It’s bizarre. It’s quirky. It’s THE WYLD!

At Queen Nefertiti's Party!
At Queen Nefertiti’s Party!

I’m back in Berlin! And let me tell you, Berlin in January has been amazing. Just amaaaaaaaazing! I mean, Berlin Fashion Week just ended last night, so you’ll get to read all about it in February or on Twitter and Facebook!

Last week, I started my 2015 initiation to the fabulousness that is Berlin by going to Friedrichstadt-Palast to watch the glamour and suspense that is THE WYLD! Now, I’ve spoken about the Friedrichstadt-Palast before, because this venue is the Las Vegas of Berlin, and the place that I saw the extravagant summer performance of SHOW ME. It was amazing then, and they outshone themselves even more, this time around!

But first…..


The Friedrichstadt-Palast, Berlin.
Photo@ Götz Schleser.

The Friedrichstadt-Palast is a unique theatre venue dating right back from 1919 and a major contribution to the distinctive cultural image of the jazz years in Berlin, during the roaring twenties, and the early swinging thirties. The golden twenties resulted in the wonderful artistic spread of revues, cabarets, dancing halls, and variety shows, before that world, and everything in it, was destroyed by Hitler in 1933.

The Roaring Twenties (1939). Directed by Raoul Walsh
The Roaring Twenties (1939). Directed by Raoul Walsh

Today, Friedrichstadt-Palast is at the heart of the former East Berlin known as “Mitte.” Mitte is now known as the East End and the Broadway area of Berlin. It’s also part of Berlin’s hip nightlife quarter so if you’re looking for the theatre land of Berlin, all you have to do is walk.

Stretching from the Friederick William, (Elector of Brandenburg and Duke of Prussia) boulevard of “Unter den Linden,” to the so-hip-it-hurts quarter of “Hackerscher Markt;” Mitte is the district with the highest concentration of theatres in Germany!

THE WYLD, Friedrichstadt-Palast in Berlin.WHAT IS THE WYLD?

THE WYLD is the latest production show of the Friedrichstadt-Palast with the largest budget in it’s 95 years of existence, and on the world’s biggest theatre stage! It is the wilderness of the metropolis. The modern. The archaic. The bizarre, and the futuristic. THE WYLD combines exceptional character and talent with strange, and extraordinary images.  In fact, a place just like our very own city – Berlin!

You’ve got to be here to believe it.

With a staff of 162, 10 choreographers, 60 dancers forming the world’s largest show ballet company, and for the first time, a budget over €10,000,000 (ten million Euros), THE WYLD is the MOST expensive show production outside of Las Vegas!

But I mean, how amazingly wow!

THE WYLD at Friedrichstadt-Palast, Berlin.WHAT DOES THE SHOW’S NAME MEAN?

THE WYLD represents the city of Berlin. A creative city free in it’s creation, intensity, and energy. Berlin has a joie de vivre that is felt and brought together on stage through a powerful show.

From the madness of the roaring twenties (20’s), to the flamboyant city of today, THE WYLD pays homage to the real freedom of creation, the emotion, and feelings of a sometimes funny, but immense city.

Le Kick c'est chick!
Le Kick c’est chick!

Imagine a throwback of the 1900’s to 2015?

Imagine experiencing the highs and the lows of the end of Germany’s Imperial Period, the Weimar Republic, Hitler’s Reign of Terror, the confusion of the Berlin Wall, and the joy of the Reunification of Germany?

The Urban Tribe.
The Urban Tribe.

Imagine the urban jungle that is Berlin today?

Imagine the Berlin spirit of edgy, “out-there” craziness, and loving it anyway?

Imagine one of the most vibrant cities in the world?

Imagine the artistic creation of the star French designer – Thierry Mugler?

Imagine an art form of audacious staging, and extravagant choreography?


Imagine a performance that combines a blend of ballet, with the art of a circus?

Imagine the beauty of an individual lover, and the provocation of a group orgy?

Imagine the Hollywood star Cate Blanchett shooting scenes from THE WYLD and taking part in some of the performances. I mean, if Cate Blanchett was in it, I wanna see what all the noise is about too LOL!

Cate Blanchett and the Aliens!
Cate Blanchett and the Aliens!

Imagine the gossip, and bitchiness of ballet school?

Imagine a bevy of strange alien movement, and performance?

Imagine a gay parade of drag queens, head feathers, and enormously long legs, and platform shoes?

Imagine a performance on the greatest stage in the world!!!

Drag Queen.
Drag Queen.

Imagine showgirls on the stage floor with sequins and glitter, golden bikinis, and long legs?

Imagine flying performers, an underwater seduction of glamour girls at a night out in Berlin, and an all-blond Ukrainian performance of muscle, discipline and acrobatic art?

Imagine a stage filled with over-enthusiastic puppies and cute poodles?

Imagine the aristocratic beauty of an Egyptian Queen?

Imagine a big budget, more sensation, more glamour, more glitter, and more flamboyant costumes than ever before?

All that is THE WYLD.

I mean, THE WYLD was exciting!

Very cute poodles.
Very cute poodles.

How could you know that:

  • Not only is Manfred Thierry Mugler, a director, designer, photographer and perfume maker, but also before his time as a controversial Haute Couture designer, he used to be a ballet dancer!
  • It took 14 trucks to deliver all the stage parts needed for THE WYLD.
  • There are seven (7) poodles at every performance…!
  • The collection of sixty dancers (60) come from twenty-eight (28) individual countries.
  • Brian Friedman, one of the top choreographers of THE WYLD, was also a jury member for the British “X Factor” and is now a producer for the US casting show, “America’s Got Talent.”
  • And the make-up department got through 50 hairpins and clips for each dancer, as well as 400 bottles of hairspray & gel spray, 60 tubes of hair gel, 30 brushes, 150 hair nets, and 70 tubes of eyelash glue!
Aliens Landing.
Aliens Landing.


