetables, and tiny little cupcakes that didn’t cost more than 30 cents! More about that next week!
  10. Because Art: The best place in the world to find living pieces of Art Nouveau is indeed in Riga! 


Our extremely funny walking tour guide in Latvia.
Our extremely funny walking tour guide in Latvia.

As you know, we were so lucky to be on a part-sponsorship of the largest international express route coach-bus operator in the Baltic region. An Estonian company called Lux Express, taking us through the Baltic Region by road from Germany, all the way through to Estonia, and back again!

In travelling from Berlin to Lithuania, we were on the cheaper arm of the coach-bus company called Simple Express but once we got to Latvia, we were switched to the more aptly-named Lux Express.

Lux Express.
Lux Express.

And was it luxury?

It was certainly different from any other coach bus company that I have either travelled with. And I’ve travelled with a lot LOL!

The seats were wider and bigger, there was a toilet on board and because there were fewer people, was fairly clean!

At the back of the bus was the even more luxurious V.I.P section. I had originally wanted to book that part of the coach-bus but it wasn’t to be as the reality is that most travellers would be at the front LOL! I nevertheless, had a peek. The V.I.P. section was curtained off for privacy just like a plane and there were one person seats rather than two. Each seat also had a small flat screen.

Bring your own blanket!
Bring your own blanket!

Even so, whichever part of the coach-bus you sat in was pretty awesome. We practically had the place to ourselves and could recline back quite well, there were night lights on the floor, individual screens on the seat with which you could watch films, comedy or TV series, listen to music, play games or go on-line. And this time the WiFi was fantastic, so if you had a smaller laptop rather than the huge one that I have, you could do as much work as you wanted!

The headphones were complimentary and there was also as much complimentary tea, coffee and hot chocolate as you liked. You just helped yourself as there was a huge drinks machine in the middle of the vehicle. And we did.

Very nice indeed!

The journey from Vilnius to Riga was only 4 hours and 15 minutes, so I watched part of “The Chronicles of Narnia” and a silly little film called “The Watch” although the  improvisation performed by Ben Stiller and Jonah Hill was brilliant!


Just me and my er...goat!
Just me and my er…goat!


Well, a little, but only because Riga is tiny. It was low season, the weather was wet and windy, and we all swarmed to the same place in order to have something to do however, the bars and restaurants had plenty of space. In fact, you only had to stand outside for a second when at least five (5) or six (6) various staff members would rush out to “help” you choose where to go!


We were only there for three (3) days but Riga definitely made an impression on me.

Unlike Lithuania, I didn’t find Latvia to be Eastern-European-like. Quite the contrary. At first glance, I found Riga utterly charming but then I haven’t lived there for five (5) years, unlike my crazy Irish friend Linda who became Latvia’s “most-wanted” on her utterly scathing but hilarious blog…

Riga is an Old Europe type of place very eager to welcome tourists and entertain you as every corner had some sort of bar, pub, or steak house! Having said that, they’re very easy to avoid if you’re not into that stream of entertainment, as every other place is of historical interest, art-inspired or a lovely cafe or restaurant. In fact Riga is stuffed with museums, art galleries, historical squares and places of worship!


It has really surprised me that in every Baltic State English is widely spoken however, if you speak Russian, you won’t be out-of-place. Having said that, a rather wonderful American-Russian blogger friend of mine was rather alarmingly, pretty much insulted, so watch out for that!


If things get too bad, you won't be able to live here 'cos it's peasant history!
If things get too bad, you won’t be able to live here ‘cos it’s peasant history!

I don’t think so. It might be a country from “the other” Eastern Europe but you’re definitely not going to be living in a cave!


There are plenty of hostels to be had.

I can’t give you any details but catering to the more budget conscious traveller is still fairly new and we even saw the very first Latvian hostel ever, and other moderately priced accommodation.


Hotel Justus in Riga, Latvia.

Hell yeah!

We stayed at a rather lovely four-star boutique hotel in the heart of the old town of Riga which I first saw on the website of a personal fitness trainer/sailor called Victor.

Our hotel was called Hotel Justus. Hotel Justus laid right within the architectural UNESCO protected area, was a Bishop’s residence in 1210, was part of a tavern in the 20th century and had just 48 rooms designed to embrace the architectural charm and historical delight of Riga. We were in the Family Suite which had two separate bedrooms and a joint bathroom.


