Going to Poland: 10 reasons not to go!

Going to Poland: 10 reasons not to go; Poland; Polish; Polska; Europe; Eastern Europe; travel
Jesus in Warsaw.


In a few weeks time I’ll be on the road again.

The fact that I live in Germany means that I have pretty easy access to other European countries nearby, and isn’t that a wonderful thing. The fact that I live in Berlin means that you can also get out there and do stuff!

So in order to put that into action I’m going to be on the road to Poland.

Now I really like Poland and so does The Tall Young Gentleman since he’s a chip off the old block and all that, but The Music Producer aka my husband, not so much.

However, a lot of people don’t really know a lot about Poland, have stereotypical thoughts of people queuing for bread, or are scared because Poland was a country locked behind the Iron Curtain and is therefore, shock and awe – a card-wearing member of the Eastern Bloc and therefore, Eastern Europe!

Gdansk / Danzig in Poland.

Well, if you want to visit Poland you had better brace yourself as I’m going to tell you 10 reasons why you shouldn’t bother!

1.  Poland is a large country: If you’re looking for an island that is small and quaint, then don’t bother.

Poland is one of the largest European countries surrounded by an interesting mix of Germany, the Czech Republic, Russia, Slovakia, Belarus, the Ukraine and Lithuania. It’s in the middle of the continent and is rather more Central Europe than Eastern Europe.

St. John the Baptist Cathedral; Lublin Cathedral; cathedral; Lublin; Poland; Polska; Europe; travel;
The St. John the Baptist Cathedral, otherwise known as Lublin Cathedral, in Lublin, Poland.

2.  Poland has too many aspects to it: If you’re looking for just the beach or just the mountains then you’ve come to the wrong place!

Poland is a wonderful blend of beaches, lakes, forests, mountains, and interesting cities with lots of history. Quite like Germany in fact!

Lots of interesting stuff in Poland!
Lots of interesting stuff in Poland!

3.  Poland is cheap: If you want the 5-star treatment at 5-star prices then go to Japan. I know that Berlin has modest prices but prices in Poland are even, dare I say it. Cheaper.

If you’re looking for a bit of an adventure and the budget is not as much as you would have liked, then you could do worse than to go to Poland.

Horse-riding is popular in Poland!
Horse-riding is popular in Poland!

4.  Polish food is going to knock you for six or perhaps even for seven: If you’re looking for pizza and chips then stay at home. If you are willing to experiment, then exotic items like zurek (soup made from sour rye flour and pieces of varied meat) and pierogi (a type of dumpling) is there for the taking.

Traditional Polish food.
Traditional Polish food.

5.  Poland is an old country: If you’re looking for clean lines, modern buildings made of glass and skyscrapers every second (2nd) street, then you must have mistaken Poland for Hong Kong!

Poland is an ancient country with over 1,000 years of history so of course, things are going to be old.

The churches and synagogues are old.

The castles are old.

Even the cobbled streets are old.

Rather annoying if you want to zip down the street with the latest sports car!

Myself and
Myself and “The Tall Young Gentleman” in Szczecin / Stettin and some of the Polish 17th century historical houses.
©Victoria Ade-Genschow – The British Berliner – Szczecin/Poland – April 2014

6.  Poland is traditional: Forget the hordes of drunken stag night drinkers. There are kids and senior citizens everywhere, and lots and lots of churches that people actually go to on a Sunday. So please don’t vomit on the church steps!

Tradition and family values are still pretty important in this country and if you can’t deal with a bash on the head and a huge shove by an old woman, don’t go there!

Things are still traditional in Krakow!
Things are still traditional in Krakow!

7.  Be ready and prepared for anything: Poland might be a country that has existed for thousands of years but in modern terms, it’s still pretty “new” and as a result, things can be slightly….


