How I went to 10 incredible countries, and climbed a volcano in 2014. If I can do it, so can you!

Parts of the British flag. My flag!
Parts of the British flag. My flag!

Wow! 2014 was an incredible year and right now, I’m in Holland. Amsterdam baby! I’ll give you all the details next week!!

But first, let’s take a walk down memory lane of all the countries that I went to last year, and what I did. According to my WordPress annual report, over 16,000 people have read my blog in the last year. 16,000 people!! To think I only started this blog a little over a year ago. Isn’t that marvellous?

Thank you all so much! Source:
Thank you all so much!

Thank you so much for reading, making comment, and sticking with me. I love you all!

So let’s start with the country of my birth (England), and end with my new home-country (Germany). Here we go. Choose your poison….!


  • England
  • Scotland
  • Germany
  • Poland
  • France
  • Belgium
  • Qatar
  • Thailand
  • Indonesia
  • South Korea
Afternoon Tea.
Afternoon Tea.


Small talk and playing the bagpipes at the Highland Games.
Small talk and playing the bagpipes at the Highland Games.


Catching a fish on the Polish Baltic Sea.
Catching a fish on the Polish Baltic Sea.


For many people, Poland is an unknown country somewhere in an obscure part of Eastern Europe. If you do want to venture there, not to worry as I’ve got tips to help you plan your way. Read on:

Have you ever seen such a fantastic creme brulee? So creamy, so delicious, so....!
Have you ever seen such a fantastic creme brulee? So creamy, so delicious, so….!


In 2014, I went on my first ever press trip. My destination? France and Belgium. And how was it? It was marvellous. I was initially a little worried as to how it would be, but it was great. The region was historically interesting, the food was lovely, and the French Tourist Authority were enormously well organised. Here are the details if you’re anywhere near the UK, France, Belgium, Holland, and Germany:

Insects on food! Photo@
Insects on food!


My third (3) most popular and definitely, most exotic post was that of our customised walking tour in Bangkok. This was my third (3rd) time in Bangkok, but it was the first time for my husband and my son, so a tour felt the right thing to do.

Oh dear! What to do!
Oh dear! What to do!


Indonesia is one of those places that seem to be so far away, being that the nearest country is Australia, n’all! It’s an exotic country packed with numerous islands, and one of the islands that we went to, was the island of Bali.

Korean art and craft.
Korean art and craft.


Now going to Korea wasn’t actually planned, as we were due for a luxury 5-star visit to Qatar, but who am I to turn down a new country!

Lower Saxony or Saxon-Anhalt.
Lower Saxony or Saxon-Anhalt.


He's fabulous!
He’s fabulous!


Oh yeaaaah! Berlin baby! I’ve been living here as an expat for 15 years. I know Berlin that’s why I am The British Berliner! So without further delay, here are the lovely posts that I wrote just for you:

"The Tall Young Gentleman" being very pleased with himself!
“The Tall Young Gentleman” being very pleased with himself!
and then We Were Three.
and then We Were Three.


Myself with Naren, the ultimate prize winner, at the Berlin Music Video Awards.
Myself with Naren, the ultimate prize winner, at the Berlin Music Video Awards.


Heart-shaped Coeur d'Arras cheese in Nord-Pas de Calais.
Heart-shaped Coeur d’Arras cheese in Nord-Pas de Calais.


Keep calm and panic!
Keep calm and panic!


63 fantastic posts! Thank you so much for your support everyone. 2014 was a brilliant year. Here’s to the next. Bottoms up!

Looking lovely in the summer at a festival!
Looking lovely in the summer at a festival!

This article is not sponsored and all opinions are my very own!

I have so much to share with you so next week I will be sharing some of my travel destinations for 2015 with you and you can read what happened to me on my solo weekend in Amsterdam…!

It”s a New Year. Hip! Hip! Hurrah!

More National Theatre Live productions are coming up and can be seen at the Cinestar Berlin – Original such as:

On January 15th, I will be watching the new Grand Show at the Friedrichstadt-Palast: THE WYLD.

The “British Shorts” Short Film Festival will take place between January 15th and January 19th. You can find more info about it on facebook or on their website.

On January 29th, I will be at the Wintergarten Varieté where illusion replaces reality – for their latest production THE MAGICAL MYSTERY SHOW otherwise known as “The Show of the Magician.

If you’re a blogger and you’re in town, then come and meet us at the Berlin Travel Massive January MeetUp on January 21st.

