If you’re going to dance the night away – Do it in Berlin!


On the red carpet at Berlin's Night of Fashion, 2014.
On the red carpet at Berlin’s Night of Fashion, 2014.

This really is the last hurrah as Berlin Fashion Week is ultimately over.

For now.

But what a flicker and a bang. Berlin Fashion Week was awesome and although it was a lot of networking and running around, I sure had some fun.

Yeah, baby!

As you know. I’m not a person to shy away from parties and one of the ultimate round ups of Fashion Week are the fashion parties dotted around the city and surely, if you’re going to dance the night away – then do it in Berlin!

I went to a few after-party places with live D.J.’s spinning their discs and live singers from the USA. The venues had give-away booze and a free bar which I really appreciated, after a hard-day n ‘all but they weren’t the real fancy places.


The real places that you had to get to. I mean absolutely needed to.

Are below.

Read on:


Just look at that space. Imagine clubbing here. It was great! @Kraftwerk Berlin
Just look at that space. Imagine clubbing here. It was great!
@Kraftwerk Berlin

1.  Kraftwerk Berlin was the industrial venue utilized by SHOW&ORDER for their fashion trade show, exhibitions and designs.

Kraftwerk Berlin is a former abandoned heating power station based in the suburb of now-gentrified “Mitte”: A piece of the city’s pre-industrial, Berlin Wall, era of East Berlin. An open gallery of concrete passages that maze into basement vaults and industrial halls, floors, and levels with a unique space volume of a 100 meters in length and a ceiling height of 20 meters, perfect for the Berlin style of clubbing, and now home to that most brilliant of clubs – Tresor.

Americans know a good thing when they see it! The Tresor Movie Premier in Detroit.
Americans know a good thing when they see it!
The Tresor Movie Premier in Detroit.

2.  TRESOR BERLIN was created and founded by Dimitri Hegemann who was looking for a place that would bring together the voice and sound of Berlin of the 90’s.

That’s right: Techno music, Experimental Electronic Music, and House Music – all the music that incidentally, I happen to like (although I also like classical music) !

I came to Berlin when TRESOR was in the previous location of Leipziger Straße.

God, those were the days!!

The club was hard-core and dirty, grimy, and gritty. The walls were old and covered in dust, mud, and sweat, with planks of wood, bricks and rocks scattered about. The crowd was young and recovering from the German re-unification or just wanting to pound out their life frustrations, and the music reflected that in hard industrial-core sound and rough, loud, pounding techno.

It was great!

In 2005, the club closed down due to the prime estate of the region and re-opened at it’s new venue – Kraftwerk Berlin – in 2006.

Belting it out in the rain. BREAD & BUTTER - The Luna Park. Courtesy of @breadandbutter.com (Nils Krüger).
Belting it out in the rain.
BREAD & BUTTER – The Luna Park.
Courtesy of @breadandbutter.com (Nils Krüger).

3.  LUNA PARK via BREAD&BUTTER was kitted out Brazilian style with beautiful samba dancers in skimpy bikinis, and copper-skinned drummers. We were invited to the VIP area at the front of the man-made Copacabana Beach and provided with complimentary mojitos, ice-buckets of water and beer, and a tasty Brazilian / German BBQ fit for a god. Music was supplied by a Danish rock band based in Berlin called Dúné.

It rained quite a bit but the rain didn’t dampen our enthusiasm but I had to leave prematurely as Germany were playing Brazil at the FIFA World Cup and I didn’t want to miss the match. I’m glad that I watched it at home with my family and close friends as Germany thrashed Brazil 7:1!

PREMIUM at the CHALET party in the quirky garden. ©Laura Deschner
PREMIUM at the CHALET party in the quirky garden. ©Laura Deschner

4.  CHALET was the venue of the “by invitation only” PREMIUM PARTY in the artistic suburb of Kreuzberg. That very same suburb that if you recall, I went on an alternative walking tour to.

The party was to start at 21:00 but being Berlin, I arrived at about 22:30. It was a bit difficult to find as it was raining and I had taken a route that included both the mainline train and the underground train and it was getting darker and darker. I don’t do well if it’s dark and I’m in an unfamiliar part of time, dressed up to the nines and carrying a small red handbag! Luckily, I bumped into two British guys so we walked around together and just followed a bunch of random people who were also dressed up. Berliners tend to dress more casually.