Hardly at all!

The show is excellent for an international audience, as both German and English are spoken, and all you need to do is sit back, look, and enjoy the show, as it’s an amazing feast for the eyes!


I loved it and I loved it! Anything that shows the wonderful side of that unique Berlin lifestyle, gets my vote. An extraordinary success!

THE WYLD is a family-friendly (12+), glamour production.

If you love lavish entertainment, music, dance, and cabaret, in the wonderful setting of Germany’s capital city – Berlin, then Friedrichstadt-Palast is an excellent location. Going to THE WYLD is a performance worth experiencing of an evening, while you are here.

Because you can:

• Be extremely close to (depending on your ticket), a lavish show production as the seating is very good.
• Be dazzled for a night by all the seductive stage performers.
• Imagine that the singers are looking and singing, just for you.
• Come early and wander around the largest theatre stage in the world.
• Be a part of history and imagine yourself back in the roaring twenties, or present day Berlin.

A thousand Egyptian hands!
A thousand Egyptian hands!

THE WYLD runs until mid-2016 but seats sell out quickly, so get your tickets soon!

Tickets for THE WYLD in Berlin are from €16.90 for adults and reduced for children and students. Tickets can be bought online here.

Approximate running time: 2 hours 30 minutes, including a 25 minute interval.

The recommended minimum age is at least 12 years old as there are a few mildly erotic items that might get young children asking too many uncomfortable questions, and older audience members, out of their seats!

Drinks are reasonably priced with beers being from €4.00, glasses of wine from €7.00, and cocktails from €8.00.

For more information about the show please contact: THE WYLD.
For more information about the venue please contact: Friedrichstadt-Palast Berlin.

All photos by Robert Grischek and Bernhard Musil.

Queen Nefertiti of Egypt.
Queen Nefertiti of Egypt.

This article is not sponsored and even though I received a complimentary ticket, all opinions and the delicious German lemon beer that I delightfully drank, are my very own!

I have so much to share with you.

Next week, I will be travelling to the Czech Republic and also sharing with you what it’s like to be a part of Berlin Fashion Week!

On January 29th, I will be at the Wintergarten Varieté where illusion replaces reality – for their latest production THE MAGICAL MYSTERY SHOW otherwise known as “The Show of the Magician.

In the first week of February , I’ll be skiing in the Czech Republic and I’ll be telling you about it on Twitter & FB!

The 65th Berlin International Film Festival – The Berlinale – will be taking place from 05.02.15 – 15.02.15.

Strictly Stand Up – The English Comedy Night is going to take place on 25.02.15 at the Quatsch Comedy Club in Berlin.

I’ll be participating in the pre-ITB Travel Massive event on 03.03.15. If you’re a blogger or just fancy a knees-up, come meet us. It’s going to be so much fun!

The actual International Travel Trade Fair – ITB – will be taking place from 04.03.15 – 08.03. 15.

If you’re not in Berlin in February, why not?!

February is going to be packed full of juicy things to do, and places to go!

Watch this space!

The Aliens have Arrived!
The Aliens have Arrived!

Have you ever seen an alien? Do you think Berlin could be the new Vegas, or one better?

See you in Berlin.

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40 Comments on “It’s bizarre. It’s quirky. It’s THE WYLD!

  1. beautiful! Twice a year, Berlin Fashion Week turns the city into an international platform for fashion!

  2. This reminds me a lot of cirque de soliel (I am pretty sure that I spelled that wrong :-/) show. I know I would absolutely love this show! That is the only drawback of living in Phuket is the complete lack of shows like this and live music (besides cover bands).

    • Thank you my dear. You were so close writing about Cirque du Soleil but you’re totally forgiven LOL! You would love this show as it’s a brilliant introduction of what Berlin is all about. I almost had tears in my eyes. I was like “yes, I’ve been to that place” and “yes, I know those types of people!”

  3. Sure does look wild and wyld :-). I think l would like this show. Drag queens in anything make it better!!!

    • You would love it kemkem! Very out there. Very drag queen. Very us LOL! It’s on ’till 2016 so the next time you’re in Berlin, you’ve gotta see it. 🙂

    • Thank you Amy! The poodles were sooooo cute! At first, I thought oh no, dog tricks, but then the poodles all came on one by one and seemed delighted to be running around and having treats. One poodle in particular was yapping away and trying to have as much fun as possible. They were a delight!

  4. This show looks amazing! I love things like Cirque du Soleil and the outfits, colors, and atheticism looks so familiar. Great pics! I hope this one days comes to the States!

    • Thanks Phil! I hope so too. I know how big a fan you are. It’s a great show. When you come to Europe, make sure you see it. It’s on until mid-2016!

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  6. Wow! That is a show I’d love to have seen myself, it looks amazing! Victoria you make me miss Berlin even more 🙁

    • Thank you so much Franca! I’m glad that you like my post. The show really was amazing but Berlin isn’t far. As long as you’re still in Europe! Where are you heading to next?

  7. Oh my!! So Cooky and cool!! As usual your pics are amazing and your commentary funny! I hope to make it to Berlin to hang out with you! I love all types of theater!

    • Thank you Sophie! I was hoping for a British sense of humour when writing LOL! Oh yes, please. Do come and visit & when you do, give me a shout. I’ll even show you around…!

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