Month: March 2015

I’m really going to Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia & Finland, so don’t look at me like that. I’m not mad!

That time is soon approaching when I will be on the road again. It’s so exciting! You know, thinking about where to go on the map, planning it and then checking it’s still possible the way you thought it was. Of course, it’s possible…


The British Shorts Film Festival might not be a Ridley Scott film, although actually it was!

I’m really excited about my forth-coming trip to the Baltic Region and you’ll be the first to hear all about it LOL! Right now, I would like to focus on some British stuff. Living in Berlin as an expat  and as The British Berliner,…

I’m going to the Baltic Region. You know, the “other” Eastern Europe!

So last week, I wrote a bit of a controversial post about what it is to be a blogger. Any regrets? Absolutely, none at all! I like pushing buttons and gong to places unknown, which leads me to the next question? What is this…

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