Month: February 2014

My first blog interview – Yeah!

I am a lucky lady. In the last two weeks alone, I have been approached to do a blog interview and a guest post. The interview came from an organisation called InterNations. InterNations is an international online community for people who live and work abroad and of…


Hollywood comes to Berlin at the 64th Berlin International Film Festival: The Berlinale, 2014.

Wow! We have had a long, fantastic fortnight of films, films, and yes more films. That’s right. From the 6th of February to the 16th February, 2014, Berlin has been packed solid with members of the film industry. It makes me proud that Berlin is…

London Calling: How to eat and drink for under £25 or $30 a day (including the service charge)!!

Last week I told you six (6) easy ways to spend 48 hours in London! This is all well and good I hear you say, but how do I eat and drink without breaking the bank? It’s true that London is known as one…

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