If you’re looking for certainty and boredom, then Poland is not the place for you.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve missed my bus stop or even taken the wrong train, but if you can’t stand taking a chance and working with the outcome, then book the next extremely swift train with excellent service, to Switzerland!

goat on the train; goat at train station; goat; animal; goat at train station; lost goat; lost animal; train; railway; transport; animals on the trains; animals at the railway station; how to use the train in Europe 2019: 10 tips to help you; how to use the train in Europe: 10 tips to help you; how to use the train in Europe; how to use the train in Europe 2019; how to use the train; how to use the European train; how to use Deutsche Bahn; how to use the European railway; how to use the railway; how to use the German train; how to use the Polish train; how to use the Hungarian train; how to use the French train; how to use the Czech train; how to use the Spanish train; how to use the UK train; how to use British trains; how to use trains in the UK; how to use trains in Britain; how to buy train tickets; how to buy train tickets on European trains; how to buy train tickets in Europe; how to get on the train; 10 tips to help you; tips to help you, a train guide; a railway guide; a European train guide; a European railway guide; taking the train in Europe; train station; station; railway; European train; train; trains in Europe; European railway; at the railway; long train journey; train travel; travel by train; travel; European; Europe;
A goat on the train! Ah well, anything can happen. I’ve seen worse.
Swans for example!

8.  Tourist friendly? Well not really. Poland has loads of little towns that are not really packed with tourists. Some Americans. Some Germans.

Yes alright, but hardly what you would call, the holiday package group. I mean when did you last hear of friends taking a package holiday to Poland?


So if you are into that, Spain is rather pleasant at this time of year.

Tourists and travellers who do venture into Poland take either high standard hotels or decide to live with the locals which, generally means a hostel or living with the family – pension / B&B style.

I wouldn’t recommend a “package.”

This is how they welcome tourists in Szczecin / Stettin, Poland by putting them in stocks!
This is how they welcome tourists in Szczecin / Stettin, Poland, by putting them in stocks!
©Victoria Ade-Genschow – The British Berliner – Szczecin/Poland – April 2014

9.  People use public transport: OMG! Get me out of here ‘cos I have to use the scenic train and horror of horrors, the bus! Packed with local people who. Talk. To. You. and Help. You. With. Your. Bags. How can that be?

If you don’t want local interaction and prefer to be on your lonesome, please don’t go to Poland.

It’s insane.

The people are quite friendly. Some even take photographs of you!

Take a photo of me. No meeeee!
Take a photo of me.
No meeeee!

10.  City destinations: With a delicious mix of variety such as Krakow, Wroclaw, Gdansk (Danzig), Lodz, Warsaw or Poznan that include old style flavour and modern interests, Poland is not the place if you’re on the search for the glamour of Vegas or the romance of Paris, and if you’re expecting a pack of howling hounds and beggars with bowls of soup outside your hotel door, you’ll be disappointed.


Perhaps, just the once!

Hungry people in Krakow. ©praszkiewicz / Shutterstock.com
Hungry people in Krakow.
©praszkiewicz / Shutterstock.com

But what do we know about Poland anyway?

Whenever I say that I’m going to Poland, my German friends look at me as if I’ve gone mad.

Let me correct that.

My West German friends look at me as if I’ve lost my marbles!

The most horrifying Jewish concentration camp in the history of Nazi Germany. Auschwitz.
The most horrifying Jewish concentration camp in the history of Nazi Germany.

The relationship between Poland and Germany can be quite complicated.

There’s the historical closeness in the first instance and the issue of where the German border ends and the Polish border begins. There is also the awful fact that Poland has the worst and most horrifying Jewish concentration camp in the history of Nazi GermanyAuschwitz.

In fact, my friends advice me to go to Italy instead!

The most horrifying Jewish concentration camp in the history of Nazi Germany. Auschwitz.
The most horrifying Jewish concentration camp in the history of Nazi Germany.

Well, Poland is the 9th largest country in Europe and has a population of roughly 38 million people.

Even though Poland is part of the European Union, the country hasn’t yet made the switch to the Euro and uses it’s own currency that is the zloty. As of now, €10.00 is PLN 45.40 (Polish Zloty) and $10.00 is PLN 37.30 (Polish Zloty).

Poland is said to have been in existence from around the year 800 and although the people are of Slavic origins they are also a blend of German, Ukrainian, Russian and Jewish ethnicity.

Territory, boundary and issues of property are still very prickly topics of which there is much unhappiness, anger, development and discussion.

Bellotto Warsaw or Cracow Suburb leading to the Castle Square in Poland. Bernardo Bellotto: a Venetian painter in Warsaw - Musée du Louvre.
Bellotto Warsaw or Cracow Suburb leading to the Castle Square in Poland.
Bernardo Bellotto: a Venetian painter in Warsaw – Musée du Louvre.

Things are however changing in Poland as in 2004, exactly ten years ago, 10 new countries including the Czech Republic, Estonia, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Malta, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Poland, were welcomed into the fold and enlargement of the European Union (EU).

