How to go to Bangkok on the superior cheap, and take the family with you!

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A beautiful temple in Thailand so, where are you?
A beautiful temple in Thailand so, where are you?

Last week, I wrote that I couldn’t join in the Commonwealth Games because I had other plans…!

OK guys. Surrrrrprise!

We went to Bangkok.

And Chiang Mai.

And Bali.

I’m sorry, but we also spent a night in Doha, Qatar.

For free!

Yep! Yep! Yep!!

But how did this happen, you might ask? She didn’t even mention it!

A lovely blue tuk-tuk in a residential area in Bangkok.
A lovely blue tuk-tuk in a residential area in Bangkok.

Well, if you have been reading my blog you would know that I would be going to Asia for some part of the summer, I just didn’t say when. You know. Insurance n’ all that. And as much as it was a surprise for you, it was also a surprise for The Music Producer, and “The Tall Young Gentleman,” as they had never been to Asia before.


Oh, but I lie. They’ve been to Turkey of course, but it’s not the same. I mean the Asian subcontinent.

Green coffee beans. lots of green coffee beans. And poo!
Green coffee beans. lots of green coffee beans. And poo!

They both loved it and had a fantastic time.

We didn’t get scammed.

Well, just on the last day.

We didn’t get robbed.

Well, except for the price of wine. Daylight robbery!

We didn’t have Delhi Belly except that I had Bangkok Belly on the second (2nd) day, and Bali Belly, on the last day, oh, and The Music Producer became ill. More about that in a later post……!

Bangkok - a complicated, tangled city!
Bangkok – a complicated, tangled city!

Considering that we were on the other side of the world, we had hardly any trouble at all because:

  1. This trip was organised by a more experienced person – ME!
  2. I put in a lot of time in order to maximise and enhance the Asian experience.
  3. They went in with pure open minds.
  4. They weren’t afraid to ask questions.
  5. They tried to taste everything. At least once!

Now don’t get me wrong. My family travel, but they are not like me. And that’s OK.

The Asian lifestyle with a Buddhist monk in Bangkok! Can you see what's different?
The Asian lifestyle with a Buddhist monk in Bangkok! Can you see what’s different?

I’ve been to Asia many times, practically most of Western Europe (except for Greece), parts of North Africa, West Africa, and South Africa, the USA, one (1) Caribbean island, and I used to live in Eastern Europe.

By the time our son was 5 years old, he had already been to twenty-three (23) countries. None of them in Asia. Then international school beckoned which meant running around with skiing, music, theatre, martial arts, Boy Scouts, a stint of modelling, and so many life changes.

Stability was going to France or Scotland! My husband preferred Italy and the opera, but I have a great husband, and whenever I needed to “take off,” I would go to Asia. So every couple of years, with the help of the German grandparents, I would go on a solo adventure to satisfy my soul. This time, I decided to take my family with me.

Taking the family with me to Bangkok, in Thailand!
Taking the family with me to Bangkok, in Thailand!

It. Was. Time.

Time to share why I love Asia so much.

At first, I thought, let’s go to India. That’ll be exciting!! Yeah, but that’s also selfish since I wanted to go to India.


So I back-tracked and decided to think of my boys, instead of myself. Yes, I can be selfish. And yes, I had the opportunity to open their eyes to the world of colours, tastes, smells, and unpredictability.

Oh, I forgot to tell you. My husband otherwise known as The Music Producer, is German, and he isn’t 25 years old anymore.

I love my husband and want him to have a good time and be comfortable doing so, so I decided to choose the middle road.

A loving husband, in Thailand!
A loving husband, in Thailand!


I’ve slept in a mixed hostel in Prague for $3.00 per night, a hostel on the Isle of Skye for $21.00 per night. I’ve slept in a “deluxe” hotel in Delhi for $19.00 per night, and a hotel in Africa for $6.00 per night. Hell, I’ve even slept in a casino ‘cos all the hostels were booked up on the 30th of December….!

I know the meaning of cheap.