It was nice to have the luxury of separate but joint bedrooms especially when you’re travelling and knick-knack is just thrown everywhere!

It was lovely just to have the space LOL!

Hotel Justus in Riga, Latvia.

Whenever we go on a family holiday, I like to mix things up a little in order to experience a wide variety of accommodation possibilities, to meet the locals, and to stretch our budget in a more comfortable way.

In Lithuania, I decided to book a small family Bed & Breakfast consisting of just seven (7) rooms, and located between the Old Town and a park. This B&B was called Vilnius Home Bed and Breakfast and we were in the Family Room. This time around, it was time for a little more comfort.

Our stay at Hotel Justus was an indulgence.

When you book a room on-line, you can never be entirely sure what you’re going to get and can only hold your breath and cross your fingers.

I didn’t know what to expect in Latvia and was surprised at what we received.

"The Tall Young Gentleman" enjoying his "space."
“The Tall Young Gentleman” enjoying his “space.”

Our Family Suite consisted of two separate bedrooms, a hallway, and an en-suite bathroom. The Master Bedroom had a double bed, two (2) rather nice fancy armchairs, a writing-table, a large antique wardrobe, a mini-bar and a large-screen TV and AC unit.

The second (2nd) bedroom had a chaise longue that could be converted into a single bed, a writing desk and chair, a large antique wardrobe, a large-screen TV and an AC unit. “The Tall Young Gentleman” was in his own private little world, loved it and was pretty ecstatic!

We had an en-suite bathroom that was very clean and fitted out with hair and body wash items body lotion, and plenty of fluffy towels as well as free WiFi and a generous buffet breakfast of both Baltic and Nordic origin.

Breakfast in Latvia!
Breakfast in Latvia!

For breakfast, we had delicious cold cuts, a variety of sea-food, vegetables, sauces, pickles and cream, scrambled egg, sausages and bacon. As well as a wide variety of cereal, fruit, bread, cake, pastries, tea, coffee and juices.

All this from €140.00 per night in the Family Suite which for three (3) people would be €47.00 a pop!



Gorgeous stuff!
Gorgeous stuff!

We only went for three (3) days so this was a sloooooow cultural family trip.

There is plenty to do in Riga. You can:

  • Go on a free walking tour. We went on Yellow Riga Free Tour.
  • Explore the urban history and architecture of Riga.
  • Take photographs of the Riga Castle.
  • Walk by the riverside and imagine living in the historic seat of power. It’s closed until 2016 but after that you’ll be able to take as many panoramic pictures as you want.
  • Check out some of the lovely churches and places of worship which are just bursting to be visited.
  • Go to the lovely Museum Riga Art Nouveau Museum and Centre.
  • Glide into the National Opera.
  • Wander around the Freedom Monument.

Down the side-streets in Riga, Latvia.

  • Stroll freely through the side streets.
  • Go to the oldest public museum in Latvia  – the Museum of the History of Riga and Navigation.
  • Visit the Latvian National Museum of Art.
  • Take in all of the Art Nouveau.
  • Pay your respects in the Jewish Quarter.
  • Go people-watching inside the Zeppellin hangars of the Latvian Central Market.
  • Merely ramble along the cobbled historical streets.
  • Check out the various cafes, bars and restaurants for a quick bite and a few rounds of Latvian beer and vodka!
  • Go shopping.


Riga is pretty small so that everywhere is walkable.

Taxis are cheap. A taxi from our hotel to the international coach-bus station cost a marvellous €5.00!

Full of joy & relief!
Full of joy & relief!


If you’re flying with a budget airline, be prepared for delays.

My husband was only on the trip for a week and would rather eat his own hat than travel back to Berlin by road.

On his lonesome.

He decided to fly back to Berlin with airBaltic!

It was an ordeal!

His plane had left Riga and then due to technical difficulties had to turn around and fly right back again!

Bearing in mind the horrible accident that took place a few weeks prior, I was obviously a little nervous and for the first time in my life – anxious and was all over Facebook and Twitter trying to get the latest flight updates. Thankfully, all went well and he arrived home safe and sound.


Photo@ Graham

I really liked Riga.