Anyway, we finally reached CHALET, went in through the VIP entrance and got our wrists stamped when I realised that I had been there before!

Amazing decor with vintage lamps and armchairs, wallpapers with antique patterns and many small rooms with long corridors. The CHALET club in Berlin. Photos@ Marielle Huey and Carolin Sage
Amazing decor with vintage lamps and armchairs, wallpapers with antique patterns and many small rooms with long corridors.
The CHALET club in Berlin.
Photos@ Marielle Huey and Carolin Sage

It’s a decadent abandoned 150 year-old mansion and in a hip part of Kreuzberg near the river and subsequently, where the cool clubs are. The last time I was there was at a surprise bachelorette / hen night party for a girlfriend of mine and we were all sworn not to research where we were going!

At the time (last year), it was a weird Alice in Wonderland set-up. The only way we could get in was by me being the spokesperson as the other girls were German. (I know. I know!) AND there was a four (4) hour – I kid you not, waiting list. We got in 60 minutes later and that was an effort as we weren’t on the waiting list and there were six (6) of us and we wanted to go in together.  Very worth it though as there were vintage lamps and armchairs, lots of tunnels that you either had to slide or jump into and tiny doors that you had to crawl into to get out. It was crazy, but brilliant.

A weird version of Alice in Wonderland!
A weird version of Alice in Wonderland!

Anyway, I digress.

Oh yes.


On this particular evening, the crowd was heaving in the garden and there was some sort of Roma (I think) band  playing and lots of clicking and “whoopa” in the air, so we joined in. There was an open bar with complimentary champagne, cocktails, red bull, energy drinks, and cocktails.

Can you see me dancing away at the Premium Party at CHALET, Berlin?  @jennifer-fey
Can you see me dancing away at the Premium Party at CHALET, Berlin? @jennifer-fey

It began to rain again and I thought about making my way home when I went into one of the inner rooms in the main building and found house and techno music playing. I could have been having so much more fun!

Did I go home? Er, no!

I got myself a few more drinks and carried on dancing. The music was louder. The crowd was younger. The room was darker. And the music was better.

The cool people at the cool Premium Party at CHALET, Berlin. @jennifer-fey
The cool people at the cool Premium Party at CHALET, Berlin.


By 00:45, I really did have to make my way home as most of the people there would be checking into a hotel but since I actually live in Berlin, I’d have to make my way home by public transport.

Umm. It’s not the weekend which means the last underground train has probably gone.

Taxi it is then.

But I’ve only got €12.00 in my purse.

Credit card perhaps?

It's me again! The Premium Party at CHALET Berlin. @Jennifer Fey.
It’s me again!
The Premium Party at CHALET Berlin.
@Jennifer Fey.

OK. I stepped outside of the club after collecting a lovely white umbrella that the staff of PREMIUM had been handing out and I saw a Fashion Week Mercedes-Benz van outside the club. Now, usually, these vans are for the models and VIP’s but desperate times n’ all that..

“Are you a taxi?”


“Can you take me to the station anyway. For free.”


“I meant, for free.”


“OK. Stop joking. Can you take me for free. Nada. Zilch.”


“Are you sure now ‘cos I’ve only got €12.00 in my handbag!”

“Yes, madam!”

“OK then. How far can you actually take me?” “Can you take me to the underground station?” “Actually, can you take me to a station up North as I actually live on the other side of the city?!!”

Fashion Week Berlin. Mercedes-Benz Exclusive-Shuttle-Service
Fashion Week Berlin. Mercedes-Benz Exclusive-Shuttle-Service

The drivers took me to the nearest connecting train station on my route. For free. I was home within 20 minutes and I couldn’t believe how nice they were. A great night.

The last party that I went to was the grand finale and the final hurrah of the Berlin Fashion Week.

I found out about this party at the Decoded Fashion & Premium “by invitation only” networking event. I befriended a Ukranian-Russian bloggers who lives in Hamburg called Julia from jolimentblog.com. She very kindly told me about an important party: Berlin’s Night of Fashion.