But I didn’t want to do cheap. I also didn’t want to do exquisite luxury as this was a family holiday, and not a couples romantic weekend, where I’m willing to pay much, much, more, for that extra splurge. Say hello Milan, London, and New York!!

So the idea of what I coin “the superior cheap,” came into play.

Our last night in Bangkok, hotel - The 5 - star Amari Watergate Hotel, Bangkok. 'Such a shame that we only had 1 day and half a night to spend in it. Sigh!
Our last night in Bangkok, hotel – The 5 – star Amari Watergate Hotel, Bangkok. ‘Such a shame that we only had 1 day and half a night to spend in it. Sigh!


  • Use a travel agency: What? It contradicts everything you’ve been working for re-cheap. But hear me out, and think again. We wanted to go from Berlin – Bangkok – Bali – Berlin. In August. If you check the prices of Berlin – Bali – Berlin, it’s outrageous. Yes, Bangkok is much cheaper, but I wanted to move around. We were thus able to get our return flights for just a little over €800 or $1100 via STA – the Student Travel Agency in Berlin. I’ve been booking with them since 2005, and they’ve always come up trumps.
"The Tall Young Gentleman" having fun in Bangkok.
“The Tall Young Gentleman” having fun in Bangkok.
  • Use a scheduled airline: We booked with Qatar Airways, and the flight schedule changed. The airline with the help of STA, organised a hotel, transfer, food, etc. for FREE! We didn’t have to do a thing.
  • Make the hotel bookings yourself: I did a lot of research and read posts by other bloggers who were either in the country or region that I wanted to go to, or had just left. I contacted the hotels and home-stays concerned, and told them where, and how I had found them. It inspires confidence that the writings of bloggers work. Real people who could become potential customers, read them.
Thai pickles - Don't pack them too full!
Thai pickles – Don’t pack them too full!
  • Don’t pack the days too full: We all know how tiring it can be when we pack our day full as if there’s no tomorrow, and we also all know the end result: tiredness, frustration, and tears! We decided to take things easy when we initially arrived as it’s good for your budget, and it’s good for you. The day after we landed, we walked around our Bangkok neighbourhood, and then we went swimming. That’s all we did for that day!
  • Have a budget, but be flexible: We decided on a budget of €100 or $132 per day all in. It could be a little less or it could be a little more, and that’s perfectly alright. We’re on holiday and life is for living, and not denying yourself because it’s too expensive. I mean, when are you going to do or buy that “thing”? If it’s your dream, go ahead and do it. You can cut something out somewhere else.
See how beautiful she is. She packed her stuff smartly. No worries at all!
See how beautiful she is. She packed her stuff smartly. No worries at all!
  • Pack smartly: We had a 30 kilo allocation. Thank you Qatar Airways, but we were still flying within Thailand with budget airlines Nok Air from Bangkok to Chiang Mai on 15 kilos and from Thailand to Bali with budget airline AirAsia, for 20 kilos. Packing smartly made sense. I’m not the best packer. I’m usually the girl with 4 pairs of shoes, and a pair of boots. Just in case! This time though, I was strict – three (3) lots of trousers, shorts, summer dresses, “nice” dresses, T-shirts, underwear, and sigh. Three (3) lots of shoes!
  • Buy toiletries in your home-country: I know that Asia is cheap, that’s true, but if you have kids, I’d recommend getting toiletries in your home-country BEFORE you leave. Things such as tissue paper, disinfectant, detergent, sun-cream, cleansers, wipes, insect repellent, moisturisers, shower gel, shampoo, plasters, etc. are superior, and don’t have extra chemical agents included, and they’re certainly much cheaper! We tried to buy a nasal spray that usually costs $4.00 in Germany, but shockingly cost $26.00 in Indonesia!
Stuffed sticky rice wrapped up in a banana leaf in Bangkok. Go on. Try it!
Stuffed sticky rice wrapped up in a banana leaf in Bangkok. Go on. Try it!
  • Eat everything, everywhere: If you’re travelling to a developing country for the first time, you might be shocked by how disorganised things seem to be. Don’t worry about it, and don’t look too deeply. Try not to criticise. It’s another culture. Take it all in. Breathe. Go to that dusty stall on the side of the street. Sit down. Eat and Drink. You won’t die. You might get an upset tummy the first few days, but you won’t die. You might even like it!
Check the weather if it's important to you. Waterlilies in peak season in Bali, Indonesia.
Check the weather if it’s important to you.
Waterlilies in peak season in Bali, Indonesia.
  • Try to go off-season: That wasn’t an option for us as we have a pre-teenager and Germany frowns on taking kids out during the academic year. Even though it was the summer holidays, “The Tall Young Gentleman” was given school work to do during the holiday in order to “improve certain weaknesses.” He wasn’t happy about it, but we did it anyway. August in Thailand is monsoon season. Surprisingly, it wasn’t very busy. In Indonesia, it’s peak season, in my eyes, it wasn’t as busy as I expected it to be either. In fact, at one point in Bali, we went to the beach, and it was pretty empty of an afternoon!
This smiling couple is everywhere in Thailand! Ah well, you can always come back. You're welcome!
This smiling couple is everywhere in Thailand! Ah well, you can always come back.
You’re welcome!
  • Don’t worry: If you run out of time, don’t worry, you can always come back. I like going back to places. I don’t subscribe to the “I’m-never-going-to-go-back-there-again-because-I’ve-already-been” school of thought. If I like the place, I go back again, and again, and again: cue Italy, the Czech Republic, Poland, Scotland, the Isle of Wight, Denmark, Egypt, France, Spain, Thailand, Indonesia, America, etc. I can’t count how many times I’ve been to the above countries. I’ve included America here even though I’ve been only once as we plan to go to America in 2015 AND 2016!
  • Have fun: Don’t forget to enjoy yourself. You’re on holiday or on a break in the Land of Smiles, surrounded by beautiful, attractive people, and gorgeous weather. Smile, and Relax.
"The Tall Young Gentleman" living the good life and relaxing by the pool in Bali, Indonesia.
“The Tall Young Gentleman” living the good life and relaxing by the pool in Bali, Indonesia.

