Tilda Swinton and the Last Hurrah: Berlin Fashion Week Spring / Summer 2015!

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin’ with Tilda Swinton 2015.
Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin’ with Tilda Swinton 2015.

It’s July and it’s The Last Hurrah season before the people of Berlin leave town and the much expected tourists arrive, and yours truely will be with you, every step of the way LOL! I have so many things to tell you.

In January, I wrote a post about the fashion and passion of the Autumn/Winter Mercedes-Benz 2014 Fashion Week in Berlin. This time around, indeed I am a very lucky soul, I was given the opportunity to participate as a member of the press at Berlin Fashion Week and subsequently, the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Berlin, Spring/Summer 2015!

Berlin Fashion Week 2014/2015. @zukkermaedchen.de
Berlin Fashion Week 2014/2015.

Little old me!

Alright, cut with the old.

Lovely, me!

As a press member. With a real press card, and everything!

My first official press card. Yeah!
My first official press card. Yeah!

Honestly, it’s just marvellous living in this city.

I mean, in May, I covered the Berlin Music Video Awards, in June, I went to a Bill Bailey stand-up show and as a result, got to interview a prominent comedian at Germany’s first comedy club. And now, I’m going to be one of those admired people who get to cover Berlin Fashion Week.



Yes, even Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie of York, are advocates for Berlin fashion, but between you and me, Prince Harry is more of a Berlin fit LOL! @breadandbutter.
Yes, even Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie of York, are advocates for Berlin fashion, but between you and me, Prince Harry is more of a Berlin fit LOL!

Well, Berlin Fashion Week is exactly as you would imagine it to be. Filled with beautiful people, surrounded by beautiful, quirky things.

It’s true that when people think of fashion, their arms reach out to Paris, Milan and New York but when you think of young fashion or fashion with a difference, you need look no further than London and Berlin.

Cool Britannia, meaning London of course, and Urban-Hipster-Yuppie Berlin!

Hipster / Yuppie Berlin. @breadandbutter.com (Franziska Taffelt).
Hipster / Yuppie Berlin.
@breadandbutter.com (Franziska Taffelt).

Twice a year Berlin becomes the central location for international fashion and lifestyle issues. During Berlin Fashion Week, fashion enthusiasts, buyers, trade experts, politicians, and the media, interact at shows and awards ceremonies, collect information at fashion trade shows, and attend exhibitions and off-site events.


Right now.

Officially from July 8th – July 13th, 2014, but I’ll be starting tomorrow on July 7th where trade shows and exhibitions will open their doors, and coupled with the FIFA World Cup, there will be parties galore, all over town!


Well, I’ve got press invitations and passes to:

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Berlin, Spring/Summer 2015: 

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin’ 2015.
Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin’ 2015.

Mercedes-Benz is the Fashion Week main sponsor and Germany’s most important fashion forum focused on new emerging talent, established names, contemporary brands and successful collections.

Designers will showcase their Spring/Summer 2015 collections at the Erika-Hess-Eisstadium in Berlin, Wedding. The suburb of Wedding is home to a vibrant artistic culture that offers designers the opportunity to introduce their collections to fashion enthusiasts, buyers, media and the public,  in a unique and creative setting.

I don’t actually have a press pass for Mercedes-Benz, but I’m not too worried. Something will turn up LOL!


Boss Hoss at BREAD & BUTTER. @breadandbutter.comKirchner Kutt
Boss Hoss at BREAD & BUTTER.
@breadandbutter.comKirchner Kutt

BREAD & BUTTER are the leading trade fair exhibitors for urban, hipster, street wear, and are enormously popular in Berlin. BREAD & BUTTER is located at the old Tempelhof Airport, said to be one of the oldest airports in the world!

Their parties are to die for. I tried to gate-crash a couple of years ago, but now I can get in legitimately LOL!

They have been amazing and were the first fashion house / outlet,  to give me a chance attending Fashion Week as my blog is not your traditional fashion blog but rather, a lifestyle blog.

Thank you, BREAD & BUTTER!


Le Specs @ PREMIUM
Le Specs @ PREMIUM

PREMIUM is an international fashion trade show for high-fashion segment. With more than 60,000 visitors, some 1,500 collections on show, and approximately 23,000 square meters of exhibition space. PREMIUM is the only trade show in the world to bring together exclusive brands from the fashion and lifestyle sectors at such an enormous scale and level of quality.

At each and every season, the most in-demand high-fashion collections, the most
innovative products, and the most leading trends from around the globe, are united in one place, from womenswear, menswear, denim, and sportswear to footwear and accessories like handbags and jewelry.

I can’t wait to see these collections for myself.


Panorama Berlin
Panorama Berlin

Panorama is a new fashion trade fair (2013) and in fact, one of the three leading trade shows of Berlin Fashion Week.  Panorama is also a European marketplace for leading contemporary brands in women’s, men’s, shoes, accessories, and lifestyle, collections. They bring together exhibitors, buys, representatives of the media, politicians, and service providers with apparently, gushing success.

Any platform that brings together talent, innovation, and inspiration is to be encouraged, in my book.


European Skateboarders @ BRIGHT.
European Skateboarders @ BRIGHT.

The BRIGHT Tradeshow is an established venue for streetwear, trainers (sneakers), fashion, and boardsport / skateboard in Europe.

A perfect fit for Berlin as the city is very much into the image of Street Art and Nightlife. I guess BRIGHT is linking commercial trade and art in a positive and comfortable atmosphere in such a way, without the issue of “integration” and “selling out.”

And lastly,


SHOW&ORDER Fashion Trade Fair.
SHOW&ORDER Fashion Trade Fair.