Berlin Fashion Week is coming up and will take place between January 19th and January 23rd, 2015. Save the Date!

If you’re not in Berlin in January, then where the hell are you?

January is going to be splendid!

Watch this space!

Waving the flag of Britishness!
Waving the flag of Britishness!

Where did you travel to last year? Any achievements that you would like to share?

See you in Berlin.

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36 Comments on “How I went to 10 incredible countries, and climbed a volcano in 2014. If I can do it, so can you!

  1. Incredible post – thank you for sharing your adventure – I am sure you have enjoyed your experience – I visited all these countries which has a different culture and rich of history!

    • Thank you Kmihran! I had a wonderful year. Thank you for reading and making comment as most of the time I get feedback from you first. Thank You. 🙂
      I’m so pleased that I managed to visit as many countries as I did, even with a full time corporate job!It’s what this ownderful world and life, is all about. 🙂

    • Thank you Sarah! I really appreciate the comments. Feel free to check out as much as you like. Adventures galore LOL. Have a great 2015 toooooo!

  2. A jam packed 2014! Here’s to another great one for 2015. Great round up! Loved reading them.

  3. This is so cool! You did so much in 2014! I love how much you traveled and everything you saw this year. I didn’t manage any international travel and completely missed it so I’m hoping I can travel more in 2015.

    • Thank you so much Fig! It wasn’t easy, I’ll tell ya but I hope you’ll be able to do some international travel yourself this year. 🙂 Any idea where you might want to go?

    • Thank you Chanel! Oh, Berlin is soooo much more than people think. It’s not London, but the city is making waves. In fact, we have two fashion seasons every year and most are hosted by Mercedes Benz hence, the free chaffeur service that I indulged in LOL!

  4. I am so jealous of all of your travels! I just discovered your blog and can’t wait to read more. The Poland post with the contrarian title already has me intrigued.

    • Thank you so much Anne! I’m glad that you like the Poland post. ‘Lovely to have you here. 🙂 It’s one of my favourite countries. Which part did you find most intriguing? Have you been to Poland yourself?

  5. Of the 10 countries you’ve visited this year alone, I’ve only been to half! Need to explore more of SE Asia, it’s just so far from me =)

    Love, love, love that top photo of you, you beautiful girl! It’s fun reading all these past posts you’ve linked to. Cheers to an even better 2015!

    • Thank you so much Kristin. That’s awfully sweet! I love your comment about my top photo. My husband thought it would be “too much,” but I thought it would do just right!
      Oh do go to Asia when you can. I know that you don’t really like going too far afield anymore, but it’s well worth it when you do. We have the same situation, so we go to “exotic” destinations every 3 years, and European/British/ Mediterranean in-between. Plenty to do LOL! We’re hoping to go to the US again in 2016. 🙂 Bottoms up to 2015! Clink!!

  6. And I thought I traveled a lot in 2014:) Btw. I completely missed that you went to Korea! Off to read that post ASAP.

    • Mitzie Mee it’s a lovely surprise to read that we all did a lot of travelling in 2014. I was surprised at how much I did too. I certainly didn’t plan it. Some parts of course. Others were complete surprises like France, Belgium and Korea LOL! ‘Hope you like my korea post anyway. I would looooove to go again with a lot more time. 🙂 🙂

  7. This is an insanely accomplished list. How in the world do you do all of this, raise a family, have a corporate job, go to blogger conferences… It evades me. And you’re so timely about blogging too! I am running on average 3 months late on my travel recaps >.<
    Here's to an even more successful 2015!
    PS – could have done without the bug sushi photo. Uuuuugh.

    • Thank you so much Anna! Sometimes, I haven’t a clue how I did it myself LOL! But really, it’s all on the focused goal and a realistic notion. From the very beginning, I thought about what type of blog I wanted it to be (lifestyle & travel), and how I wanted to blog (once a week), and meaty. No 100 words for me. I tend to write between 1,000 and 2,000 words per post, with loads of photographs so that you don’t notice LOL!
      Here’s to a more successful 2015 – Cheeeeeeers!
      P.S. But everyone likes sushi…..! 🙂 🙂

  8. WOW!!!! What a Year!! You accomplished so much-blogging, traveling and best of all experiences and memories with your family that will last a lifetime. Your pics are so beautiful as well. I am glad I met you and your blog and look forward to your posts this year!

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