This article is not sponsored and all opinions, are my very own!

I have so much to share with you so for the rest of August, and the month of September only, I will be writing about our adventures in Thailand, Indonesia, and Qatar and at the same time, keeping you posted as to the fantastic things going on in the wonderful city of Berlin.

Berlin Music Week is going to take place from 03.09.14 – 07.09.14. Berlin is going to show it’s unique mix of music and technology, festivals and club events on a world stage with two core events: the WORD! conference for business and SOUND! for live events.

STRICTLY STAND UP – The English Comedy Night is going to take place on 10.09.14 at the Quatsch Comedy Club in Berlin.

November 9th, 2014, marks the 25th anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall. Events are taking place all over the city until then.

September is going to be a beautiful month.

Watch this space!
Thai kids playing football.
Thai kids playing football.

Choosing the Middle Road on The Superior Cheap. What do you think? Would you like to go to Asia?

Are you coming for the autumn?

See you in Berlin.

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33 Comments on “How to go to Bangkok on the superior cheap, and take the family with you!

  1. Great suggestions! I, of course, love Thailand, but have yet to visit Bali. How hard is it in Thailand with your peanut allergy? They put it on so much here… I was curious how it would go for you.

    • Thanks very much! Thailand was so lovely but trying to keep on top of things re- my allergies was difficult. I pretty much couldn’t have any of the soup as most it is is made with coconut. Surprisingly, it was safer to eat street food as I could see what they were making and nobody was “pimping” the food up with peanut garnish! I ended up with lots of rice and no sauce LOL! In restaurants, I always had to say “no peanuts, no coconuts, no nuts” and that included cocktails.

      It was easier in Bali, where they were more understanding, but again I had very little soup, just a lot more spice. Normally, I don’t do spice, but I learnt to “man up” and add chillis rather than add sate LOL!