SHOW&ORDER is a Fashion Trade Event that will present 300 brands, an inspiring pop-up store, and a new area for high-quality fast fashion sales which flexibly and dynamically responds, to the needs of the market. About 25 new labels will be presented in order to link-up with a business partner to take young, original brands, to the next level.

For the first time, Show&Order will team-up with the fashion brand missgoodlife to create a “Designed to do good” charity T-shirt, that will be sold during the Berlin Fashion Week Trade Fair.  With all profits going to the charity.


If I can go to Fashion Week, so can you?! © Photo Peter Stigter.
If I can go to Fashion Week, so can you?!
© Photo Peter Stigter.

You sure can. That’s the beauty of living in a cool, original city like Berlin. We’re not pretentious.

If you’re interested in fashion and everything it entails, you’re more than welcome to join in the fun. Most things are open to the public and are either free of charge, need to be pre-booked, or carry a small registration fee!

Berlin Fashion Week is going to be amazing.

For more information about fashion in Berlin, please contact: Berlin Fashion Week.

For more information about Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin, go here.

For more information about BREAD & BUTTER, turn here.

For more information about PREMIUM INTERNATIONAL FASHION TRADE SHOW, please contact them here.

Get in touch with the PANORAMA BERLIN FASHION FAIR by contacting them here.

If you’re interested in the BRIGHT Tradeshow, you can get more information here.

More information about SHOW&ORDER can be found right here!

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin’ with the amazing Tilda Swinton 2015.
Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin’ with the amazing Tilda Swinton 2015.

This article is not sponsored and even though I received complimentary press passes, all opinions, are my very own!

In the next few weeks, I will be writing about the exciting world of fashion and the Berlin Fashion Week, river cruising, and just having a spiffing time!

Be there or be square! Or on the other hand, read my blog. July is going to be delightful.

Watch this space!

It's Me! Don't I look fabulous?
It’s Me! Don’t I look fabulous?

Have you ever been to a fashion show or event? Would you describe yourself as a hipster, a yuppie, or something in-between? Do you think Tilda Swinton is fabulous?

Are you coming for the summer?

See you in Berlin.

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36 Comments on “Tilda Swinton and the Last Hurrah: Berlin Fashion Week Spring / Summer 2015!

  1. OMG! I must seriously be old!!! All l kept thinking was, “what’s gonna happen to the guy with the tattoos when he grows older with saggy skin?” ..won’t look so nice then. My friend once had a woman tattoo on his biceps, when he got older, it turned into an Indian tepee looking thing!!! Tilda is forever fabulous, congrats on your press pass, and you look awesome! Have fun!!!

    • LOL! LOL! Each to his own Kemkem. Each to his own. You only live once and all that!
      If you look carefully, you’ll see that this amazing man is actually on the catwalk LOL!
      Thanks for the lovely comments babe. It’s all so extremely exciting!

      • Oh, l saw he was on the catwalk! Reminds me of the Prodigy lead singer, l liked him! Certainly unique..

      • You can say that again. I love Keith Flint. Crazy but totally awesome. Oh, I do miss the days of Brit Pop!

  2. SWINTON AND Princesses AND you’re officially Press? Lucky gal! Even I dont have a press card, and I work for a TV news network!

    • Thanks so much Anna. Honestly, I’ve just been extremely lucky to be at the rght place at the right time, and even though my blog is pretty young. I deliver the goods and do the job. 🙂

  3. Oh my, I think most people would consider me a pre-hipster as I dressed in the style before it was soooo popular and have many tattoos… although not as much as the lovely model above. I love seeing models with tattoos.
    I can’t wait to read your further posts about Fashion Week! Did you apply for press passes or were they offered to you… I would love to start going to some things to review them for our blog.

    • You’re my type of girl…!
      Indeed, I applied for the press passes and I was a little worried, since my content is different from the norm, but I think the article that really pushed my case forward was the Berlin Music Video Awards interview and the fact that I’m a local expat blogger. Being British, never hurts LOL! Go for it American girrrrrrl!

  4. Oh you lucky thing! I have a press pass for the Baltic Times but I’m not really sure what it gets me into 😉 I think I’d try harder if I was living in Berlin! Hope you have a ball – but I’m pretty sure you will! 🙂

  5. I am glad to read that anyone can attend the fashion week. I thought it was a fashion even only for models and designers. I’ll be in Dusseldorf next week so I’ll definitely add Berlin to my travel list! I’m spending one year in Amsterdam, so we must meet up one day x

    • Yep, for a lot of the events but not all of course, as the fashion business of buying and selling still has to take place LOL! Lovely, to hear that you’re back on the contineb and in Amsterdam no less. 🙂 I’m all yours whenever you’re in town. x

  6. Such an awesome looking event! Tilda is a unique talent and has her own cool style. As do you!

    Very cool that this was open for anyone to attend.

    • Awwww! Thanks Phil. Praise indeed. 🙂 Berlin Fashion Week is such a cool event. Fitting for a cool city where anything can happen. Very New York LOL!

    • Oh, I am Jenna. I certainly am! Fashion Week events are still going on. In fact, tonight I’m going to a catwalk event called “Berlin’s Night of Fashion.” I only heard about it a few days ago and managed to wrangle myself a ticket. I’m so excited. Thanks for the love Jenna! 🙂 🙂

      • Aaahhhhhhhhh so jealous!!! I can’t wait to see pictures!!!

      • Awwww. Thanks a million. Oh you’ll see the pictures as soon as poss. I’m definately not going to hide ’em LOL. Coming up soon!

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