Berlin's Night of Fashion, 2014.
Berlin’s Night of Fashion, 2014.

5.  Berlin’s Night of Fashion or BNOF is an event that was created by an agency called after NetWork in 2009 by an exciting, enthusiastic man called Peter Schuler. Berlin’s Night of Fashion is a night where the media, models, photographers, makeup artists, casting agencies, headhunters, fashion individuals, businessmen and sponsors can come together, for a night.

Peter was fantastic, as I Emailed him only 72 hours before the actual night and he was a really good trooper and counted me in. It went so well that I even found myself at Block H. Row 1. Seat Nr. 5.

On the front row!

Right close to the stage where the models come out!

I felt so special and fashion-like.


Berlin’s Night of Fashion is in its 9th year and this was the first time that I had ever been to a real catwalk fashion show before, not to talk of the front row.

I mean. Yeaaaaah!

Berlin's Night of Fashion. LIVING FACES and Ernest O. Look. Courtesy of Andrea Speer.
Berlin’s Night of Fashion. LIVING FACES and Ernest O. Look. Courtesy of Andrea Speer.


I was sitting at the front and it was an awesome feeling. I felt as if I were a journalist from the likes of Vogue or Cosmopolitan and I kept thinking I would  see the reflection of Anna Wintour’s sunglasses (American Vogue) or be hushed by Alexandra Shulman (British Vogue)! It must be over-whelming to have so many people looking at you all the time, but you know. I cope.

Oh, you meant the models!

Yes, I suppose it must be over-whelming to…. but they’re fantastically professional so I guess that it’s OK.

Having fun at Berlin's Night of Fashion.
Having fun at Berlin’s Night of Fashion.

The night consisted of the Red Carpet, photography and fashion networking so I milled around, got my photo taken, took others, and generally chatted to one and all. There was musical entertainment and then a catwalk presentation by the fashion houses below and these were my first impressions of my very first catwalk show!

  • STEAMPUNK PRINCESS: A sort of wedding dress theme with lots of feathers, flowers, lace, ruffles and frills. And high heels with a distinct whiff of a “Great Expectations” theme from Charles Dickens. The sexy wardrobe of Miss Havisham before she became completely bonkers. I loved the shoes as most of them were either gold or silver.
  • VAL D’AZUR: Exclusive swimwear that I could quite nicely see myself wearing. One shoulder pieces with chiffon covering bikinis, lace-wool kaftans, and lovely high-heeled sandals and wedges. Some of the designs were quite sexy in a “Game of Thrones” type of way!
  • LIVING FACES: Feathers and tight leggings with Tim Burton type make-up and fashion. Think “Corpse Bride” with black and white feathers, horns and wings. Long hair with elaborate styles, and strong make-up with vivid colours but in a dark, gothic and quirky way.
  • LIVING FACES - Berlin's Night of Fashion. Courtesy of Andrea Speer.
    LIVING FACES – Berlin’s Night of Fashion.
    Courtesy of Andrea Speer.
  • ROCKMÄDCHEN: Black velvet, “Spanish” tartan, black and white checked and patterned dresses or black frills, lace, ruffles and the Spanish coat of arms. Dark brooding looks, long skirts, red lipstick and dark wavy hair. Rock girls. Spanish style!
  • RODAN LEDERDESIGN: An ingenious idea. The designer brought to the catwalk 36 styles of the same design and dress – plain, coloured, leopard print, leather, bold patterns, zebra prints, chains, and even the national World Cup FIFA football colours of Argentina and Germany before we thrashed them too, in an exciting but breathtaking game of Germany 1: Argentina 0.

I had a great time. Thanks so much everyone.

See you in 2015!

With the metal horses at the PREMIUM International Trade Fair Show, Berlin.
With the metal horses at the PREMIUM International Trade Fair Show, Berlin.

This article is not sponsored and even though I received complimentary press passes to all the amazing parties, all opinions, are my very own!

Next week, I will be writing about SHEER MADNESS, and thereafter, now that the weather is sunny and warm, the rather astonishing rivers and lakes of Berlin.

July is going to be a beautiful month outdoor and in.

Watch this space!