It’s lovely. It’s old. It’s got history, Art and culture, and looks absolutely gorgeous. It’s not as cheap as Lithuania, but is certainly reasonably priced.

If you’re looking for the next best European city that’s safe, quiet, and away from the tourist throngs, you’ve found it.



I intend to do just that and can’t wait to visit again.

Let’s do it!

Photo@ Avisionn Photo

For more information about coach-bus travel to Riga, please contact: Lux Express.

For more information about a four-star boutique hotel, please contact: Hotel Justus.

For more information about an independent free walking tour, please contact: Yellow Riga Free Tour.

This article is part-sponsored by Lux Express and we get a little discount on the hotel, but all opinions and the wonderful art-deco architecture that I was fascinated by, are my very own!

I have so much to share with you.

Stay tuned!

Next week, I’ll be writing about the wonderful Latvian food and drink. Yummy!

After that, there will be posts on what we did in Tallinn, Estonia with the help of the Tallinn Card, what the view was like on the ferry crossing from Estonia to Finland with TALLINK SLJA LINE and what we thought about Helsinki in Finland!

I’ll be going to TBEX Europe (Travel Bloggers Exchange) an International Networking Conference, for the first time! It’ll be taking place in Costa Brava, Catalunya, Spain from 30.04.15 – 02.05.15.

Strictly Stand Up English Comedy Night will be taking place at the Quatsch Comedy Club on 29.04.15.

Eddie Izzard will be back in Germany and will be front-lining a killer international night of comedy at the Admirals Palast on 08.05.15.

The Berlin Music Video Awards will be taking place from May 27.05.15 – 30.05.15. Anybody can apply!

The Berlin Fashion Film Festival will be taking place on 05.06.15.

I’ll be there. Will you?

As usual, you can also follow me via daily tweets and pictures on Twitter & FB!

If you’re not in Berlin right now, then come meet me in Spain!

April is going to be bright and sunny.

Watch this space!

Art Nouveau in Riga.
Art Nouveau in Riga.

Have you ever been to Latvia? Do you think Riga is gorgeous or all hype? Is Latvia in Eastern Europe?

See you in Berlin.

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101 Comments on “Gosh! Riga in Latvia is gorgeous: 10 reasons to go there right now!

    • Thanks Victor! I absolutely loved it. It was amazing and so was the lovely Hotel Justus. We all can’t wait to visit again. It must be even more gorgeous in the summer LOL!

    • Awww. Thanks so much Phil. You’re making me blush! I’m the new Rihanna “under my umbrella ‘brella ‘brella ‘ay’ay ‘ay!” Seriously though, Riga was aaaaaaamazing. I totally loved everything about it and as you can see on pretty much everywhere on my blog “old” architecture is featured. ‘Love it!

  1. Glad you had a great time! I second 9 out of your 10 reasons to go – unfortunately I cannot vouch for the sausage because I never had it while there, but if a Berliner says it’s good, then I will certainly take your word for it.

      • Oh I didn’t go! My daughter was down with chicken pox the week I was to go, so postponed!

      • Oh so sorry to hear! I remember you saying that your little girl was unwell but I hadn’t realized that it was, at that particular time. I know how that feels, I was quite ill myself & sadly, I wasn’t allowed to ski! Next year perhaps?

  2. It looks like such a lovely place! The bus looks nice too, and reasonable. Glad you had fun. Cold cuts for breakfast just doesn’t do it for me though. They do that over here too. I much prefer croissants and orange juice.

    • Thank you kemkem! It was a very lovely place indeed. 🙂 The Music Producer was relieved as he’s always a little nervous when travelling to the East LOL! Oh, there was a merry assortment of food delights. My plate was piled up with everything, and they had a hot container for fried eggs, sausages, and bacon. As well as the typical French Continental Fare. But I gotta tell ya, the thing that really got my salivating was the seafood. They had all sorts of fish, and I ate them all! More next week. 🙂

  3. Riga sure looks gorgeous! The pictures you took are fantastic! I had never really thought of spending time in any of the Baltic countries until about a year ago… I really want to see them even more now!

