Month: December 2013

A sticky bun isn’t a stollen: going to a German Christmas Market

I love going to the Christmas Market in Germany. It’s so……well, German! In Berlin, where I live, there are about sixty Christmas Markets in the capital city, of different varieties and types. Some of the markets are quite contemporary and modern and some are traditional…


10 reasons to be an expat in Berlin: A moustache, a turkey and a quivering hand!

I had an excellent time in Scotland and both Edinburgh and Inverness were brilliant holiday destinations but now it’s Christmas time, I think it’s time to write about “home.” Home for me is Berlin. Hi! My name is Victoria. I’m an expat and I…

To Nessie or not to Nessie: A temptation cruise on Loch Ness

Righty. One of the wonderful reasons to go to Inverness is of course, to see that sea monster of legend – Loch Ness. Loch Ness is not only a creature of fantasy and myth but also the name of a 22.6 mile or 36.4…

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