The heat and light was burning. And so were my shoes. Smokin'! Berlin's Night of Fashion on the Red Carpet.
The heat and light was burning. And so were my shoes. Smokin’! Berlin’s Night of Fashion on the Red Carpet.

Many thanks once again to SHOW&ORDER, BREAD & BUTTER, PREMIUM International Fashion Trade Fair, Mercedes-Benz Exclusive Shuttle Service, and Berlin’s Night of Fashion. I had a really wonderful time. Thank you so much.

Would you like to go to a club in Berlin? Were you here when electronic and techno music was all the rage?  Have you ever been on the red carpet?

Are you coming for the summer?

See you in Berlin.

If you like this post.

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42 Comments on “If you’re going to dance the night away – Do it in Berlin!

  1. I was front and center when the techno rage was going on, thank you very much 🙂 . I love anything that has Kraftwerk in it’s name, vintage! So glad you had a blast. You looked fab on the red carpet ! And for the life of me, how can that guy walk in those heels???? 🙂

    • kemkem! I can’t believe that you were a techno girl like me. Reallly!! Niiiiiice! We have more in common than I thought. For def! Yeah, Kraftwerk. They were great, and are great, whether you’re talking about the band or the club LOL!
      I had an absolute blast on the red carpet, but the room was so hot and I had to stand right in the light to get a better picture, and it showed. It was like being at the beach! The guy in heels can walk in heels ‘cos he’s a professional model, runway coach, and catwalk trainer. He knows the secret. 🙂 You can catch him here: http://twitter.com/ernestolook. Thanks so much for the lovely comments. You’re a babe!

  2. A lovely post, as always! You’re one of the biggest reasons why I want to be in Berlin so much as part of that colorful artistic creative community that I never knew existed 🙂

    • Why thank you @asthaguptaa. That’s awfully kind. Come over! Berlin welcomes all that want to add to the artistic spirit of our city. Coooooooome!
      P.S. Did you really not know? Berlin is known for encouraging artists, the intellegensia, and yes, alright, the dissenters too, and people who want to live a life that might not necessarily be the norm: Their life. 🙂

      • My pleasure! And that makes Berlin even more open and inviting for me 🙂
        By the way, I’ve shared my Oman travel wishlist recently – do check it out and share your thoughts there 🙂

      • You’re very welcome and it sure does! I’ll check the Oman travel list out and let you know my thoughts. 🙂

  3. For some reason in Berlin has a very serious public image in Russia (ok, our dark, entangled history is probably a pretty big reason), but MAN are you doing everything to turn that perception on its head! Your life there seems like one big fashion dance party 😉

    • Those were the old days Anna, and of East Berlin at that. Since the wall fell down, Berlin has changed and is still changing. I’m trying my very best to get the message out. Of course, we do have a serious side…..
      Nah, we don’t! Come and see for yourself. 🙂

    • There really was a lot @threetogo. I was utterly surprised at the open bars all over the place, but I didn’t let the side down and took my place! Best sponsors: Gin and Red Bull. They were everywhere LOL!
      P.S. Thanks for the lovely coments about the shoes. Gay guys also liked my shoes and kept asking for joint photos or where I bought them. The secret lies with me…..!

  4. You’re really getting around 😉 Love the shoes! Wish there were free taxis everywhere – I’d wear shoes like that more often!

    • Thanks Linda! Me too sweetie. Me too. I do love my shoes but the cobbled streets of Central Europe, don’t allow my dreams to come true LOL!

      • Tell me about it! I’ve come a cropper on the cobblestones of Riga more than once! I have knees like a 6-year-old 🙂

      • LOL! Ha! I remember when I used to live in the Czech Republic. My shoes got ruined with all the cobbles…… but I’ve leant my lesson. Wear “solid” shoes in the journey and then whip them off in private and ta da! Heeeeeeeeey! Sexy laaaady!!

      • Yeah, I do the same! The problem is when you’ve had a few and are going from bar to bar 😉

      • So true LOL. :)This is where the husband, boyfriend, or girlfriend, come in. Leeeeeeeean on them and make them hold your handbag. I do!

  5. I’ve heard that Berlin has the best clubs in Europe and after reading your post I think people were right!! 😀

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