    • Thanks so much Jenny! I couldn’t believe how lovely Riga was. It was very impressive! Yes! Yes! Yes! Do spend some time in the Baltics when next you’re in Europe. You’ll love it. 🙂

  4. I’ve been to Riga only once, about 10 years ago, and it sounds like it’s changed a lot since then! I was there for a weekend with my ex who wasn’t into travelling and we just didn’t find much to get excited about (apart from the covered food market… I ALWAYS get excited about those!) – plus it was filled with drunk stag parties! I have a feeling it may have been during Riga’s time as a prime Ryanair destination 😉 But what you’ve described sounds gorgeous, so perhaps I should give it another chance!

    • Absolutely Christie! A city always deserves a 2nd chance LOL! I had heard about the stag party phenomenum but we only saw a single bunch of guys on a peddling beer bike but they were so out of place, that they looked like complete tossers! I think that’s over. At least, in the low season, it was completely and utterly quiet. p.s. The food market was amaaaaaaazing!

  5. it’s so nice to read so fantastic article about my country and city!!! Thank You!!!

  6. Thank you for such a lovely description of my hometown! I’ve been away for a little over two years now, but every time I go back, it just seems nicer and nicer – everything seems so pretty to me, the food tastes so delicious, and – everything seems so cheap! Money-wise. Plus, I do love our artists and entrepreneurs more and more for their creativity with their small businesses and the little adorable accents they add to the city.
    It’s great to know it’s not just my own local patriotism speaking, but that a person from outside can find it as enjoyable as I can. I’m guessing you had a good tour-guide as well who took you to the right places. Whenever I travel, I always like to have a local person who knows their way around.
    Thanks again. I hope Riga has many more guests like you. Plus – for those more curious – it’s not just Riga. There’s plenty of medieval, pre-medieval, classicism and baroque, plus nature things to see outside of Riga!
    Also, I have to say I feel bad for the experience your blogger-friend had. That is, however, a completely different topic. I might leave a comment with her. Thanks for sharing the link 😉

    • You’re very welcome Elīza! I’m glad that you liked it. Riga was pretty and very impressive. This was my first time to go to the Baltic Region and Riga didn’t disappoint at all LOL!
      Yep! We went on a walking tour with a local initiative called “Yellow Riga Free Tour.” Our guide was amaaaaaazing and a real advocate for urban architecture. And he was soooo funny! I hope to go back to Latvia again and hopefully, I’ll be able to explore other parts of your beautiful country. p.s. Stay tuned for my write-up about Latvian food next week. 🙂

      • Very much looking forward to that! I’ve been telling all my international friends how modern the so called “traditional” and “local” Latvian cuisine has become. I keep telling them, Riga can now just as well be a decent food experience!

      • Me too Elīza! I very much like writing about the local food culture as it’s always such a surprise, and far nicer than people generally think. It can be daunting to try unfamiliar food but I tend to describe the ingredients as much as I can, and as much as I can remember LOL! 🙂

  7. I’m from Cesis, Latvia, but for the past 4 years I’ve been mostly living in Riga, and it’s amazing to see that you loved visiting it! I recommend you visit Riga again when it’s summer and in winter around Christmas. When Riga is covered in snow, you have a fairytale-like feeling – all those Christmas lights, decorations ans music in the old part of the town – it is like a winter wonderland, honestly! Also you should visit this restaurant called Rozengrals ( ). It is an authentic medieval restaurant located in the heart of Riga. It is a quite expensive place if you want to have a dinner there, but you can take one of the desserts, which have a reasonable price, and sit there for a while and enjoy the medieval atmosphere around you. I was truly amazed the first time I was there and it really felt like I had traveled back in time. I hope you’ll get a chance to visit Latvia again! 🙂

    • Thank you so much Elīna! I loved it even though it was in the low season and yes, I would love to visit your city in the summer and in the deep winter. The real winter LOL! And OMG! The Rozengrals looks so cool. Just the type of place that I like. It looks like so much fun and the prices are very reasonable. I will definitely be back! 🙂

  8. Thank for wonderful article! I’m from Riga and I always believed that I live in the most beautiful city in the whole world 🙂 By the way, here is another option for free Riga walking tours and plenty of other tours Wonderful local guides and creative tours discovering the best that Riga and Latvia can offer. You should try them the next time you are there 🙂

    • You’re very welcome Liga! I don’t doubt you that Riga is one of the prettiest cities in Europe. At least, it was for me! I will try my best to check out a few more walking tours when I return! Thanks for letting me know. 🙂

      • Locals really love their country and they seem to offer a lot of different Latvia tour packages for foreigners! I was very happy with these and would suggest them to everyone so take a look if you come to Latvia again and choose the most interesting for you! 🙂

      • Thanks for making comment Rugile. Latvia is a wonderful country but so small that you don’t really need a tour package to take you around. Good luck though!