      P.S. You’ve got to go to Bali!

  2. Looks like the family had fun! Good for you all. That must have sucked with the allergy 🙁 . I would love to visit Bali someday, but strangely enough, even though l have heard so much about Thailand, l’m still kind of indecisive about visiting. Is it okay to visit a place just for the food??? Lol!

    • We did kemkem! We did! Re – the allergies. It sucks but that’s my cross to bear…! Both Bali and Indonesia are wonderful countries and very easy to move around. I’ll talk about that in the next few weeks LOL!
      And yes, it’s absolutely fine to visit a place just because of the food. France for example. Exquisite food, not so excellent with manners, but who cares right!

  3. Looks like you had a great time! Glad you wrote about this. I feel a lot of people dont realize how affordable international travel can be. Also how enriching. Bravo!

    • Thanks so much Niesha! It was a brilliant trip! I think what puts people off is the price of the flight (which isn’t that much really), and the general all-round fear of the unknown!

  4. These are amazing travel suggestions, and I love the photos! I’ve only lived in China briefly, and decided I wanted to go back, but I think you’ve changed my mind!

    • Thanks very much Jenna. That’s enormously sweet of you. 🙂 I’ve only been to Hong Kong but China sounds awesome too, but then so is Thailand, and Indonesia, and Germany, and England. In fact, let’s go wverywhere LOL!
      How long did you live in China?

  5. This is incredible. I feel like the place really matches your personality – all the bright colors and spice 😉 Also I am hungry for Thai food now – and we have none in Moscow! Can you believe it?

    • Thank you my dear. You’re right. Asia is my favourite continent and you have none of it. Incredible! How come? With Moscow being cosmopolitan n’all.

      • Foreign cuisine here is all about fads rather than flavors. Russians tend to be unadventurous when it comes to food. So, for example, when the sushi craze hit a decade or so ago (I think sushi chain restaurants in Moscow outnumber McDonalds and Subway and KFC put together), the Russian way to do it was rolls-only, tons of rice, tons of cream cheese, and no raw fish. Cause that’s scary. You want to be cool but the familiar way. So foreign cuisine that stuck has been pizza, pasta, Japanese noodles, and such. Not crazy spicy things with coconut and peanuts and curry 🙂

      • Wow! That’s really surprising! Sushi without the rice is a little weird me thinks, but O…..kay! Trends I can understand. I’d say the food trend right now in Berlin is Korean food but not everywhere of course. Pretty much middle class hipster, yuppy areas like mine LOL and the booze trend right now is brewery beer.
        ‘Such a shame that Moscow has missed the boat so to speak, but with a higher number of Russian travellers in Asia, they should get the buzz going. I saw many Russians in Vietnam myself, and I hear that you can’t move in India or in certain parts of China without the merry tones of Russian songs!

      • Oh yeah, Bali is to Russians today what Turkey was 2 decades ago and Spain a decade ago. So hopefully we will see some Thai food in Moscow PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE!!!

  6. Great tips, sweetie. I’ve been to Bangkok so many times and I never felt broke. This city has to offer such affordable food and so many free things to do!!

    • Thanks babe! Bangkok is such a cool place. This was my third time and I’m loving it more and more. And yes, it’s awfully cheap and with many things to do!

  7. Oooooh! I’m sooooo jealous! I go gaga over Asia…I love the continent. I have to go back to Thailand, have to see Bangkok again! And Phuket. Never been to Pattaya and Chiang Mai..would love to visit…and never been to Bali, have to do that soon! Awesome of you to share..was quite looking forward to hear about your Asia trip! Give us more…!!

    • Awww. Thanks babe! Asia is just the best. The weather, the food, the clothes, the people, the exotic exotic-ness. Everything! You must go back to Thailand and visit the jungles and mountains in Northern Thailand. And as for Bali. You have just. Got. To. Go. Right now!
      More is coming super soon. 🙂

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