Since then, the European labour market has opened to Poland and many local people unfortunately, left their homelands to the more economically prosperous countries, like my original homeland of Great Britain, and of course to my new home, Germany.

Economic prosperity in Bydgoszcz.
Economic prosperity in Bydgoszcz.

Poland is in a most important location of Europe surrounded by East and West and the transit route of the Baltic Sea, and that is where I will be going from April 21st.

I will be in Poland for a week and we will be taking the train from Germany.

Follow my journey as I show you how easy and exciting it is to go to the area of Pomerania where the largest castle in the world resides – Malbork Castle!

And where the sand dunes move at the Słowiński National Park.

That place in the Slavic language known as the “Land at the Sea.”


p.s If you’re booking hotels, houses and apartments, use this link to save 15% or more, for discounted stays from 26 September 2022 until 30 January 2023!


Going to Poland: 10 Reasons not to go!

That’s it for now.

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Thank you so much everyone. I really appreciate it lots.

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Going to Poland: 10 reasons not to go!

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Victoria & The Tall Young Gentleman laughing on the Baltic Sea
©Victoria Ade-Genschow – The British Berliner – Poland – August, 2019


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I have been to Poland many times, and you? Have you ever been to Eastern or Central Europe? Spill the beans!

See you in Berlin.

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  2. From what I see Poles are kind of hostile towards foreigners including rich tourists. Better go to a more civilized country! All intelligent Poles were killed by the nazi.

  3. Jestes totalnym idiota. Ale zaraz zaraz. Oczywiście britishberliner…największe patałachy europejskie. Wiec jedz do Francji. Tam spędzisz super wakacje. …o poor u. I for got u don’t speak Polish so let me translate it for u.
    Ur a total moron. Ur a britishberliner so ur a biggest coward of Europe. How about u go and visit France and u will have a great time there. And if ur IQ is above 20 u know what I mean. Clever boy ….hahaha 😀

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  5. This is a great one! I didn’t like the title but based on your other blogs I figured I would keep reading. Glad I did! Great job of laying it out! Poland is an amazing country and become one of my favorites after going there. Anyone that thinks that they are not friendly to tourist, hasn’t been there because they are beyond friendly!!!!!! I think they only country that was friendlier to us in our travels has been the Swedes.

    • Thanks very much Nina!

      My title can seem controversial but it was meant tongue-in-cheek and as you rightly saw, I said the complete opposite of what the title might depict!

      I’m a great fan of Poland and have enjoyed, and continue to enjoy visiting there.
      p.s. I have a habit of writing such titles. Have you seen this one: Germany is Boring!, I went to a sex show!, Thai food is going to kill you! or even, I went to Romania. It didn’t wow me!

      You should see the hate!
      I don’t really mind though because if people actually read the articles, they would see that I didn’t do anything wrong, so to speak!

      ‘Hope you and yours are well?

      • I haven’t seen those yet. I will have to check them out. 🙂 Glad it didn’t disappoint but I agree with you because Poland is amazing.

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  7. There is mistake, photo of Lubin in fact is photo of Lublin. Lubin and LUBLIN are two diffrent cities in Poland.

  8. Hi, I’m glad that you had a good time in Poland and you are willing to come back. There is so much to discover in Poland, it makes me happy when people appreciate it. Have a nice stay! 🙂

    • Thanks very much Alex!
      Poland is one of my favourite countries and I’ve been visiting it for 20+ years! It really does have so much to offer. We’ll be back in 2022! 😀

  9. “Poland is cheap” —for tourists you idiot.
    I lived more than 30 years in poland and it was never cheap if you earn 700 euros per month.
    Another idiot who don’t know reality of living there.

    • I’m perfectly aware of the salary structure as I’ve been visiting Poland for 25+years and I lived in the Czech Republic for two!
      Having said that, if you had read the blog piece, you would know that it’s tongue-in-cheek and is aimed at visitors, not locals.

      Rudeness is really not necessary, but thank you for your comment all the same.

    • There was no need to offend to make your point. This blog helped many people with the information. I for one … before I read this blog I never been to Poland. Since I read this post in 2016, I visited Poland 6 times.

      • Thank you for your support Ella!
        You’re so kind.

        I’m very pleased that my blog led you to experience Poland for yourself. No country is perfect obviously, but in my opinion, Poland is a lovely country. Happy Days! 😀

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