    • Thank you Matīss! I’m actually going to be in Barcelona for a bloggers conference (TBEX) for the weekend so we’ll just have to see how “small” Barcelona has become. It’s been a few years LOL!

  9. We visited for about a month in the process of an international adoption. It was very nice. But what, no comments on the chocolate??? Architecture was amazing and I have many of the same pictures. My wife had to go back in the summer (we went in Nov) and she said it was even more beautiful than when we were there. I also have an Italian friend in NYC who said it is one of the prettiest cities in Europe. Thanks for helping to put it on the map.

    • Thanks very much Doug!
      I had no idea that you could adopt in Latvia however, Riga would have been a lovely respite from all the rigorous paperwork. And yes, the urban architecture was just a dream. I’m not surprised that it got better in the summer. I only went at the end of winter and Riga knocked me back for six! I absolutely loved it. 🙂
      p.s. I don’t like chocolate!

  10. And oddly enough, there was an American barbecue place there (Charleton’s) that was among the best I’ve ever had! Also Rundale Castle, about an hours drive south was pretty amazing.

    • Believe it Doug! There were loads of steak houses. I’m not a huge beef eater but for the guys, you’d be onto a good thing here I’d say! 🙂

  11. Thank you for this quote:
    “the Baltic Region of Northern Europe.”
    Someone got it right at last. 🙂

    I do understand, why people sometimes group the Baltics in Eastern Europe, as in, everything east of ‘the wall’ is Eastern Europe. But geographically we’re more ‘north’ than Denmark and more ‘west’ than Finland… Moreover, it was not exactly our decision to ‘be’ in the Soviet Union in the first place, so grouping us into Eastern Europe often brings out negative collective memories.

    Thanks for the nice article 🙂

    • Thank you Janis! I’m honoured that you think so, as I like to strive to do as much research as I can. 🙂 It’s a controversial issue and of course, most people understand the politics. At least I do. I studied it!

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  13. Wait, when were you in Riga? How did I miss this?? Would have loved to meet up for a coffee! So glad you enjoyed your visit, though. You got some great shots!

    • Me too Heather but without the coffee of course LOL! Honestly, I think it was about the time that you went to either Belgium or Paris. In fact, I got back just three weeks ago! I would love to meet you too and we so had a great time. It was pretty short though at just 3 days but all the more reason to come back.
      p.s. Thanks for your lovely comments. I’m blushing!

      • I was away quite a bit this winter/spring. Hopefully our paths will cross either on your return trip or on my trip to Berlin (probably next year)!

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  24. OK you convinced me. I’m doing Riga!!! (…and Budapest, Prague, Wroclaw, Warsaw and Tallinn lol)

    Thank you Victoria! 😀

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  32. Honestly, it’s actually not that small. It would be quite an ordeal to walk end-to-end (it’d be some 30-40 km, which is painful on the feet.)

    However, you didn’t miss much as most of that is the Soviet apartment blocks and there’s little to see. The one thing that could be worthwhile is the nearby side over the river (Pārdaugava, for “over-the-Daugava”) opposite the old town – there might be some gems there as well.

    No point in venturing out to Pļavnieki, Purvciems, Ziepniekkalns, or other suburbs like it – they’re mostly quite depressing Soviet block houses, mixed with parks and woods, though 25 years after the USSR they’re somewhat recovered, less depressing, more appealing but still suburbs.

    • Thanks very much mp!
      I’m a bit of a walker. I’ve been known to walk 12kms just “walking down the beach” and ending up in a completely different town all together. This was in Poland lol! I don’t think I would mind the walk in the least however, for a European capital city, it’s quaint.
      I did see the Soviet apartment blocks and believe you me, I’ve seen worse! Having said that, I believe in architecture telling the story of the history and fibre of a people, through time. And Riga does that completely! 🙂

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    • Thanks so much GlobalGrasshopper!
      I’m so glad that you had a great time in Riga. So did we. The city is amazing! I can’t wait to visit again soon! 🙂

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